Destiny 2 Greasy Luck - The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Destiny 2 Greasy Luck God Roll and How to Get

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Greasy Luck God Roll and How to Get Guide. The Greasy Luck is a Rapid-Fire Frame Solar Glaive that can be obtained as a drop from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon.

Destiny 2 Greasy Luck - The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon
Greasy Luck – The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Glaives were first introduced in the Witch Queen Expansion, and sadly unless their is just a cheesy bug or overpowered artifact mod, they are simply just not the best choice in most content. That being said, in low-tier content they can be very fun to use, as you can just wade into a group of enemies and spam your melee button.

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Why You Should Get the Greasy Luck Glaive

You should get the Greasy Luck Glaive because it it the first of its kind in Destiny 2. While not the first Solar Glaive, it is the first Rapid-Fire Glaive. It can also roll with interesting perk combinations like Disruption Break and Close to Melee, both of which boost the damage of the melee attacks. And not gameplay related but it looks like a harpoon. That’s just cool. Here’s our list of why you should get the Greasy Luck Glaive:

  • First of its kind
  • Interesting perk combinations
  • Looks like a harpoon

How to get Greasy Luck God Roll in Destiny 2

To get Greasy Luck in Destiny 2, players will need to own the Dungeon Pass released alongside the Lightfall Expansion and play the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon. Players can earn Greasy Luck in the second and third encounter or from the two hidden chest once it is unlocked in collections.

Destiny 2 The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Location in H.E.L.M
Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Location in H.E.L.M

PvE Greasy Luck God Roll

Destiny 2 Greasy Luck PvE God Roll
Greasy Luck PvE God Roll (Image via
HaftLow-Impedance Windings
MagazineAlloy Magazine
Column 3 TraitDisruption Break
Column 4 TraitClose to Melee
Origin TraitRestoration Ritual
MasterworkShield Duration
ModMajor Spec
PvE Greasy Luck God Roll

Haft: The Glaives main selling point is its ability to switch between range and melee with ease, but its most useful feature is its shield. It can save you in a pinch. Buff it up.

Magazine: Glaives tend to be weapons you fire out before you reload since you are going to be the thick of the fight anyway. This makes Alloy Magazine a for sure choice.

Column 3 Trait: Disruption Break can actually buff the melee damage of glaives making this the easiest choice on this list.

Column 4 Trait: Speaking of buffing melee damage, Close to Melee is also an easy choice to make. Unless you are going for a Solar build synergy, which may mean Incandescent is the play.

Origin Trait: Restoration Ritual is an amazing Origin Trait, but its only decent on this glaive. Simply put Reloading is just a big part of glaive play.

Masterwork: You are going to be in the thick of it. Make sure you are buffing that shield duration as long as you can so you can survive those more sticky situations.

Mods: Glaives have no trouble destroying minor enemies, but they suffer when dealing with majors which makes the choice easy.

Conclusion: Glaives tend to only be used in PvE if they are broken in some way, either from some super powerful artifact mod or just a crazy bug that makes them do insane damage. Otherwise their only selling point is the shield and that’s still not the best thing to take in high end content. They are viable, just not the best. And this one doing less damage than the others makes it less desirable.

PvP Greasy Luck God Roll

Destiny 2 Greasy Luck PvP God Roll
Greasy Luck PvP God Roll (Image via
HaftLow-Impedance Windings
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitImpulse Amlifier
Column 4 TraitUnstoppable Force
Origin TraitRestoration Ritual
MasterworkShield Duration
ModQuick Access Sling
PvP Greasy Luck God Roll

Haft: Shields in PvP are powerful, and Glaive Shields can be turned on and off with a single button press. The more duration it has the better it performs so take Hafts that help that stat.

Magazine: Glaives benefit from Range more than you would think considering they are a PvP weapon. It increases their projectile velocity which makes hitting targets much easier. Accurized Rounds is ever the play.

Column 3 Trait: Impulse Amplifier is just a really nice passive buff in PvP. Killing Wind and Replenishing Aegis can also be decent options depending on your playstyle.

Column 4 Trait: Unstoppable Force might seem like an odd trait to take as it doesn’t improve the TTK of this weapon, but this weapon does less damage than other glaives and being able to mitigate that is very handy. This is especially true if you are going for clean up kills with another weapon.

Origin Trait: There is no option for the Restoration Trait here, but its not that great in PvP. It only comes into play in certain game modes when revives are possible.

Masterwork: Shields are powerful in PvP so make sure you are taking advantage of that.

Mods: Glaives tend to be clean up weapons or weapons you clean up after. That is to say you shoot the enemy once with this weapon and then quick swap to another one to finish off your opponent. Quick Access Sling helps with that in spades.

Conclusion: Glaives fit a really weird non-meta but annoying at times roll in PvP. They aren’t the best weapon to use, but they are so weird to play against that they can throw off a groove. Throwing a shield up suddenly can break a person’s muscle memory on kill times and cause them to make mistakes. Use that to your advantage. With this weapons faster fire rate than other glaives, its worth giving it a go in a casual match or two.

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Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Greasy Luck God Roll Guide. Keep in mind this weapon will work with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand) and any PvE (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids) and PvP Mode in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner).

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