Destiny 2 - Hunter Strand Ability

Destiny 2: How to Unlock Strand Subclass

We present Destiny 2: How to Unlock Strand Subclass Guide to help your guardian get powerful with new Strand Abilities, Aspects and Fragments.

Destiny 2 - Titan Strand Ability
Titan Strand

The guide explains how to unlock strand subclass on all classes, Warlocks, Titans and Hunters. Also, we give you directions on how to start the campaign and what is the best to farm Strand Meditations, an essential currency if you want to become a powerful Strand user. You must complete a few specific steps before entirely playing and enjoying the Strand subclass.

How to unlock Strand Subclass

To get the Strand subclass, you must own Ligthfall expansion and complete the entire main campaign to get access to all abilities. Additionally, to unlock Strand aspects and fragments, players must buy them from the special vendor, the Pouka Pond, with new currency.

Here are the detailed steps to unlock the Lightfall and Strand and get all abilities fragments and aspects.

  1. Buy Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion on your preferred platform
  2. Start the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign – Go to the directory menu, pick Neptune planet from the side of the screen and hovering over it will display a pop-up about the Lightfall campaign. Proceed and select the difficulty to start the Lightfall campaign.
  3. Follow the story and the questline to complete the Lightfall campaign
  4. After completing the campaign, go to the Tower to meet with Zavala and Ikora
  5. Come back to the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna
  6. Meditate to unlock the Strand subclass and your first abilities
  7. Go to the Pouka Pond to get additional Strand Grenades, Aspects and Fragments

When you first enter the game after purchasing the Lightall, a new campaign pop-up should begin automatically. So you can jump straight to the new story. While you won’t get access to the Strand subclass immediately, you will be allowed to test Strand abilities during the Lightfall campaign. Osiris will teach you about the Strand element and how guardians can exert it properly. Regardless of your class, for all Titans, Hunters and Warlocks, the process of learning strand is the same. However, their abilities and aspects are very different.

How to get Strand Meditations, Starnd Aspects and Strand Fragments?

Destiny 2 - The Pouka pond location
The Pouka Pond location

Players must collect the Strand Meditations – the currency they can spend at the Pouka Pond to unlock additional Strand subclass abilities, aspects and fragments. The Strand Meditations are the reward for using Strand abilities anywhere in the system and completing activities in Neomuna. Additionally, players can earn the currency from all sources while in the Vex Incrusion Zone in Neomuna.

The best place to farm Strand Meditations is Vex Incursion Zone, located in the Neomuna world. It rewards players with new currency and an exotic gear piece.

Strand Subclass

In Destiny 2, Guardians use the Solar, Void and Arc elements by wielding the power of Light granted by the Traveler. Stasis is the first darkness subclass introduced in Beyond Light Expansion. Strand is the second manifestation of the darkness in elemental form.

Strand flows through you. As it flows through everything

Stasis was the first subclass that came out with Stasis 3.0 – the system that includes the aspects and fragments to make classes more customisable and powerful. Soon after, over months, other subclasses received 3.0 reworks. With the release of Lightfall expansion, guardians can use Strand Subclass 3.0, adding more playstyles, builds, powerful weapons, and unique abilities to the game.

Strand Abilities, Fragments and Aspects

You can find all Titan, Hunter and Warlock abilities, fragments and aspects from the Strand subclass under the following links. It will take you to the detailed guides:

  • Berserkers – Strand Titans are untamed and wild, they leap into harm’s way with abandon, manifesting claws to sever their targets from the Weave.
  • Broodweavers – Strand Warlocks are telekinetic sorcerers that manipulate the Weave; even twisting Strand into creatures that do their bidding.
  • Threadrunners – Strand Hunters are Masters of lethal grace, the city becomes their playground as they use the Weave to dance unscathed among their foes.

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