ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Build

This guide explains how to use the best One Bar Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Magicka Arcanist PvE build, skills, gear, champion points, and more!

Best ESO Builds: Update 38 and Necrom chapter

This build has been updated for the Updated 42, the Gold Road Chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Why Should You Play ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Build?

The ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Build is for players who are looking to complete solo and group content with a new class. This build uses a one-bar but doesn’t rely on heavy attack for damage and plays uniquely.

Arcanist Heavy Attack Pros

  • Range – always play at the far range and still do damage.
  • Survivability – built-in passive damage and superb active skills that heal or shield.
  • Damage – The Arcanist’s damage, though nerfed, is still high and one of the best in the game.

Arcanist Heavy Attack Cons

  • Doesn’t Heavy Attack – unlike other builds, the Arcanist uses Fatecarver skill rather than heavy attacks.
  • Requires Purchase – behind a paywall means not everyone can access this class.
  • Fatecarver Dependent – Fatecarver can be difficult to cast solo with enemies constantly attacking you.

Update 41 nerfed both Fatecarver damage and the shield provided by Pragmatic Fatecarver. This didn’t completely negate the Arcanist’s power but hurt the class overall. Moreover, you still need to purchase the Necrom chapter to obtain the class, creating a paywall for players. Try this one-bar build if you like the Arcanist and want something more straightforward and still effective.

ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Features and Mechanics

Below are some of the features found using the ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist in the Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Class – Arcanist
  • Weapon – Lightning Staff
  • Armor Types – 1 Light, 6 Medium
  • Race – Dark Elf
  • Set 1Deadly Strike
  • Set 2Perfected Ansuul’s Torment
  • MythicOakensoul ring
  • Attributes – 64 Magicka
  • Mundus Stone – Thief
  • Best Grimoires – Ulfsild’s Contingency, Soul Burst

ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Build Playstyle

ESO Vengeance Leech
ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Build

Use the following rotation as the starter point. After, apply your buffs and cast the DoT skills on cooldown for the best, highest DPS. In total, the Damage over Time skills (DoTs) do more damage than your main spammable. Thus, they need to be cast less often and are easier to maintain, for example, the Barb Trap from Fighters Guild. Maintain DoTs and use your spammable skill as filler until you need to reapply the DoTS.

Eso Arcanist Playstyle Crux
Arcanist Class with 3 Cruxes

As an Arcanist, you’ll need to generate and consume Cruxes to enhance your stats constantly, so keep close attention to it. The Cephaliarch’s Flail skill is your main spammable, range and crux builder. Nextly you’ll be beaming with Pragmatic Fatecarver and its 4.5-second channel. Your goal is to build up 3x Crux with Flail and beam.


If you run out of resources, do a heavy attack and return to your rotation. Remember that a heavy attack on off-balance enemies will return double the resources. Additionally, if you are a beginner or struggle with sustain, you can flex in the Consuming Trap skill instead of a DoT skill. The Consuming Trap gives you a flood of both resources when a target dies.

Your main survivability skill is Spiteward of the Lucid Mind when you anticipate damage.  You can also flex in another heal like Resolving Vigor and tri-restoration potion for more survivability.


One Bar Lightning Staff – Solo | Optimal

Lightning Staff is ideal because the Ancient Knowledge passive gives increased area damage, which is both of our damage abilities.  This essentially increases your DPS dramatically, plus its much easier to rip off fully charged heavy attacks at range for resource sustain.

Structured Entropy (Morph of Entropy | Skill Line : Mages Guild) – For most players, having a strong heal over time that acts as a good damage source is useful. Mages Guild Structured Entropy does just that and can average around 2,000 heals a second with a very long duration. I swap this skill out depending if playing solo, wanting more damage, both aoe or single target. Here are some flex potions. Elemental Susceptibility from Destruction Staff is my number one flex. This skill adds so much damage via the major breach debuff and the three status effects. It’s single target and doesn’t cost anything to cast with a long duration. Consider this a flex skill in group play, with Razor Caltrops from Alliance War being a strong choice. More on demand healing go with Resolving Vigor from Alliance War.

