Destiny 2 Doomed Petitioner PVE & PVP God Roll and How to Get

Learn the Destiny 2 Doomed Petitioner god roll for PVE and PVP content, the best perks, and how to get it!

D2 Doomed Petitioner PVE and PVP God Roll and How to Get

Doomed Petitioner is an aggressive frame linear fusion rifle introduced as a Season of the Wish weapon. Linear fusion rifles used to be the best heavy damage weapon in the game causing them to receive a few nerfs. However, these nerfs only slightly reduced their potency. They are still amazing weapons for boss damage especially if the enemies have a large critical spot. Linear fusion rifles aren’t the strongest in PVP, but they are great for long-range shutdowns.

The Doomed Petitioner linear fusion rifle is from the Season of the Wish playlist. Completing seasonal activities and focusing on the helm is an easy way to obtain multiple rolls of the weapon. Since the Doomed Petitioner is a season weapon, it’s craftable upon collecting deep-sight versions and unlocking the pattern.

Doomed Petitioner PVE God Roll

The best perks for the PVE god roll of Doomed Petitioner are Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Ambitious Assassin, Voltshot, and Reload Masterwork.

Below are the best perks for the Doomed Petitioner PVE God Roll:

Feature Weapon Perk
BarrelArrowhead Brake
MagazineEnhanced Battery
Column 3 TraitReconstruction
Column 4 TraitPrecision Instrument
MasterworkCharge Time
Doomed Petitioner PVE God Roll Chart

Arrowhead Brake is a must-have for every aggressive linear fusion rifle to make landing back-to-back shots easier. Batteries are magazine options that can change how the weapon feels and performs. Enhanced Battery is a clear winner to increase our base magazine size and pairs with our perk combinations. For our first perk, we have the obvious choice of Reconstruction as it continually reloads our weapon from reserves up to double the magazine. Lastly, the clear final choice is Precision Instrument as this provides a sizable damage bonus for landing precision shots.

Linear fusion rifles have some of the best boss damage in the game. Aggressive frame linear fusion rifles are a mix of a standard fusion rifle and a precision frame linear fusion rifle, firing three bolt volleys for each shot. Since they are precision-based weapons, it’s very important to land your shots in critical damage areas of the enemies. Since they are heavy weapons designed around high damage per shot, they are suited for dealing damage to major or boss-level enemies.

Doomed Petitioner PVP God Roll

The best perks for the PVP god roll of Doomed Petitioner are Arrowhead Brake, Particle Repeater, Keep Away, Moving Target, and Stability Masterwork.

Below are the best perks for the Doomed Petitioner PVP God Roll:

FeatureWeapon Perk
BarrelArrowhead Brake
BatteryParticle Repeater
Column 3 TraitKeep Away
Column 4 TraitMoving Target
Doomed Petitioner PVP God Roll Chart

Since heavy ammo is rare and in low amounts in PVP, it’s incredibly important that we build consistency with the weapon to maximize our shots. Arrowhead Brake, Particle Repeater, and Stability Masterwork combine to give us the best chance to land our shots. Keep Away and Moving Target grant bonus stats that help the weapon perform to its peak.

While linear fusion rifles require landing burst shots to kill, they can be quite potent in PVP. They are particularly good at shutting down supers and picking off enemies from an extended distance. They can be incredibly rewarding weapons to use since they require a level of skill other heavy weapons do not. Furthermore, they do not require any specific builds, classes, or subclasses to perform well.

How to Get the Doomed Petitioner in Destiny 2

Doomed Petitioner can be obtained in the Coil or Riven’s Lair activities available during Season of the Wish. Once you have completed The Wishful Weapon Focusing Seasonal Challenge, you can use Wish Engrams at the Spirit of Riven to focus this weapon. Also, you can complete the Solcrafting Seasonal challenge to make the first weapon you focus on each week have a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance pattern since Doomed Petitioner is craftable.

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