Bungie Fixes PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon Nightfall in Destiny 2

In their latest update (, Bungie fixed an issue causing players not to get full rewards in the PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon Nightfall in Destiny 2.

PsiOps Battlegrounds Moon
PsiOps Battlegrounds Moon

Nightfall Rewards Fixed

This past season in Destiny 2 Players had noticed that when playing the PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon Nightfall they were never able to achieve a Platinum rank from killing Champions. It turns out this was because the Unstoppable Champions in the Nightfall were not properly counting towards the number needed to achieve that rank. Bungie fixed this issue with Update stating:

  • Unstoppable Champions kills are now properly counted in PsiOps Battleground: Moon Nightfall.

As shown, this is a small little bug fix that should allow players a chance at more loot. And more rewards are always better, especially considering how difficult the PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon Nightfall is to complete anyway.

Other Bug Fixes

There were only two other patch notes in the very brief breakdown:

  • Drop rates for In Memoriam Ghost from Trials of the Osiris have been improved.
  • Players are now able to claim “It’s in the cards” reward from Suraya Hawthorne.

As you can see, this wasn’t a very large update, but one that Bungie definitely felt was needed to get out. I was avoiding that Grandmaster Nightfall myself because of this bug. The PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon Nightfall boast the hardest difficulty of all the other Nightfalls this season. Get in there and get those Ascendant Shards, Guardian!

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