Pragmatic Fatecarver (Morph of Fatecarver | Skill Line : Herald of the Tome) – the build center’s around this ability and its 4.5-second channel. Your goal is to build up 3x Crux’s with Flail and beam. This morph is ideal because it dramatically increases your survivability. When playing ina group, or super confidence with content you can swap to Exhausting. But Pragmatic will provide a massive damage shield that can be further increased with Bastion Red CP slottable. This will make you very survivable during the beam phase of damage. You can “cancel” or end the animation via blocking, dodging or bashing. This is useful when taking a heavy attack or needing to cast another ability.

Recuperative Treatise (Morph of Tome Bearer’s Inspiration | Skill Line : Herald of the Tome) – this ability boosts your overall damage significantly and should always be maintained. This morph is ideal for solo play because of the resources sustain. Swap morphs if you need more damage.

Cephaliarch’s Flail (Morph of Abyssal Impact | Skill Line : Herald of the Tome) – This skill is our crux builder and hits harder the lower the enemies health gets. The main reason you use this is to get a 5% damage buff and build three Crux for your main nuke with Fatecarver. You can use this for a decent bit of healing and somewhat your main spammable. Key here is to not get caught with a heavy attack because it is a 0.3 second channel.

Spiteward of the Lucid Mind (Morph of Runespite Ward | Skill Line : Soldier of Apocrypha) – Your shield, the skill also consumes cruxes and heals you. It’s your survivability tool. While it seems pretty weak, between this and Flail, you should have a lot of healing coming in. This will consume Crux so be careful not to spam cast this if you want a big Fatecarver beam.

The Tide King’s Gaze (Morph of The Unblinking Eye | Skill Line : Herald of the Tome) – Great damage ultimate that deals even more damage than Mages Guild Meteor. It also autotargets the enemies, making it extremely useful and easy to use with a very fast channel.

Scribing Skills & Grimoires – Heavy Attack One Bar Build

Ulfsild's Contingency Grimoire ESO

The best Grimoires for a Heavy Attack One Bar Build are Ulfsild’s Contingency or Soul Burst. For heavy attack one bar builds, the Scribing skills are not that applicable.  Most are either melee or have a long cast time. One suggested grimoire ability is Ulfslid’s Contingency.  This gives you a choice of buffs and debuffs, though it’s on top of you.  Moreover, the Soul Burst is also helpful because it can immobilize or pull enemies. Therefore, we suggest you experiment with these two and find what compliments your build for shields, survivability, and damage.

  • Ulfsild’s Contingency (Mage Guild) – Flame Damage (focus script), Class Mastery (signature script), Vulnerability (Affix Script)
  • Soul Burst (Soul Magic) – Immobilize or Pull (focus script), Class Mastery or Hunter’s Snare (signature script), Courage or Expedition (Affix Script)

The Scribing System utilizes one of 11 new skills from the Gold Road Chapter called Grimoires.  With Grimoires, you can customize spells via Scripts.  The scribing feature requires the purchase of the Gold Road Chapter (sponsored link).  To learn more about scribing, check out our full guide here.

Passives Skills – ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist Build

Consider taking all of the passives in the below skill trees to increase your builds performance without slotting any skills:

  • Herald of the Tome (class skill line)
  • Apocryphal Soldier (class skill line)
  • Curative Runeforms (class skill line)
  • Destruction Staff (weapon skill line)
  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Undaunted
  • Mages Guild
  • Racial
  • Alliance War Support
  • Alliance War Assault
  • Crafting, Alchemy Medicinal Use

Gear Setup 1: Optimal with Mythics

This is for the highest damage loadout possible, flex options below if you don’t have this gear

HeadmediumDeadly StrikeDivineMagicka
ChestmediumPerfected Ansuul’s TormentDivineMagicka
LegsmediumPerfected Ansuul’s TormentDivineMagicka
GlovesmediumPerfected Ansuul’s TormentDivineMagicka
BootsmediumPerfected Ansuul’s TormentDivineMagicka
BeltmediumPerfected Ansuul’s TormentDivineMagicka
Weapon OneLighting StaffDeadly StrikePreciseFlame
NecklaceDeadly StrikeBloodthirstySpell Damage
Ring 1Oakensoul ringBloodthirstySpell Damage
Ring 2Deadly StrikeBloodthirstySpell Damage
Best in Slot Gear for One bar Oakensoul Build

While this is a magicka build, we use Medium Armor specifically to avoid the penetration cap 18,500 in Veteran content. If you use more than two light armor in group content, you will likely spill over that 18.5k pen cap and have wasted stats. Thus, medium armor with specific gear sets will outperform light generally.

