Destiny 2: Facet of Honor – Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Prismatic Subclass offers 21 fragments for all three classes in Destiny 2, including the Facet of Honor.

Destiny 2 - Facet of Honor - Prismatic Subclass Fragment

Players gain access to the new Prismatic subclass with the Final Shape expansion. Firstly, it’s unique and combines specific class abilities for different damage types. Using dark and light abilities, buffs or debuffs fill two corresponding meters, and once they are fully charged, your character enters the special state called Transcendence. Moreover, Transcendence functions like a mini super and busts your defense and offensive capabilities.

Once you unlock a Facet of Honor Prismatic Fragment, it becomes available for all your characters.

Facet of Honor in Destiny 2

The facet of Honor is a new fragment in the Prismatic subclass introduced with the Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2. Here’s an in-depth look at what this fragment does, its benefits, and how it can be effectively used in different builds and gear setups.

The Facet of Honor fragment grants the following effects:

  • Collecting an elemental pickup or destroying a Tangle grants Transcendence energy of the same type.
  • +10 Strength

Benefits and Usage

The Facet of Honor enhances your ability to generate Transcendence energy by interacting with elemental pickups and Tangles. This fragment is ideal if you focus on utilizing environments in combat and elemental interactions to boost their combat effectiveness. In team activities, coordinating with teammates to create and collect elemental pickups can lead to more sustained and effective combat. Utilize gear and exotics that enhance your ability to interact with elemental pickups and Tangles. Gear examples below.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Warlock PVE Build


Exotics like Shards of Galanor (increases Super energy from Blade Barrage hits and kills) increases Super energy from Blade Barrage hits and kills, allowing for more frequent Super use and energy generation. Frost-EE5 (increases movement speed and ability regeneration) can help maximize the benefits of this fragment.


Titans benefit from the Facet of Honor fragment by using their powerful melee and ability interactions to create and collect elemental pickups. Exotics such as Synthoceps (increases melee range and damage) increase melee range and damage, making it easier to create and collect elemental pickups. Heart of Inmost Light (improves ability regen) can enhance their ability to generate Transcendence energy.


Exotics like Nezarec’s Sin (increases ability regen from Void damage) and Verity’s Brow (energy weapon kills grant grenade energy) can provide consistent energy gain from elemental pickups.

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