Baldur’s Gate 3 Sage: Inspiration Goals & Guide

In Baldur’s Gate 3, your background defines your inspiration goals; you are a wise Sage who dedicated life to studying history and magic.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Sage - Background and Inspiration Goals
Sage Background

What is Sage Background?

Sage is a background in Baldur’s Gate 3, and it represents their proficiencies, where the character comes from, and what their life was like before. NPC characters, including your companions, will recognize your knowledge and intelligence. You can also use your magical training when interacting or identifying objects, and spells. Your knowledge of history will also prove useful, and all those skills can occasionally earn you foes or respect and allay.

You are curious and well-read, with an unending thirst for knowledge. Learning about rare lore of the world will inspire you to put this knowledge to greater purpose.

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What are Sage Proficiencies?

In addition to the role-playing aspect, the background defines proficiencies, giving you a slight bonus to dice rolls and success in checks. Proficiency is what your character is good at and what knowledge they possess. Also, this background’s default proficiencies are Arcana, History, Religion, Insight, and Perception. Your Sage proficiency features are Arcana and History.

Arcana is an Intelligence skill that will help you with the following checks:

  • Understanding of spells, symbols, and their lore
  • Knowledge about Magical traditions
  • Plains of existence and creatures who inhabit them
  • Helps when interacting with:
    • Artifacts
    • Enchanted Items
    • Powerful Spells

History is an Intelligence skill that will help you with the following checks:

  • Knowledge about Faerun’s and Baldur’s Gate’s past events
  • Lore
  • Understanding of Artefacts about Legendary Items
  • You Know Famous Heroes and People
  • You Recall lore about wars and ancient civilizations

Should you choose Sage in Baldur’s Gate 3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you should choose Sage if it fits your character and you like it. Backgrounds have defined proficiencies, while classes have a list of skills they can be proficient with, and you can pick only two or three. You are a Sage, and the game will reward you for reading massive tomes and discovering forgotten Faerun’s history. As a result, you know how to handle all kinds of magic and what spells and enchantments can be useful for your team. So make sure it’s how you want your character to act before you make a final decision.

Baldurs Gate 3 Proficiencies and Skills Character Creation
Proficiencies and Skills in Character Creation

How Inspiration Goals Work Baldur’s Gate 3?

Further, in Baldur’s Gate 3, your Sage background allows you to complete special goals that will award you with inspiration that you can later utilize when playing the game. When you perform an action that is authentic to your character’s origin, they will be inspired.

Sage Inspiration Goals

The following table presents the Baldur’s Gate 3 Sage background’s Inspiration Goals:

Sage Inspiration GoalGoal Description
All Knowledge Is Worth HavingRead The Necromancy of Thay tome and pass all checks
A Natural AllianceRecognize Harper Armor
A Solitary SpiderClimb down the well and read the Arachnomancer’s journals in the Whispering Depths – In the Blighted Village.
ReanimatorResurrect Gale following his instructions
Roots Of The GroveLearn local history from the Druidic Frescos.
Read Educating the Faithful by Drow Matron. In the Underdark – the Spectator area.In the Goblin Camp, convince Booyagh Piddle to give you Volo’s Guide to Goblins and read it.
Secrets Of The MatronRead Educating the Faithful by Drow matron. In the Underdark – the Spectator area.
Secrets Of The NecromancerRead The Necromancy of Thay tome and discover its nature.
Secrets Of The Shadow DruidsIn the Druid Grove, enter Kagha’s room and read Faldron’s Canticle found in the locked chest.
Secrets Of The SunderingOpen the lock and read the Book of Dead Gods. Found in the Dank Crypt – one of the rooms (near the Entombed Scribes).
Secrets Of The Sussur TreeRead the treatise on Anti-Magic. Or use a Sussur Flower to disable an Arcane Turret. Found in the Underdark – the Arcane Tower’s first floor.
The Forbidden ArcaneBuy and Read Omeluum’s notes on Illithid magic
The Phases UnfoldRecognize Harper Armor

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