Bungie Teases New Strand Aspects in Destiny 2

In the recent “State of the Game” address, Bungie discussed playlist updates, quality of life changes, and addressed major pain points in the community. Also, in the massive blogpost, Bungie teases new strand aspects in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Strand Hunter
Destiny 2 Strand Hunter

How to get Strand Aspects

First, you will need to own and complete the Lightfall campaign which throughout teaches you the ins and out of the subclass, and how to properly use Strand in combat. Afterwards, make your way to the Pouka Pond on Neomuna to purchase aspects, fragments, and other parts of the Strand kit for each class. Unlocking these parts of the subclass change how the subclass works entirely and give a whole new way to enjoy the subclass. For example, the most recent Hunter aspect, Threaded Specter, works after using your dodge ability which spawns a clone at that location, and it causes nearby enemies to be aggressive to it.

New Strand Aspects

With three strand aspects currently available for each class and the most recent aspects added this season, it seemed unlikely Bungie would have any massive gameplay changes to Strand. However, Bungie defies the assumptions and releases the names of the new Strand aspects coming next season, Season 22

  • Hunter: Whirling Maelstrom
  • Warlock: Weavewalk
  • Titan: Banner of War

While we don’t have any specifics yet on what each aspect will do and how it will play into every kit, the names can often give hints of what its going to buff or possible what its focus will be.

Aspect Speculation

Subclass aspects often change individual skills, give buffs, or change the gameplay loop of a subclass. Some even change how your supers work and either buff or change how they may function completely. It seems likely, now that we’ve had time with the subclass and the aspects available have been skill changes that we may be getting one focused towards our supers. The names also seem to point towards Super based aspects as “whirling” is a perfect description of the AOE attack in the hunter super, Banner of War sounds reminiscent of Banner Titan a void Titan super nickname, and Weavewalk which combines the name of the warlock strand subclass with what sounds like a hint at a roaming super of some kind.

Destiny 2 Flechette Storm Titan Strand Aspect
Destiny 2 Flechette Storm Titan Strand Aspect

Although, we won’t know more until Bungie deems it appropriate to release more information. It’s incredibly exciting to be receiving another aspect so soon really allowing creativity and build crafting to flourish with the new subclass.

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