Destiny 2: Facet of Generosity – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Prismatic Subclass offers 21 fragments for all three classes in Destiny 2, including the Facet of Generosity.

Destiny 2 - Facet of Generosity - Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Players gain access to the new Prismatic subclass with the Final Shape expansion. Firstly, it’s unique and combines specific class abilities for different damage types. Using dark and light abilities, buffs or debuffs fill two corresponding meters, and once they are fully charged, your character enters the special state called Transcendence. Moreover, Transcendence functions like a mini super and busts your defense and offensive capabilities.

Once you unlock a Facet of Generosity Prismatic Fragment, it becomes available for all your characters.

Facet of Generosity in Destiny 2

The facet of Generosity is a new fragment in the Prismatic subclass introduced with the Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2. Here’s an in-depth look at what this fragment does, its benefits, and how it can be effectively used in different builds and gear setups.

The Facet of Generosity fragment grants the following effects:

  • Defeating targets while Transcendent creates Orbs of Power for your allies.

Benefits and Usage

When you defeat enemies during the Transcendent state, you generate Orbs of Power for your teammates. This can significantly boost their Super energy, allowing them to unleash powerful abilities more frequently. This fragment is precious in team-based activities such as raids, dungeons, and Nightfall strikes, where it is vital to maintain a high uptime for team Supers. You help sustain your team’s ability to use their Supers, which can turn the tide of battle, especially in challenging content.

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Gear Synergies

To maximize the potential of the Facet of Generosity, consider the following gear and mods:

  • Warlocks: Can pair with the Phoenix Protocol chest armor, which grants Super energy for kills and assists made while standing in a Well of Radiance. The Orbs of Power generated will help quickly recharge the Warlock’s Super.
  • Titans: Can benefit from the Crest of Alpha Lupi chest armor, which generates additional Orbs of Power from Supers and provides more healing from Barricade. This synergy further boosts team support capabilities.
  • Hunters: The Orpheus Rig boots are an excellent match, as they generate additional Orbs from Tether anchors, enhancing the overall orb production and Super regeneration.
  • Charged with Light Mods: Combine with mods like Taking Charge, which allows you to become Charged with Light by picking up Orbs of Power, leading to further buffs and benefits for you and your team.
  • Well Mods: Use with Well of Tenacity or Well of Radiance for added resilience and healing, making your team even harder to take down.

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