Destiny 2 Arbalest Nerfs and new Arbalest ornaments

Destiny 2 Arbalest Nerfs and new Arbalest ornaments

In the latest Destiny 2, This week at Bunge article, developers have posted about upcoming Arbalest Nerfs and brand new Arbalest ornaments!

For those who don’t know Arbalest is an extremely strong Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle, moreover, it is very hard to get. It’s obtainable through Exotic engrams as an extremely rare world drop. However, Guardians who own Arbalest apparently use it often and it was one of the most used weapons back on November 2022, according to data from a recent Bunge post. The Destiny 2 Weapon Team commented:

“Arbalest missed out on the body damage reduction that Lorentz Driver received, making it too easy to get one-hit body shots in a PvP while also not requiring enough precision in PvE”

As a result, they decided to reduce the body shot damage of Arbalest to match Lorentz Driver

Destiny 2 Arbalest

But it’s not enough news about Arbalest for this week. Back in August the Bunge team asked Destiny 2 players to vote on which Exotic weapon gets a shiny new ornament. And the winner is The Linear Fusion Rifle Arbalest! After that, in the past months, the weapons art team worked on new designs for the ornament. After careful selection, the three potential concept arts emerged, and once again the Bunge team is going to give the players an opportunity to decide on which Arbalest’s ornament design they would like to see eventually in Destiny 2.

1: Historic

2: Black Armory

3: Synthwave

Guardians can vote through a special email coming out on December 5 alongside a highlight of your Season 18 moments! The winning ornament will be announced in the December 15th 2022.

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