The Best Craftable Set in ESO: Order’s Wrath

Learn the secrets of the best craftable set in ESO, called Order’s Wrath; it’s easy to get and perfect for any DPS.

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Order’s Wrath is one of three craftable sets in ESO  High Isle and Amenos.  It has an enormous boost to critical damage/healing and critical rating and what I believe is the best overall craftable set in the game. I tested the DPS vs commonly used sets and I want to show you the results, a sample builds and how to get this set.

This set is meant to replace some commonly used sets like Mother’s Sorrow, Medusa, Leviathan and or Hunding’s Rage or Law of Julianos.   Why is this set so good?  The bonus is not a “named” buff, thus giving you additional critical damage and healing that STACKS ON TOP OF minor and major force.  In PvE, you can use Barb Trap or Channeled Acceleration in order to get minor and typically a healer/tank will use Aggressive Horn to skyrocket your DPS on boss phases. Not to mention, you ALSO get 943 critical chance rating in ADDITION to the 8% increase.  That’s more than Medusa set and while less than Mother’s Sorrow, the combination of critical damage and critical chance is incredible.

Where To Get Order’s Wrath

Steadfast Hammer and Saw — A crafting site located on High Isle south of Steadfast Manor for crafting the Order’s Wrath set.

You or someone else will need to own the High Isle chapter to access this location.  However, you can “attune” the crafting stations with crafting writ vouchers.  If you do this, you can bring the crafting station to your house and allow others to craft the set who don’t own the chapter.  You can also sell the craftable set to make a ton of gold.

PvE DPS Comparison

I was skeptical about the set so I used a 3 million HP parse dummy to compare.  Keep in mind, typical trials dummy is 21 million, but a 3 million is a good comparison for a solo player or Veteran dungeons.

Test #1: I used 5pc Deadly Strike, Mother’s Sorrow and Nerien’eth monster helm.

  • RESULT: 41,569 DPS active combat time of 1 minute 12 seconds.

Test #2: I swapped out the 5pc Mother’s Sorrow for Bahsei’s Mania considered meta/best in slot of magicka users.

  • RESULT: 42,686 DPS active combat time of 1 minute 10 seconds.

Test #3: I swapped out Bahsei’s Mania for Order’s Wrath

  • RESULT: 42,588 DSP active combat time of 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Pretty shocking that a craftable set could hang with the big dog trials set Bahsei’s Mania.  Is this definitive proof the set is good?  No, but for the average player looking to find a great on the body/active at all time set this is it. It works well with stamina and magicka builds then you can pair a jewelry and front bar setup for your specific needs.  I hope this helps, but look at picking up this set ASAP and adjusting your builds.  Thanks for reading and checking out a quick guide. For specific builds using this set and more click HERE.  Also come check me out live on TWITCH if you want to see my play specific builds or ask me questions.

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