ESO Necromancer PvP Healer Build

This guide gives gear, skills, champion points, and consumables for an ESO Necromancer PvP Healer Build!

This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play the ESO Necromancer PvP Healer Build?

Welcome to the guide for the ESO Necromancer PvP Healer Build. While the Necromancer rotations are more complex than other classes, they are incredibly tanky. As a result, the ability to take extra pressure gives you space to breathe. Their unique ability to resurrect several dead allies at once is a powerful skill that, when applied, can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Below is a general PvP Guide that can help anyone understand and developer their PvP knowledge and skill. This video is applicable for every build and should be viewed if you want general ESO PvP knowledge that applies to all aspects, Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil and Imperial City.

Powerful resurrection ultimateConstant Buffing
Great Burst HealingNeeds Vampire for mobility
Amazing SurvivabilityWeak Resource Sustain

ESO Necromancer PvP Healer Build Playstyle

The healing in PvP is different from PvE. Your purpose is to provide support, buffs and healing to you and your group and to be the tankiest player on the battlefield. If you want to survive in ESO PvP, you must keep your buffs and healing over time at all times rolling. As a result, the build provides tools within the gear and skills to help you achieve all your tasks as a healer.

Use the environment to your advantage. Never stay in an open field, exposing yourself to damage makes you easy to target and kill. Hide behind objects to lower the pressure. If they can’t see you, they can’t hit you!

The class has a strong burst heal that requires aiming at a target. Use it and your defensive ultimate as a “panic button”. Hold block and heal! However, remember to hide as soon as possible and refresh the buffs. Burst healing will not keep you or your teammates alive forever. The skill will quickly burn through your magic, leaving you vulnerable.

Try to use both resource pools (stamina and magicka) to sustain. If you run out of resources, do a heavy attack – if done on an off-balance target, it’ll refill twice as many resources.

Lastly, always use suggested food and potions. They will improve your survivability and provide more healing per second to your group. Switch the Mundus Stone and skills in and out until you achieve what works best for you!


Bar One: Restoration Staff for Healing

Radiating Regeneration (Morph of Regeneration | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Great heal over time that procs various gear sets. Consider this a must to keep at all times.

Spirit Guardian (Morph of Spirit Mender | Skill Line : Living Death) – Great damage reduction skill and it creates corpses. You can take the other morph for better healer or flex this skill out for something else like Inner Light for a simpler bar setup.

Illustrious Healing (Morph of Grand Healing | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Massive heal over time that does constant healing in an area.

Blighted Blastbones (Morph of Blastbones | Skill Line : Grave Lord) – Massive damage and priority to maintain because of the corpse generation.

Combat Prayer (Morph of Blessing of Protection | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Decent burst heal and gives two important buffs.

Life Giver (Morph of Panacea | Skill Line : Restoration Staff) – Insane survivability for you or the group with mobility and low cost.

Bar Two: Sword and Shield for Defensive and burst healing

Weapon Choices

  1. Restoration Staff
  2. Ice Staff
  3. Sword and Shield

Summoner’s Armor (Morph of Bone Armor | Skill Line : Bone Tyrant) – Cast grants you Major Resolve. While active, reduces the cost of Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, and Spirit Mender by 15%. Creates a corpse when the effect completes.

Necrotic Potency (Morph of Bitter Harvest | Skill Line : Bone Tyrant) – Free heal with massive ultimate regeneration when consuming corpses, also reduces damage taken by 3% when slotted. A great flex skill in non-mobile fights is overflowing Altar, which does insane healing and provides a group synergy. Another flex spot if using Powerful Assault is Echoing Vigor or Razor Caltrops.

Elusive Mist (Morph of Mist Form | Skill Line : Vampire) – Our mobility tool that requires vampire, and I recommend stage three for undeath passive. If you do not like this playstyle, swap to Race Against Time via Psijic Order skill line.

Energy Orb (Morph of Necrotic Orb | Skill Line : Undaunted) – Main resource sustain synergy for your allies, also provides a strong AoE heal over time. Keep orb active and in the proximity of your allies as much as possible.

Blood Sacrifice (Morph of Render Flesh | Skill Line : Living Death) – Your burst heal gets strong if you consume a corpse.

Renewing Animation (Morph of Reanimate | Skill Line : Living Death) – The Necromancer’s most unique skill – the ability to resurrecting up to 3 allies and restoring 5300 of their Magicka and Stamina.

Gear 1

Small Group Content

Ideally used with a 2-6 player group.

HeadheavyOzezan the InfernoDivinesPrismatic
ShoulderslightOzezan the InfernoDivinesMagicka
ChestheavyMara’s BalmReinforcedPrismatic
LegsmediumPhoenix Moth TheurgeReinforcedPrismatic
GlovesmediumPhoenix Moth TheurgeDivinesMagicka
BootsmediumPhoenix Moth TheurgeDivinesMagicka
BeltlightArmor of the TraineeDivinesMagicka
Weapon OneRestoration StaffPhoenix Moth TheurgePoweredWeapon Damage
Weapon TwoSwordMara’s BalmPoweredStamina Recovery
SecondaryShieldMara’s BalmSturdyHealth
NecklacePearls of EhlnofeySwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Mara’s BalmSwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Mara’s BalmSwiftMagicka Recovery

Ozezan the Inferno = monster helm from update 37, Scribes of Fate in Scriverner’s Hall dungeon.  This provides exceptional defensive capabilities if you run multiple heals over time.

