ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist Build

The guide gives skills, champion points, and gear for an ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist Build, intended for the new or returning player!

ESO Necrom New Arcanist Class

This build has been updated for the Update 41 patch, Scions of Ithelia for the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist Build?

The ESO Beginner Arcanist Stamina Build for PvE is for players that are looking to complete solo content with a new class. This build has ranged abilities and, as a result, great flexibility in weapon choices. Arcanist’s Crux system makes a unique playstyle with three well-equipped skill trees and complete tools for good damage, healing, and survivability. Yet, the Beginner Arcanist’s downside can be a weak resource sustain that forces you to play hybrid build and can be hard to manage for beginners. However, as long as you have the class passives unlocked and after a couple of minutes, that should not be too much of an issue.

Keep reading for all the details about Skills, Rotation, Gear, Passives and Champion points for the build! The Gear section will include options for Beginner, Intermediate, and Optimal set-ups, with plenty of flex options available for those still filling out their sticker books.

Beginner Stamina Arcanist Playstyle

As an Arcanist, you’ll need to generate and consume Cruxes to enhance your stats constantly, so keep close attention to it. The Cephaliarch’s Flail skill is your main spammable, range and crux builder. Nextly you’ll be beaming with Pragmatic Fatecarver and its 4.5-second channel. Your goal is to build up 3x Crux’s, debuff with Flail, and build up 3x more Crux’s and beam. The trick is to reapply all your DoTs and heals just before the beam does all the work for you.


If you run out of resources, do a heavy attack and return to your rotation. Remember that a heavy attack on off-balance enemies will return double the resources. Additionally, if you are a beginner or struggle with sustain, you can flex in the Consuming Trap skill instead of a DoT skill. The Consuming Trap gives you a flood of both resources when a target dies.

Use the healing skill Resolving Vigor, when your health drops below 60% or the shield skill (Spiteward of the Lucid Mind) when you anticipate damage. Also, always use the suggested food and potions as they significantly increase your damage, survivability, and resource sustain.

ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist PvE Features and Mechanics

Below are some of the features found using the ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist PvE in the Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Class – Arcanist
  • Weapon One – Dual Wield
  • Weapon Two – Two Handed
  • Armor Types: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, 5 Light
  • Race: Dark Elf
  • Attributes: 64 Stamina
  • Mundus Stone: Thief

Priorities and Unlocks 

When starting the Elder Scrolls Online, it can be confusing on what you should focus on first.  Use the below list as a guide on where you should focus on first with a new character:

  • Unlock Weapon Lines
  • Unlock Skill Lines
  • Unlock Builds
  • Consumables, Bag Space & XP Boost
  • Setup Armor
  • Unlock Guilds
  • Level 10

Unlock Weapon Lines

Your priority is to unlock two or more weapon skill lines when you initially unlock your character.  You can do this by obtaining the weapon type or choice like a destruction staff and a restoration staff or bow and two-handed. Simply equip the weapon, obtain a kill and some experience with that weapon outside of the nearest town, then the weapon skill line will be unlocked.

It’s important to note, you can level up your weapon skill lines without having the weapon equipped. This is done by having a skill on your bar when you earn experience.  Thus, you can level two weapon skill lines at the same time even at level 3.  This helps when you reach level 50 and have two weapon skill lines maxed out vs having to continually progress them.  More on this later, for now stamina builds unlock bow, two-handed, and dual wield.  Magicka users unlock Destruction Staff, Restoration Staff, and Dual wield.

Setup Armor

The next step in ESO, is to unlock armor. Similar to weapon skill lines, you want to unlock the skill tree and level it throughout your adventure.  To do this, simply save up about 500 gold and go to your nearest town and vendor. You will need 3 armor type equipped at a time to unlock the skill line. Thus, equip 3 medium, 3 heavy, then 3 light armor for all the skill lines.  This doesn’t seem important but is vital regardless of what you assume you will play at end game.

From this point, it’s advisable to equip 3 of your primary armor type.  Magicka users want 3 light, 2 medium and 2 heavy.  Stamina users want to equip 3 medium, 2 light, and 2 heavy. This will progress your armor skill lines somewhat evenly and will help reaching max level.

Unlock Guilds

The next series of skill lines come from guilds.  Mages guild, undaunted and Fighters guild. These will all be in your original main town with Undauned located in a tavern.  Simply do an introduction quest and unlock these straight away.  You can obtain an advanced one, Psijic order as well, but save that for later.

