New Dark Chivalry Crown Crates! Become a parody of Nobility!

Bring dishonor to both the tournament fields and battlegrounds alike with items and collectibles from the upcoming Dark Chivalry Crown Crates.

When the silver trumpets fall silent and the sun sets upon the tourney field, a new breed of knight emerges. Clad in dark armor and driven by malice alone, these warriors parade through the shadows—ghoulish reflections of chivalric splendor. In this world of shattered lances and blood-spattered shields, glory is the province of killers and honor is a cruel joke. Do you dare renounce the code of chivalry and seize these profane gifts? The champions of darkness await.

Dark Chivalry Crown Crates Items

The new Dark Chivalry Crown Crates arrive in the in-game Crown Store this Thursday, June 23 at 10AM EDT, and include an honorless host of new and returning items and collectibles. When you seize a Dark Chivalry Crown Crate (via either conquest or guile), you’ll have a chance to receive any of the items previewed below and many more.

Soulrazer Knight polymorph


Dawns Avenger Outfit Style


Hermit Crab pet


Soulrazer Steed mount


Ethertide skin


Scholars Spectacles adornments


Radiant Apex mounts

Capture a Dark Chivalry Crown Crate and you’ll also have a chance to acquire one of these extremely rare Radiant Apex mounts:

Luminous Meridian Charger mount


Wailing Shackler Wolf


Wealdspirit Bear mounts



Finally, these new crates also have a chance to grant you fan-favorite returning collectibles as well, such as:

Zaji’s Sailing Apparel costume


Honor Guard motif


Of course, this is just a glimpse of the ignoble items you can acquire when you claim a Dark Chivalry Crown Crate. For a complete list of the crate’s items, visit this forum thread. Note that with the launch of this new Crown Crate season, the previous Sunken Trove Crown Crates will no longer be available, so be sure to snatch them up while you still can.

The brand-new Dark Chivalry Crown Crates arrive this Thursday, June 23 at 10AM EDT. You can find these contemptible crates and their thrice-cursed collectibles in the Crown Crate section of the in-game Crown Store, but be sure to stock up on Crowns first!


Wrap up: