ESO Solo Dragonknight Magicka Build for PvE

The ESO Solo Dragonknight Magicka Build for PvE is for players that are looking to complete solo content with a well-rounded class

This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play ESO Solo Dragonknight Magicka Build for PvE?

The ESO solo Dragonknight Magicka build for PvE is for players that are looking to complete solo content with a well-rounded class. This build offers some hard-hitting damage over time skills, shields and heals. The only learning curve to the Magicka Dragonknight is that it can be difficult for beginners to manage their resources. However, as long as you have the class passives unlocked, sustainability should not be too much of an issue.

In ESO, the Magicka Dragonknight is perfect for everyone who is looking for a simple-rotation survival class with a complete set of tools for solo PvE gameplay. So if the fire, dragons and following “pros” is what you are looking for, this build is for you!

Amazing area damagePlays in melee
Easy gear choicesStationary Ultimate
Good self healing at end game

ESO Solo Dragonknight Magicka Build for PvE Playstyle

Use the following rotation as the starter point. After, apply your buffs and cast the DoT skills on cooldown for the best, highest DPS. In total, the Damage over Time skills (DoTs) do more damage than your main spammable. Thus, they need to be cast less often and are easier to maintain, for example, The Degeneration from Mages Guild or the Barb Trap from Fighters Guild. Maintain DoTs and use your spammable skill as filler until you need to reapply the DoTS.

At certain percentages, replace your spammable with your in-class or weapon execute if you have one in this build. Executes are the skills that deal more damage the lower the health of the opponent becomes. Ideally, these are meant to replace your main spammable skill at anywhere between 35% (Radiant Oppression) all the way to 20% (Mages’ Fury). At a high level, execute skills become so strong that the lower the enemy’s health, the fewer DoTs you maintain because it does so much damage.

Use the healing skill when your health drops below 50% or the shield skill when you anticipate damage. Also, always use the suggested food and potions as they significantly increase your damage, survivability, and resource sustain.

If you run out of resources, do a heavy attack and return to your rotation. Remember that a heavy attack on off-balance enemies will return double the resources. Additionally, if you are a beginner or struggle with sustain, you can flex in the Consuming Trap skill instead of a DoT skill. The Consuming Trap gives you a flood of both resources when a target dies.


Front Bar (Dual Wield)

Front Bar Weapon Style Choices:

  1. Dual Wield
  2. Flame Staff
  3. Lighting Staff

Draw Essence (Morph of Inhale | Skill Line : Draconic Power) – An AoE damage ability that also gives us back resources and does great healing. Swap to Inner Light if you want something simpler.

Burning Embers (Morph of Searing Strike | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – The healing morph is very strong and should be used solo. Other morph does more damage though and can help on magicka sustain.

Flames of Oblivion (Morph of Inferno | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – The healing morph is very strong and should be used solo. Other morph does more damage though and can help on magicka sustain.

Molten Whip (Morph of Lava Whip | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – main spammable single target attack that can be buffed by other Ardent Flame dots for a BIG WHIP!

Engulfing Flames (Morph of Fiery Breath | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – A overall flame damage buff, used to debuff targets and increase our damage.

Flawless Dawnbreaker (Morph of Dawnbreaker | Skill Line : Fighters Guild) – The performance of DB (Dawnbreaker) is very good now that it grants massive spell damage boost of 300 for 20 seconds. Not to mention added spell damage from slayer passive. This is a great ultimate to use on front bar that’s low cost.

Back Bar (Inferno Staff)

Back bar options:

  1. Inferno Staff
  2. Lighting Staff
  3. Two Handed

Elemental Susceptibility (Morph of Weakness to Elements | Skill Line : Destruction Staff) – Update 36 saw a huge buff to this ability giving armor reduction and 3x status effects with high up time. This will do great damage solo or in a group.

Barbed Trap (Morph of Trap Beast | Skill Line : Fighters Guild) – You can get minor force buff one of many ways, gear, or two commonly used abilities Barb Trap and Channeled Acceleration. Playing in melee range, we get a hard hitting stamina based DoT.

Harness Magicka (Morph of Annulment | Skill Line : Light Armor) – The trick with the shield is to use this both reactively and pre-emptively. Meaning, when you know you’ll take a lot of damage, pop it for 6 seconds of protection. Also when you get hit, pop it first then allow your healer to catch up or your rune to heal you. For newer players I highly recommend double barring this in the exact same skill position. Meaning 3 key on PC front and back that way you don’t have to fuss with constant bar swaps until it becomes muscle memory. Consider slotting Inner Light if parsing since you won’t need a shield.

Eruption (Morph of Ash Cloud | Skill Line : Earthen Heart) – You can get minor force buff one of many ways, gear, or two commonly used abilities Barb Trap and Channeled Acceleration. Since we play in melee range, using barb trap makes the most since. Moreover slotting on our front bar increase of spell damage by 3% via slayer fighters guild passive. Another advantage is banished the wicked passive gives us ultimate when killing enemies too.

Unstable Wall of Elements (Morph of Wall of Elements | Skill Line : Destruction Staff) – Unstable does a lot of things like massive flame AoE damage and an explosion at the end. You can recast the ability to activate this explosion for a spammable AoE ability. Commonly folks will use the VMA Maelstrom staff on their back bar with infused trait and spell damage glyph because it’ll proc the extra spell damage even when you swap bars. Stampede with a VMA 2H technically does more damage, but can be a huge issue on stamina sustain.

Standard of Might (Morph of Dragonknight Standard | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – Powerful damage over time ultimate that also applies major defile to enemies, decreasing their health recovery and healing received. Great to use this if you’re running low on resources.

Optimal Gear

This is the best option for folks looking to solo arenas and Veteran dungeons

ShoulderslightPerfected False GodsDivinesMagicka
ChestmediumPillar of NirnDivinesMagicka
LegslightPerfected False GodsDivinesMagicka
GloveslightPerfected False GodsDivinesMagicka
BootslightPerfected False GodsDivinesMagicka
BeltlightPerfected False GodsDivinesMagicka
Weapon OneDaggerPillar of NirnNirn > PrecisePoison
SecondaryDaggerPillar of NirnChargedFlame
Weapon TwoInferno StaffPerfected Crushing WallInfusedBerserker
NecklacePillar of NirnInfusedWeapon Damage
Ring 1Pale OrderInfusedWeapon Damage
Ring 2Pillar of NirnInfusedWeapon Damage

Desktop hover over gear for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses

NOTE: we take weapon damage enchants solo because of Mountain’s Blessing passive boosting Weapon Damage, in a hybrid world this does more damage than pure spell damage enchants. Seems goofy, it’s not, it works.

Slimecraw: obtained in Wayrest Sewers I Veteran dungeon and Maj Undaunted Vendor.

  • Why? gives us highest 1pc critical chance

FLEX OPTIONS (if you switch to monster setup, drop the ring and replace it with Vicious or flex piece)

  1. Zaan = great damage from a proc set considered best damage for melee builds.
  2. Nerien’eth = good damage and great option for range DPS with direct damage.
  3. Balorgh = incredible for boss burns in Veteran Maelstrom Arena saving up ultimate for 500 burn.
  4. Iceheart = great survivability
  5. Grothdarr = good AoE damage

Pillar of Nirn: obtained in Falkreath Hold dungeon.

  • WHY? one of the hardest hitting, easiest proc sets in the game.


  1. Burning Spell Weave = great proc set for DK or flame damage users
  2. Mechanical Acuity = the highest burst combined with Balorgh for VMA boss nukes
  3. Order’s Wrath = Crafted and best overall option for great damage
  4. Medusa  = easy dungeon set if you’re not using minor force skill/buff
  5. Scathing Mage = High spell damage set from dungeons

Perfected False Gods: obtained in Veteran Sunspire trial or normal for non perfected

  • WHY? provides incredible resource sustain and mobility but lacks overall damage.  This is great for solo play or uncoordinated groups where you cannot relay on orbs/spears/sustain sets.


  1. Perfected Bahsei’s Mania = considered BiS for damage if you can run magicka low and keep it there.
  2. Robes of the Withered Hand = Base game, overland and a great replacement for False Gods to get you started.
  3. Bright-Throat’s Boast = decent sustain set if your using Witch Mother’s drink.
  4. Mother’s Sorrow = overland option base game easy to get and good damage
  5. Law of Julianos = decent craftable option

Perfected Crushing Wall: from Veteran Maelstrom Arena in Orsinium

  • WHY? Increase your overall DPS massively due to wall of elements and light attack damage increase.