Setup Skill Bar

Now you need to prioritize obtain skills via skyshards, dungeon completion, main story quest completions and more.  You then want to setup your skill bar so you level two skill lines at once on your front bar.  This will result in one “dead” skill that is unusable but helps level the back bar.

Example Skill Bar Stamina

  • Flurry (morph to Bloodthirst) – Dual Wield
  • Uppercut (dead skill just leave to level) – Two-Handed
  • Class Skill Line 1 (first skill line skill any)
  • Class Skill Line 2 (second skill line skill any)
  • Class Skill Line 3 (third skill line skill any)
  • Ultimate: unlocked later, but choose a survivability one

Example Skill Bar Magicka

  • Force Shock (morph to Force Pulse) – Destruction Staff
  • Grand Healing (dead skill just leave to level) – Restoration Staff
  • Class Skill Line 1 (first skill line skill any)
  • Class Skill Line 2 (second skill line skill any)
  • Class Skill Line 3 (third skill line skill any)
  • Ultimate: unlocked later, but choose a survivability one


Now, your skills and armor will level up simultaneously with one dead skill. Obviously, flex in and out the weapon types but the premise remains for a good leveling experience.  Put one skill from each of your skill lines on your bar, two weapon skills, and the ultimate of choice.  Once you unlock your back bar at level 15, use that for healing and buffs.

Consumables, Bag Space & XP Boost

Make sure to use consumables like food, potions, and experience boosters.  Every town has a vendor with basic food.  You will earn purple crown store food which you should consume.  Depending on experience, you will likely need “recovery” food or a refreshing drink. This helps you continue to cast spells and prevent death. 

Next, save gold to expand your bag space. This will be helpful as you collect and deconstruct.  The bag space vendor will be the main story.

Level 10

At level 10, Elder Scrolls Online opens up drastically.  You should focus on the following:

  • Go to Cyrodiil, do intro quest, 2 skill points
  • Do an undaunted intro quest by completing dungeon
  • Complete daily dungeon quest via the que finder for massive XP
  • Continue to progress through main story

From here, the easiest way to level is by completing all the normal dungeons as you level up and the main story.  This gives you a lot of skill points and makes it much easier to level quickly.  Rely on the dungeon finder to find a group until you make friends.

Daily Priorities

Make sure to check out our daily priorities list. This helps to give you a series of helpful actions to complete each day beyond this guides scope.


Level 3 Starter – Brand New Character – Dual Wield

Work towards advancing and unlocking skills.  It’s especially helpful to change out skills and at least get them to the “morphed” stage. You can always change these later for a very small fee so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

Level 15 – Front Bar – Lighting Staff and back Restoration

At this stage, you should have the ability to bar swap. This comes in very handy to have leveled two handed, because you can put high damage abilities on your secondary bar and also use two handed stampede as a gap closer and huge damage.  I’ll list front bar skills, but in general put armor, healing, mobility, and consuming trap from world soul magic skill line on the back bar.  You won’t be getting much XP since nearly all your kills should be on the front.

End Game Level 50 – Front Bar – Dual Wield

Now you’ve hit level 50.  Continue to progress the skill lines and max out important passives. I’d also work on leveling skills in your flex spot on your front bar, and just swap something in more useful when doing serious content.  Now you’ll have options for front bar magicka DPS weapons.  Front Bar Weapon Style Choices:

  • Dual Wield = best overall damage due to passive like twin blade and blunt 
  • Two Handed = best back bar weapon due to Carve and Stampede 
  • Bow = good, but not meta due to weak main spammable
  • Bow = good back bar with Endless Hail skill and range

For beginners I highly recommend dual wield.  Not only does it have a main spammable Bloodthirst which can heal you, but a ultra powerful ultimate Rend that heals you for 16 seconds!

Back Bar: End Game Level 50 – Back Bar- Two Handed

This loadout assumes you have a decent hang of the combat but might need a bit more healing/survival than a group or solo master setup.  You can put a bow, restoration staff, or even sword and shield on the back bar.  Also consider a one bar setup to get the hang of things.

Consuming Trap (Morph of Soul Trap | Skill Line : Soul Magic) – Consider this your flex skill on the bar but this skill will help with resource sustain and provide an additional damage over time for you. Another options is Psijic Order Channeled Acceleration for minor force and speed.

Elemental Susceptibility (Morph of Weakness to Elements | Skill Line : Destruction Staff) – Debuffs enemies.

Reconstructive Domain (Morph of Arcanist’s Domain | Skill Line : Curative Runeforms) – this provides strong AoE damage and acts as a good single target DoT that can be cast on the back bar.

Unstable Wall of Fire (Morph of Wall of Elements | Skill Line : Destruction Staff) – Used for area based damage.

Resolving Vigor (Morph of Vigor | Skill Line : Assault) – we suggest using this heal rather than a shield for the Arcanist. Mainly because the class is resource starved, and another high-cost magicka shield is difficult to sustain. Experiment, but our best results were using Resolving Vigor.

The Tide King’s Gaze (Morph of The Unblinking Eye | Skill Line : Herald of the Tome) – This ultimate is an absolute nuke and with lower cost 175 ultimate, it should be used general over meteor. It can channel very quickly and do as much if not more than Shooting Star. Destruction Staff ultimate is also good in this position.

Passives Skills

Consider taking all of the passives in the below skill trees to increase your builds performance without slotting any skills:

  • The Herald of the Tome (class skill line)
  • Apocryphal Soldier (class skill line)
  • Curative Runeforms (class skill line)
  • Dual Wield (weapon skill line)
  • Two Handed (weapon skill line)
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Undaunted
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Fighters Guild
  • Psjiic Order
  • Racial
  • Alliance War Support
  • Alliance War Assault
  • Crafting, Alchemy Medicinal Use

Gear Set 1 – Leveling

If you have crafting on another character, this will help you out tremendously!

HeadmediumArmor of the TraineeTrainingStamina
ShoulderslightArmor of the TraineeTrainingStamina
ChestheavyVampire’s KissTrainingStamina
LegsmediumVampire’s KissTrainingStamina
GlovesmediumVampire’s KissTrainingStamina
BootsmediumVampire’s KissTrainingStamina
BeltmediumVampire’s KissTrainingStamina
Weapon OneDaggers > SwordsHeartland ConquerorTrainingFlames
SecondaryDaggers > SwordsHeartland ConquerorTrainingPoison
Weapon TwoTwo Handed SwordHeartland ConquerorTrainingBerserker (spell damage)
NecklaceHeartland ConquerorRobustStamina Recovery
Ring 1Heartland ConquerorRobustWeapon Damage
Ring 2Heartland ConquerorRobustWeapon Damage
ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist Build Leveling Set Up
Gear Sets

This gear setup is designed to get you the most experience possible without dying frequently while leveling.  Use this as a template for max XP gains while leveling.

Vampire’s Kiss: five trait craftable item. Locations are Alik’r Desert, Eastmarch, Malabal Tor.

  • This is base game and gives great healing received upon kill which is a big issue when playing stamina early on.

Heartland Conqueror: craftable set in Blackwood,7 traits required.  If you don’t own Blackwood, you can have someone craft or buy from traders.

  • Why? this unique set doubles weapon trait effectiveness, giving you even more benefit for using the training trait.  See flex options below if you don’t have this set.

Armor of the Trainee: obtained in the starter zones in the game from chest and enemies.  Location Bal Foyen, Betnikh, Bleakrock Isle, Khenarthi’s Roost and Stros M’Kai.

  • Why? gives set bonuses per piece and comes in training trait.
ALTERNATIVE OVERLAND SETS (these are all base game no DLC required)
  • Witchman Armor: obtained in the Rift Zone, Ebonheart Pact faction or you can buy from guild traders. Drops from delves, world bosses, public dungeons and dark anchors in that zone.
    • Why? Great sustain and survival set when using an ultimate to get a flood of resources.
  • Spriggan’s Thorns: obtained in Bangkorai, Daggerfall Covenant faction or you can buy from guild traders.  Drops from delves, world bosses, public dungeons and dark anchors in that zone.
    • Why? One of the best overland damage sets.
  • Shadow of the Red Mountain: obtained in Stonefalls, Ebonheart Pact faction or you can buy from guild traders.  Drops from delves, world bosses, public dungeons and dark anchors in that zone.
    • Why? Incredible proc damage in both PvE and PvP
  • Way of Air: obtained in Craglorn.  Drops from delves, world bosses, public dungeons and dark anchors in that zone.
    • Why? Niche stamina set but works great in PvP.
  • Soulshine: obtained in Reaper’s March drops from delves, world bosses, public dungeons and dark anchors in that zone.
    • Why? An awesome 5pc for templar who’s main spammable is a channel.

Level 50 Gear Sets

Use this as a template until you can progress to better gear sets.