Monster Helms & Mythics

Slimecraw: obtained from Wayrest Sewers 1, a base game dungeon. The best 1pc critical damage bonus piece in the game.  Pen is also a good option, but this is considered best in slot for a one-piece.

Oakensoul: obtained through ESO Mythics/antiquities system.  You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item. 5 Leads are here. The best one-bar build for DPS because it gives an insane amount of buffs, freeing up bar spots and making us tankier with zero effort.


Gear Sets

Deadly Strike: obtained in Bruma Elite Gear Vendor, Cyrodiil zone (base game). This provides the most damage for the Arcanist because both damage abilities are channels.

Perfected Ansuul’s Torment: obtained in Sanity’s Edge, Veteran Trail Set, Necrom DLC. Set and forget set, that directly increases damage

FLEX Five Piece Gear Sets: use these if you don’t have optimal sets.

  1. Order’s Wrath = best overall craftable set for high damage.
  2. War Maiden = overall with a huge boost to spell damage for our abilities.
  3. Soulshine = comes in heavy armor but base game gives good boost to overall damage.
  4. Perfected False Gods = Trials set used for insane magicka sustain and mobility.
  5. Robes of the Withered Hand = Base game set which gives crazy resource sustain.
  6. Mother’s Sorrow = Overland option base game easy to get and has good damage.
  7. Law of Julianos = decent craftable option.


The best racial choice for the one bar heavy attack PvE Build is below:

  1. Dark Elf: Gain max magicka, stamina, and weapon and spell damage. The flame resistance is also helpful and considered the strongest overall PVE DPS race.
  2. High Elf: Gain resource sustain passive, max magicka, and weapon and spell damage. The downside of High Elf is a lack of stamina or flame resistance.
  3. Khajiit: This race gets recovery, max stats, and critical damage and healing. Consider the Khajiit a great option if you aren’t over the critical cap of 125%.


The best choice for slotting Attribute points is 64 magicka, which increases damage, healing, and shields.

Mundus Stone

The Thief is the best Mundus Stone for PvE Builds because it gives Increases Weapon and Spell Critical Strike a chance.

Champion Points

Warfare Constellation Champion Points

ESO Warfare Champion Tree

Below is a step-by-step method for slotting your champion points in the Warfare tree (blue).  We have used the minimum possible to reach 4 slottable selections all maxed out.  If you have more CP, consider taking more in the passives for optimal performance.

Below are recommended Warfare Champion Point selections for the ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist:

  1. Precision 10
  2. Fighting finesse (slottable) 50
  3. Reaving blows (slottable) 50
  4. Extended might – sub con – piercing 10
  5. Biting aura (slottable) 50
  6. thaumaturge (slottable) 50

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 220 CP (660 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Precision 10
  2. Piercing 10
  3. Tireless discipline 20
  4. Eldritch insight 20
  5. Blessed 20
  6. Quick recovery 20
  7. Flawless ritual 40
  8. War mage 30
  9. Battle mastery 40
  10. Mighty 30
  11. Elemental aegis 20
  12. Hardy 20
  13. Preparation 20

This would max out the Warfare tree with all active and passive champion points at 520 spent 1,560 total spent.

Fitness Constellation Champion Points

ESO Fitness Champion Tree

Below are recommended Fitness Champion Point selections for the ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist:

  1. Fortified (slottable) 50
  2. Boundless vitality (slottable) 50
  3. Rejuvenation (slottable) 50
  4. Sprinter 10
  5. Winder chaser – sub con – hasty 8
  6. Hero’s vigar 10
  7. Shield master’s – 10
  8. bastion (slottable) 50

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 238 CP  (714 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance. 