  1. Perfected Merciless Charge = must change out blockade for Stampede, considered meta, but struggle with sustain
  2. Willpower = extra 2pc set

Ring of the Pale Order: Mythic obtained by collecting five pieces:

  • Bangkorai – Aurmine Ancestral Signet – Chests
  • Alik’r Desert – Direnni Elegy Loop – Coldrock Diggings Delve Boss
  • Wrothgar – Onix Accent Stones – All World Bosses
  • Glenumbra – Order-Etched Gallery Rail – Bad Man’s Hallow Trash Monsters
  • The Reach – Pale Order’s Golden Band – Nighthollow Keep (Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern start north of map)

Set bonus

  • (1 item) Restore 20% of the damage you deal as Health. This value is decreased by 4% per ally you are grouped with. You cannot be healed by anyone but yourself.


  1. Death Dealer’s Fete = high max stats and requires no effect but in combat
  2. Sea Serpent Coil = god tier damage if you can hang without Pale Order
  3. Markyn Ring of Majesty = set and forget boost to spell damage and armor

Intermediate Gear

Meant for someone who’s familiar with the game and wants strongest solo build without mythics or trials gear

HeadlightValkyn SkoriaDivinesMagicka
ShoulderslightValkyn SkoriaDivinesMagicka
ChestlightSilks of the SunDivinesMagicka
LegslightSilks of the SunDivinesMagicka
GloveslightSilks of the SunDivinesMagicka
BootslightSilks of the SunDivinesMagicka
BeltlightSilks of the SunDivinesMagicka
Weapon OneDaggerBurning Spell WeaveNirnhonedPoison
SecondaryDaggerBurning Spell WeaveChargedFlame
Weapon TwoInferno StaffPerfected Crushing WallInfusedBerserker
NecklaceBurning Spell WeaveBloodthirstySpell Damage
Ring 1Burning Spell WeaveBloodthirstySpell Damage
Ring 2Burning Spell WeaveBloodthirstySpell Damage

Beginner Gear

This setup is for someone who just started and doesn’t have access to Monsters, Mythics, Trials gear

HeadlightWithered HandDivinesMagicka
ShoulderslightWithered HandDivinesMagicka
ChestlightMother’s SorrowDivinesMagicka
LegslightMother’s SorrowDivinesMagicka
GloveslightMother’s SorrowDivinesMagicka
BootslightMother’s SorrowDivinesMagicka
BeltlightMother’s SorrowDivinesMagicka
Weapon OneDaggerWillpowerPrecisePoison
Weapon TwoInferno StaffWillpowerInfusedBerserker
NecklaceWithered HandArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 1Withered HandArcaneMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Withered HandArcaneSpell Damage


Best Choice

High Elf

The best option for damage reduction while channeling

Secondary Choice


Great for burst damage and healing






Mundus Stone

Thief – Increases the Critical Strike rating by 1212

Champion Points



Clockwork Citrus Filet

OVERALL: Increase Max Health by 3724, Health Recovery by 351, Max Magicka by 3458 and Magicka Recovery by 319 for 2 hours.

Witchmother’s Brew

CHEAP: Increase Max Magicka by 2856, Max Health by 3094, and Magicka Recovery by 315 for 2 hours.

Ghastly Eye Bowl

DPS Parse: Increase Max Magicka by 4256 and Magicka Recovery by 425 for 2 hours.


Essence of Spell Power

Grants major sorcery with increases spell damage by 20% for 47.6 seconds. Grants major prophecy which grants you 2191 spell critical rating for 47.6 seconds. Restore 7582 magicka immediately. Grants you major intellect which increases your magicka recovery by 20% for 47.6. Potions have a 45sec cooldown. Make sure you have three points into medicinal use passive in alchemy crafting. (INGREDIENTS: Corn Flower, Lady’s Smock and Namira’s Rot)


  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Undaunted
  • Psijic Order
  • Alliance Support
  • Light Armor
  • Destruction Staff
  • Medium Armor
  • All Class

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