Destiny 2: Facet of Grace – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Prismatic Subclass offers 21 fragments for all three classes in Destiny 2, including the Facet of Grace.

Destiny 2-Facet of Grace - Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Players gain access to the new Prismatic subclass with the Final Shape expansion. Firstly, it’s unique and combines specific class abilities for different damage types. Using dark and light abilities, buffs or debuffs fill two corresponding meters, and once they are fully charged, your character enters the special state called Transcendence. Moreover, Transcendence functions like a mini super and busts your defense and offensive capabilities.

Once you unlock a Facet of Grace Prismatic Fragment, it becomes available for all your characters.

Facet of Grace in Destiny 2

The facet of Grace is a new fragment in the Prismatic subclass introduced with the Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2. Here’s an in-depth look at what this fragment does, its benefits, and how it can be effectively used in different builds and gear setups.

The Facet of Grace fragment grants the following effects:

  • Damaging targets with Kinetic weapons grants you bonus Transcendence energy.
  • Defeating targets with your Super grants you and nearby allies bonus Transcendence energy.
  • -10 Resilience

Benefits and Usage

This fragment boosts the rate at which you accumulate Transcendence energy through Kinetic weapon damage, and Super kills. This means you can achieve Transcendence more quickly and maintain it for extended periods. When you defeat enemies with your Super, you gain additional Transcendence energy, and your nearby allies do as well.

Encourages using Kinetic weapons frequently to maintain a steady flow of Transcendence energy. It is suitable for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle. It is also ideal for coordinated team play, where generating and sharing Transcendence energy can provide significant advantages, especially in difficult content. Integrate Charged with Light and Well mods to maximize bonus energy for Transcendence.

The -10 Resilience penalty requires you to be more cautious in engagements, as you will be slightly more vulnerable to incoming damage. Make sure to balance your build to mitigate it.


Destiny 2: All Hunter Prismatic Subclass Abilities

Golden Gun damage, allowing for quick and efficient Super kills to generate bonus Transcendence energy.


Exotics such as Cuirass of the Falling Star (increases Thundercrash impact damage) Increases Thundercrash impact damage, maximizing Super kills for energy generation. One-Eyed Mask (provides overshield after defeating marked targets) can enhance their resilience and ability to generate Transcendence energy.


Warlock exotics like Crown of Tempests (increases ability regen for Arc abilities) increase ability regeneration for Arc abilities, providing sustained energy gain from Kinetic weapon damage and Super kills. Geomag Stabilizers (extends Chaos Reach duration) can help sustain energy gain.

Gear Synergies

To maximize the potential of the Facet of Grace, consider the following gear and mods:

  • Kinetic Weapons: Pair with high-damage Kinetic weapons, such as Ace of Spades or The Chaperone, to quickly build Transcendence energy.
  • Team Buffing Exotics: Use exotics like Lunafaction Boots (Warlock) or Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan) to further enhance team support roles, maximizing the benefits of shared Transcendence energy.

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