HeadmediumHunding’s RageDivines > AnyStamina
ShoulderslightHunding’s RageDivines > AnyStamina
ChestmediumHunding’s RageDivines > AnyStamina
LegsmediumHunding’s RageDivines > AnyStamina
GlovesmediumSpriggan’sDivines > AnyStamina
BootsmediumSpriggan’sDivines > AnyStamina
BeltmediumHunding’s RageDivines > AnyStamina
Weapon OneDaggerAgilityPreciseFlame
Weapon TwoTwo Handed SwordAgilityInfusedBerserker (spell damage)
NecklaceSpriggan’sRobustStamina Recovery
Ring 1Spriggan’sRobustWeapon Damage
Ring 2Spriggan’sRobustWeapon Damage
ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist Build for level 50

The premise in ESO is base game overland is the easiest gear to obtained.  Because at any level, you can go to zone and farm it.  Crafting is second as it takes time to unlock traits and my require DLC.  Dungeons, on normal are third because it takes certain level requirements or DLC to access so that will be the priority of gear in general.  Your priority after obtaining the below gear sets is as follows:

  • Start doing undaunted pledges and obtain a base game damage monster helm.  My two favorite are Stormfist from Tempest Island for damage or Ice Heart from Direfrost Keep for survival.
  • Next target is to remove Vampire’s Kiss with a higher producing damage set. I suggest checking out the builds page for more suggestions.
  • Now start working on obtaining dungeons, trials ,and mythics for more damage sets.
Gear Sets

Hunding’s Rage: six trait craftable item set. Locations Bangkorai, Reaper’s March, The Rift

  • Why? The staple in PvE DPS for stamina beginners.

Spriggan’s Thorns: obtained in Bangkorai, Daggerfall Covenant faction or you can buy from guild traders.  Drops from delves, world bosses, public dungeons and dark anchors in that zone.

  • Why? One of the best overland damage sets.

Agilityobtained in Imperial City, dungeon finder or bought for very cheap on build traders.

  • Why? great base game two piece se that gives huge stat bonuses.


Perfected Merciless Charge: from Veteran Maelstrom Arena in Orsinium.  Do normal mode if you cannot complete Veteran, there’s not much of a difference in performance.

  • WHY? huge damage with Stampede on your back bar using a two handed.
  1. Zaan’s = consider the best overall monster helm for DPS
  2. Stormfist: = always works, easy to obtain and AoE DPS set.
  3. Iceheart = great survivability
  4. Selene = easy to obtain starter DPS monster helm and great for PvP
  1. Pillar of Nirn = best overall damage set
  2. Briarheart: = Overland can be bought from traders great option for healing and weapon damage boost
  3. Medusa = great damage set with always on minor force but you’ll need weapon and jewelry
  4. Leviathan = great beginner dungeon set and base game
  5. Order’s Wrath = best craftable option but High Isles set
  1. Pale Order = best heals per second solo in the game
  2. Oakensoul= the best one bar build for DPS – 5 Leads are here
  3. Death Dealer’s Fete = high max stats and requires no effect but in combat


The best race choices for the Beginner Stamina Arcanist:

  1. Dark Elf: Best overall damage and max stats, but weaker resource sustain.
  2. Imperial: Great stamina race with good survivability and sustain.


The best choice is 64 stamina, which increases damage, healing, and DoTs.

Mundus Stone

The Thief is the best Mundus Stone for Beginner Stamina Builds because it increases Weapon and Spell Critical Strike chance.

Champion Points – ESO Beginner Stamina Arcanist Build

Warfare Constellation Champion Points

ESO Warfare Champion Tree

Below is a step-by-step method for slotting your champion points in the Warfare tree (blue).  We have used the minimum possible to reach 4 slottable selections all maxed out.  If you have more CP, consider taking more in the passives for optimal performance.

Below are recommended Warfare Champion Point selections for the Beginner Stamina Arcanist PvE Build:

  1. Endless Endurance  (slottable) 50
  2. Untamed aggression (slottable) 50
  3. Precision 10
  4. Reaving blows (slottable) 50
  5. Extended might ( sub con) piercing 10
  6. Master at arms (slottable) 50

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 220 CP (660 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Precision 10
  2. Piercing 10
  3. Tireless discipline 20
  4. Eldritch insight 20
  5. Blessed 20
  6. Quick recovery 20
  7. Flawless ritual 40
  8. War mage 30
  9. Battle mastery 40
  10. Mighty 30
  11. Elemental aegis 20
  12. Hardy 20
  13. Preparation 20

This would max out the Warfare tree with all active and passive champion points at 520 spent 1,560 total spent.

