Destiny 2 Cold Comfort God Roll and How to Get

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Cold Comfort God Roll and How to Get Guide. The Cold Comfort is an Aggressive Frame Stasis Rocket Launcher that can be obtained as a drop from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon.

Destiny 2 Cold Comfort - The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Rocket Launchers are the absolute king of damage meta in almost all situations, with their only downside being dangerous to use due to accidental deaths. This weapon is very desirable as it is very much a Best in Slot option.

Why You Should Get the Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher

You should get the Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher because it has the potential to be one of the best boss damage weapons in the game. Its only contender currently is Apex Predator, which is a craftable option whereas Cold Comfort must be farmed. This weapon has the potential to have 3 rockets in the chamber, which no other weapon can do. Here’s our list of why you should get the Apex Predator Rocket Launcher:

  • Damage Monster
  • Only comparable to one other weapon
  • Can hold 3 rockets in the chamber

How to get Cold Comfort God Roll in Destiny 2

To get Cold Comfort in Destiny 2, players will need to own the Dungeon Pass released alongside the Lightfall Expansion and play the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon. Players can earn Cold Comfort in any encounter or from the two hidden chest once it is unlocked in collections.

Destiny 2 The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Location in H.E.L.M
Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Location in H.E.L.M

PvE Cold Comfort God Roll

Cold Comfort PvE God Roll
Cold Comfort PvE God Roll
Launcher BarrelQuick Launch
MagazineImpact Casing
Column 3 TraitEnvious Assassin
Column 4 TraitBait and Switch
Origin TraitRestoration Ritual
ModBoss Spec
PvE Cold Comfort God Roll

Barrel: When it comes to rocket launchers, there really isn’t a wrong choice for the barrel in PvE. Quick Launch is typically preferred but this is a very minor issue if your roll doesn’t have it.

Magazine: On the other end of the spectrum, Impact Casing is a must have perk since it adds a direct buff to damage. Don’t leave home without it.

Column 3 Trait: There is one perk here that is absolutely the best in slot and that is Envious Assassin. At 9 stacks you can have 3 rockets in the chamber which no other rocket launcher can have currently.

Column 4 Trait: Bait and Switch. The DPS trait king that made Cataclysmic the best option for the longest time, is now on a Rocket Launcher. Explosive Light is also a great option.

Origin Trait: This origin trait is actually one of the better ones in the game. Basically giving you a free reload for finishing a combatant or reviving an ally.

Masterwork: Handling or Velocity is the best choice here.

Mods: This weapon is for boss damage phases so a Boss spec mod is the best choice.

Conclusion: This weapon with the perfect perk combination is arguably the absolute best weapon for DPS phases on bosses. It just barely edges out Apex Predator with its ability to have 3 rockets in the chamber and the Origin Trait. This weapon is absolutely worth farming.

PvP Cold Comfort God Roll

Cold Comfort PvP God Roll
Cold Comfort PvP God Roll
BarrelVolatile Launch
MagazineBlack Powder
Column 3 TraitTracking Module
Column 4 TraitBipod
Origin TraitRestoration Ritual
MasterworkBlast Radius
ModQuick Access Sling
PvP Cold Comfort God Roll

Barrel: A slightly more important choice in PvP, look for options that add to Blast Radius. Volatile Launch is the best of these.

Magazine: Again, look for options that grant Blast Radius. Black Powder does this best.

Column 3 Trait: Guardians in PvP are always moving. This makes anything that can help you hit them very useful. Tracking Module is a great choice here. Danger Zone isn’t a bad option either.

Column 4 Trait: This is more of an experimental pick. I am currently unaware if Bipod grants Rockets more than one rocket when heavy ammo is picked up. If it does, its a for sure pick. If it doesn’t then its next to worthless. Go with Cluster Bomb instead.

Origin Trait: A no choice but decent passive perk. Less useful in PvP than PvE

Masterwork: Blast Radius is low on this weapon, so Masterworking that is the best option.

Mods: Quick Access Sling allows players to pull the rocket out quickly, which can make or break a huge play.

Conclusion: While I wouldn’t farm this for PvP, if you get the PvP roll its a decent option to hang onto if Bipod changes the game by giving the rocket more ammo. If it doesn’t then skip this one.

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