  1. Hero’s vigar 10
  2. Tumbling 30
  3. Sprinter 10
  4. Defiance 20
  5. Hasty 8
  6. Tireless guardian 20
  7. Fortification 30
  8. Nimble 6
  9. Mystic tenacity 50
  10. Tempered soul 50
  11. Piercing gaze 30
  12. Savage defense  30
  13. Bashing brutality 20

This would max out the fitness tree with all active passive champion points at 552 cp spent 1,656 total spent

Craft Constellation Champion Points

ESO Craft Champion Tree

Below are recommended Craft Champion Point selections for the ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist:

  1. Steed’s blessing (slottable) – 50
  2. Breakfall 10
  3. Wanderer 15
  4. Steadfast 10
  5. Treasure hunter 50 (slottable)
  6. Master gatherer 15
  7. Gifted rider (slottable) 100
  8. War mount (slottable) 120

This would be the bare minimum setup, spending 370CP (1110 total required). The next step is to max out passives, that do not require a slottable but increase performance.

  1. Steadfast enchantment 40cp
  2. Breakfall 40 cp
  3. Wanderer 60
  4. Fortunes favor 10
  5. Rationer 10
  6. Friends in low places 25
  7. Out of sight 30
  8. Fleet of phantom 40
  9. Soul’s reservoir 33
  10. Gilded fingers 50
  11. Fortunes favor 40
  12. Inspiration boost 45
  13. Infamous 30

This would max out the crafting tree with all active passive champion points at 823 cp spent 2,469 total spent


Bewitched Sugar Skulls - ESO Food Consumable
Essence of Health (tri-stat) - Crafting ESO Consumable Potion

The best consumables for a xxx One Bar Heavy Attack build are Bewitched Sugar Skulls food and Essence of Health tri-stat potions. Bewitched Sugar Skulls give a massive boost to overall stats but sacrifices recovery. If you struggle with recovery, use Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch or cheaper Jewels of Misrule. The essence of health or Tri-static potions is the best to passively give you a flood of resources and tri-recovery with alchemy medicinal use. Below are our recommended food and potion choices:

  • Bewitched Sugar Skulls: Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours. They are crafted from provisioning with ingredients of Scrib Jelly, Flour, Columbine, Bervez Juice, and Honey.
    • Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch (recovery): Increase Max Health, Health Recovery, and Stamina and Magicka Recovery. They are crafted from provisioning with ingredients of Red Meat, Tomato, White Cap, Frost Mirriam, and Perfect Roe.
    • Jewels of Misrule (cheap): Increase Stamina and Magicka Recovery and Max Health for 2 hours. They are crafted from provisioning with ingredients of Rose, Mint, Lotus, Columbine, and Bervez Juice.
  • Essence of Health (tri-stat): Restore Health, Magicka, and Stamina immediately and increase your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery.They are crafted from provisioning with ingredients of Bugloss, Columbine, and Mountain Flower.

Build Summary – The ESO One Bar PvE Magicka Arcanist

Class: Arcanist

Race: Dark Elf

Attributes: 64 Magicka

Mundus Stone: Thief

Weapon One: Lightning Staff

Armor Set 1: Perfected Ansuul’s Torment

Armor Set 2: Deadly Strike

Monster Helm: Slimecraw

Mythic: Oakensoul ring

Armor Weight: 6 Medium, 1 Light

Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls

Potion: Essence of Health with Tri Restoration

Skill Bar 1

  • Structured Entropy
  • pragmatic Fatecarver
  • Recuperative Treatise
  • Cephaliarch’s flail
  • Spiteward of the Lucid Mind
  • The Tide’s King Gaze (Ultimate)

Scribing Grimoires and Scripts

  • Ulfsild’s Contingency 
    • Flame Damage (focus script)
    • Class Mastery (signature script)
    • Vulnerability (Affix Script)
  • Soul Burst
    • Pull (focus script)
    • Class Mastery (signature script)
    • Courage (Affix Script)

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