Baldur’s Gate 3: What to Do with Balthazar’s Ritual Circle?

This Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide explains all the different options for what to do with Balthazar’s Ritual Circle in Act 2.

What to do with Balthazar's Ritual Circle

When you first discover Balthazar’s secret room in the Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must decide what to do with the ritual circle. If you have Gale in your party, you can either use the ritual circle to build the Shadow Lantern, or you can destroy the ritual circle. While the first option awards you with the Shadow Lantern, destroying the ritual circle gives Gale a powerful, permanent buff.

Where Is Balthazar’s Ritual Circle?

Where is Balthazar's Ritual Circle

Balthazar’s ritual circle is in Balthazar’s room at the Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2. After your initial conversation with Disciple Z’rell, she will give you a key to Balthazar’s room. From here, you need to complete a simple puzzle, and you can enter his secret room.

You can read our guide to learn more about entering Balthazar’s secret room.

Should You Destroy Balthazar’s Ritual Circle?

Destroying Balthazar’s ritual circle will give Gale a very powerful permanent buff, Mystra’s Benevolence. As of the time of publishing, Mystra’s Benevolence is bugged, only applying until the next long rest. When this is fixed, picking this up will be a great buff for parties utilizing Gale.

Mystra's Benevolence from Ritual Circle

Mystra’s Benevolence gives Gale an advantage to concentration checks. While this is a powerful buff, it has been bugged for quite a long time, disappearing after you long rest. Still, with how many large fights there are toward the end of Act 2, you could strategically pick up this buff with the bonuses from the hidden Sharran sanctuary to sweep through some challenging content.

Should You Make the Shadow Lantern?

If you’re still wondering what to do with Balthazar’s ritual circle, Gale can use it to craft the Shadow Lantern.

BG3 Shadow Lantern Item

The Shadow Lantern is a unique item that allows you to summon a Shadow once per long rest. The Shadow is at the same level. 5 enemies you’ve encountered around the Shadow-Cursed Lands. While it is relatively weak, the Shadow is resistant to many attacks, and you can summon it before initiating combat. Used in this way, the Shadow Lantern can be a decent buff to pick up early.

Shadow Lantern Summon Shadow BG3

If you rush the Moonrise Towers, you can get this early on in Act 2 before it becomes less relevant. Considering Mystra’s Benevolence is bugged now, the Shadow Lantern is probably the better option when you’re wondering what to do with Balthazar’s ritual circle.

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