Mara’s Balm = one of the strongest defensive sets in the game even post-nerf in update 37. Additionally, this provides a free cleanse every 15 seconds making you extremely tanky.  Swap if you prefer something else in heavy armor.

Phoenix Moth Theurge = this set comes from overland Firesong DLC Galen and Y’ffelon zone or bought from the traders.  This set provides incredible group utility and helps sustain stamina.

Pearls of Ehlnofey = this mythic requires DLC and Scrying. It provides an unbelievable ultimate generation.  Another good mythic is Torc for resource sustain.

Trainee = Comes from base game starter island overland zones or sold at guild traders.  This set simply gives you extra stats and is easy to obtain.


This setup sacrifices survivability and assumes you have a larger group.

LegslightSpell Power CureSturdyPrismatic
GloveslightSpell Power CureSturdyMagicka
BootsmediumSnow TreadersSturdyMagicka
Weapon OneRestoration StaffPhoenix Moth TheurgePoweredWeapon Damage
Weapon TwoSwordBlessing of the PotentatesPoweredStamina Recovery
SecondaryShieldBlessing of the PotentatesSturdyHealth
NecklaceSpell Power CureSwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Spell Power CureSwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Spell Power CureSwiftMagicka Recovery

Earthgore: obtained in Bloodroot Forge

  • Why? gives a burst heal, mini negate and cleanse.


Phoenix Moth Theurge = this set comes from overland Firesong DLC Galen and Y’ffelon zone or bought from the traders.  This set provides incredible group utility and helps sustain stamina.

Spell Power Cure: obtained in white gold tower dungeon.

  • WHY? Major courage adds tons of damage and this set is mobile.


Mara’s Balm = PvP Rewards of the worthy boxes

  • WHY? one of the strongest defensive sets in the game even post-nerf in update 37. Additionally, this provides a free cleanse every 15 seconds making you extremely tanky.  Swap if you prefer something else in heavy armor.


Blessing of the Potentates: Cyrodiil, Vlastarus Elite Gear Vendor

  • WHY? great cost reduction after casting combat pray


No-Proc PvP

Meant for no proc no CP PvP campaigns in Cyrodiil

ShouldersmediumSwarm MothersWell-fittedMagicka
ChestheavyMark of the PariahReinforcedPrismatic
LegsheavyMark of the PariahWell-fittedPrismatic
GloveslightAmber PlasmSturdyMagicka
BootslightAmber PlasmSturdyMagicka
BeltlightAmber PlasmSturdyMagicka
Weapon OneRestoration StaffAmber PlasmPoweredSpell damage
Weapon TwoSwordAmber PlasmPoweredEscapist’s Poison IX
SecondaryShieldAmber PlasmSturdyMagicka
NecklaceMark of the PariahSwiftMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Mark of the PariahTriuneMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Mark of the PariahSwiftMagicka Recovery

Domihaus: obtained in Falkreath Hold & Swarm Mother

  • Why? massive 1pc bonuses give you huge stat pools.


Mark of the Pariah: obtained in overland Orsinium or bought from traders.

  • Why? great mitigation set on at all times that’s very easy to obtain.

Amber Plasm: obtained in Ruins of Mazzatun dungeon Shadows of the Hist DLC.

  • Why? Carries your resource sustain in no CP.


Best Choice


God tier tanky making it a perfect fit for being that annoying healer that just won’t die.

Secondary Choice


The best burst magicka sustain race in the game.






Mundus Stone

Ritual – Increases healing effectiveness by 8%

Champion Points


Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch

Type: Foods

BEST FOR SUSTAIN: Increase Max Health by 4312, Health Recovery by 406 and Stamina and Magicka Recovery by 369 for 2 hours. Ingredients: Frost Mirriam (1), Perfect Roe (1), Red Meat (1), Tomato (1), White Cap (1)

Jewels of Misrule

Type: Foods

CHEAP SUSTAIN OPTION: Increase Stamina and Magicka Recovery by 357 and Max Health by 3927 for 2 hours. These effects are scaled based on your level. Ingredients: Bervez Juice (1), Lotus (1), Mint (1), Rose (1), Columbine (1)

Tri-Restoration Potion or Essence of Health (tri-stat)

Type: Potions

Restore 7329 Health, 6618 Magicka, and 6618 Stamina immediately. Grants Major Fortitude, Major Intellect, and Major Endurance which increase your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 20% for 31.7 seconds. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower


  • Class Passives
  • Weapon Passives
    • Restoration Staff
    • Destruction Staff
  • Armor Passives
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
  • Guild Passives
    • Fighters Guild
    • Undaunted
    • Mages Guild
    • Psijic Order
  • Alliance Passives
    • Assault
    • Support
  • World Passives
    • Soul Magic

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