Destiny 2 Astral Horizon (Adept) Shotgun

Destiny 2 Astral Horizon God Roll and How to Get

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Astral Horizon God Roll Guide Guide. The weapon is an Aggressive Frame Shotgun that can be obtained from the Trials of Osiris. Aggressive Frame shotguns are great in PvE because they do tons of burst damage in a short window and are able to shoot faster with each kill. This weapon is also great in PvP because of its range stat and raw damage. A normal version can be obtained easily enough with some persistent grinding, but an adept version of the weapon can also be earned by completing a Flawless Passage and visiting the Lighthouse.

Destiny 2 Astral Horizon (Adept) Shotgun
Destiny 2 Astral Horizon (Adept) Shotgun

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Why You Should Get Astral Horizon Shotgun?

You should get Astral Horizon Shotgun because it is an absolute monster in PvP. This gun has some insane perks to help us kill our targets from a distance despite being a shotgun. Aggressive Frame shotguns have a circular pellet pattern and gain an increased rate of fire with each kill. Shotguns have always been meta in PvP and now you can target farm for it. The only drawback to this gun is you have to play Trials of Osiris Destiny 2’s competitive PvP mode that goes live from Friday to Monday Here’s our list of why you should get Astral Horizon Shotgun:

  • This gun can be farmed for with a fixed location and method to farm it
  • An absolute monster in PvP
  • Has insane perks to give it extra range.
  • Decent perks for PvE mini-boss damage

How to Obtain Astral Horizon in Destiny 2

Astral Horizon can be obtained from any Trials of Osiris Reward source, which includes the Weekly challenges for winning 7 matches and winning rounds. It can also randomly drop from Trials engrams and there is a static rolled version that is earned at Rank 16 of the Trials Rank Rewards. Astral Horizon (Adept) can only be earned by completing a flawless Trials of Osiris Passage by winning 7 matches without losing. Once the weapon has been earned you can focus it at Saint-14 for Trials Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. The Adept version can only be focused on the Weeks it is the weekly Flawless reward and only with a 7 win Passage.

Destiny 2 Saint 14 Location
Destiny 2 Saint-14 Location

PvE Astral Horizon God Roll

MagazineAssault Mag
Perk 1Threat Detector
Perk 2Swashbuckler
Origin TraitOne Quiet Moment
MasterworkReload Speed
ModMajor Spec

Barrel: For our barrel, we want to use Smoothbore. This barrel provides us with a huge range stat and increases the spread of the shotgun. Shotguns work differently in PvE than PvP. Shotguns damage fall of starts differently in PvE than PvP so you want more range so you can kill those mini-bosses from a respectable distance and not get yourself killed.

Magazine: We will be using Assault Mag for our magazine. Assault Mag provides us with a small rate of fire increase. Since this gun is an Aggressive Frame it gains an Increased rate of fire after killing. If we combine this with Assault Mag, we can fire this weapon very fast. Shotguns tend to one-shot red health enemies and most orange health enemies so being able to shoot quicker really helps this gun out.

Astral Horizon PvE God Roll Destiny 2
Astral Horizon PvE God Roll Destiny 2 Image from

Column 3 Perk: Our first perk is going to be Threat Detector. The perk Threat Detector provides the gun with +15 reload speed and stability while one enemy is at least 15 meters or closer to you. This bonus is increased to +40 stability and +60 reload speed while 2 or more enemies are 15 meters or closer to you. You will definitely be using this shotgun at close-range encounters so let’s get as much bonuses as we possibly can. The stability might not be the greatest buff to this gun but the reload speed buff is INSANE!

Column 4 Perk: For our final perk we want to use Swashbuckler. This buff increases the weapon’s damage with each kill stacking up to 5 times. each stack provides the gun provides 6.7% | 13.3% | 20% | 26.6% | 33.3% Increased Damage for 4.5 seconds.  If you get a melee kill while this gun is equipped you will get the max buff of Swashbuckler. This helps the gun do extra damage to every enemy so we can kill them quickly if we combine the damage with the insane fire rate we have a crazy weapon to kill everything.

Masterwork: We will want to use Reload Speed Masterwork for our gun. This stat helps us reload our weapon faster.

Mod: for our mod, we want Major spec. Major spec provides us with +7.77% Damage against Elites and Minibosses this will help us secure the kills on them.

Conclusion: Shot are often looked down upon in PvE but they can do some serious damage to enemies. I would personally suggest a shot gun that can roll with Subsistence on the 3rd column so we can get ammo on kill but regardless this gun is not bad.

PvP Astral Horizon God Roll

BarrelCorkscrew Rifling / Smallbore
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Perk 1Slideshot
Perk 2Opening Shot
Origin TraitAlacrity
ModSprint Grip

Barrel: For our barrel, we recommend Corkscrew Rifling or Smallbore. Corkscrew Rifling provides the gun with +5 stability, range, and handling. Smallbore provides +7 range and stability. We want to make sure we do not lose any range for this gun since we are going to be using it to secure kills at close range. The better the range the more damage fall of we get before our pellets start losing damage.

Magazine: Your magazine needs to be Accurized Rounds. Accurized Rounds provides us with +10 range. Once again we want as much range as possible for this shotgun. You could go Assault mag to get some extra fire rate on the kill but with the limited ammo economy in PvP we will not be using Assault mag.

Astral Horizon PvP God Roll Destiny 2
Astral Horizon PvP God Roll Destiny 2 Image from

Column 3 Perk: Our first perk is Slideshot. Slideshot paired with a shotgun is an insane combination. Slideshot provides the gun with an instant reload of 1 bullet and +20 range for 3 seconds when we start to slide. In PvP you will mostly be slide-shooting this shotgun so we can close the gap between you and your target. The Slideshot combined with all the range we have provided to this gun with our previous perks will increase our range by a large amount.

Column 4 Perk: Our final perk is going to be Opening Shot. This perk is extremely important since it provides us with 20 aim assist and +25 range on our first shot of an attack. You do not need a full magazine to gain Opening Shot you just need to wait 3 seconds before getting this buff again after your first shot. If we Combine Opening Shot with Slideshot we get +45 range on our first shot so long as we slide. This combined with everything make our guns damage fall off start at 6.5 meters if we hip fire and 7.5 meters if we aim down sights a very respectable range to kill any Guardian.

Masterwork: We will want to have Range masterwork just to buff our distance to kill our target.

Mod: We are going to use Sprint Grip for our mod. Sprint Grip gives us a bonus to aim down sight speed after we sprint for 1 second with the gun. This combined with the typical sprint to get to your target playstyle will help us land our shots on any unsuspecting Guardian.

Conclusion: This gun is an absolute monster in PvP. The fact that you can farm this weapon with a definite location makes this gun very powerful. You will need to play Trials of Osiris which is only available Friday through Monday. Since this game mode lasts a limited time it should not take you long to accumulate enough engrams to go get yourself a god roll Astral Horizon.

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