Fitness Constellation Champion Points

ESO Fitness Champion Tree

Below are recommended Fitness Champion Point selections for the Beginner Stamina Arcanist PvE Build:

  1. Boundless vitality (slottable) 50
  2. Rejuvenation (slottable) 50
  3. Fortified (slottable) 50
  4. Sprinter 10
  5. Winder chaser – sub con – hasty 8
  6. Hero’s vigor 10
  7. Bloody Renewal (slottable) 50

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 228 CP (684 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Hero’s vigor 10
  2. Tumbling 30
  3. Sprinter 10
  4. Defiance 20
  5. Hasty 8
  6. Tireless guardian 20
  7. Fortification 30
  8. Nimble 6
  9. Mystic tenacity 50
  10. Tempered soul 50
  11. Piercing gaze 30
  12. Savage defense  30
  13. Bashing brutality 20

This would max out the fitness tree with all active passive champion points at 542 cp spent 1,626 total spent

Craft Constellation Champion Points

ESO Craft Champion Tree

Below are recommended Craft Champion Point selections for the Beginner Stamina Arcanist PvE Build:

  1. Steed’s blessing (slottable) – 50
  2. Breakfall 10 
  3. Wanderer 15
  4. Steadfast 10
  5. Treasure hunter 50 (slottable)
  6. rationer (slottable) 30
  7. liquid efficiency (slottable) 75

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 240CP (720 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Steadfast enchantment 40cp
  2. Breakfall 40 cp
  3. Wanderer 60
  4. Fortunes favor 50
  5. Friends in low places 25
  6. Out of sight 30
  7. Fleet of phantom 40
  8. Soul’s reservoir 33
  9. Gilded fingers 50
  10. Fortunes favor 40
  11. Inspiration boost 45
  12. Infamous 30

This would max out the crafting tree with all active passive champion points at 723 cp spent 2,169 total spent


Crown Refreshing Drink

Type: Foods

FREE OPTION: these come from daily reward logins and are great starting out because you can get at level 1, carries your sustain. I wouldn’t recommend buying these, but if you get for free use this or the Crown Fortifying Meal.

Dubious Camoran Throne

Type: Foods

CHEAP: this is another level 1 drink you can get BUT you can also buy from traders or someone can give to you. I’d highly recommend saving up and getting some from the traders, Deshaan is typically the hub in ESO. Increase Max Magicka by 2856, Max Health by 3094, and Magicka Recovery by 315 for 2 hours. Ingredients Nightshade, White Meat, Beetle Scuttle, Insect Parts, Guts.

Chicken Breast

Type: Foods

VENDOR: this is a level one option you can buy from the provisioning vendor and or you can learn recipe and make at low level. It gives a buff to health, but it’s better than nothing starting out.

Essence of Weapon Power

Type: Potions

BEST: These potions can be bought from traders or you can get PvP ones via Cyrodiil Vendor. They are best because they giving you important buffs for which you don’t need to slot an ability or use level Fighters Guild or Mages Guild. Until you get them, just use stamina “trash” pots the simple blue potions that you find throughout the world. Grants major brutality with increases weapon damage by 20% for 47.6 seconds. Grants major savagery which grants you 2191 weapon critical rating for 47.6 seconds. Restore 7582 stamina immediately. Grants you major endurance which increases your stamina recovery by 20% for 47.6. Potions have a 45 second cool down and make sure you have three points into medicinal use passive in alchemy crafting.

Build Summary – Beginner Stamina Arcanist PvE Build

Class: Arcanist

Race: Dark Elf

Attributes: 64 Stamina

Mundus Stone: Thief

Weapon One: Dual Wield

Weapon Two: Two Hander

Armor Set 1: Vampire’s Kiss

Armor Set 2: Armor of the Trainee

Weapons and Jewelry: Heartland Conqueror

Armor Weight: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, 5 Light

Skill Bar 1

  • Pragmatic Fatecarver
  • Camouflaged Hunter
  • Cephaliarch’s Flail
  • Recuperative Treatise
  • Structure Entropy
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker (Ultimate)

Skill Bar 2

  • Consuming Trap
  • Resolving Vigor
  • Reconstructive Domain
  • Elemental Blockade
  • Elemental Susceptibility
  • The Tide King’s Gaze (Ultimate)

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