Destiny 2 Final Shape Delayed & Bonus Content

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape is delayed until June 4th, 2024, with bonus content released throughout the next season.

Destiny 2 Final Shape Delayed and Bonus Content

This year Destiny 2 has faced a lot of hardship due to poor community response to the latest expansion, Lightfall. Bungie’s recent staff layoffs led many players to believe that The Final Shape expansion would be delayed. With the confirmation of The Final Shape expansion’s delay, we examine Bungie’s content plans to engage players during the next six months.

Destiny 2 Final Shape Release Date Delayed

Bungie has delayed Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion release date until June 4th, 2024, and will release additional content in Season of the Wish.

Destiny 2’s newest expansion, The Final Shape now delayed into June 2024. A culmination of 10 years of storytelling since the release of Destiny 1, to reach the final climax of the Light and Dark saga and send Destiny 2 into a whole new story. Hopefully, with the delay the Final Shape will be able to reach these aspiring promises of Bungie. As well as gives long-time players a massive conclusion to a journey many have been a part of for years.

Destiny 2 recently underwent a massive employee layoff that likely was a massive contributor to the delay. Post-Lightfall financial struggles plagued Bungie despite record pre-order numbers. Causing a snowball effect that is forcing Bungie to delay the newest expansion to ensure fewer mistakes.

Bonus Destiny 2 Content

The bonus content Bungie is adding to Destiny 2 started in February and includes new weekly missions, the launch of Moments of Triumph, moving Guardian Games to March, and a content update called Into the Light.

Bonus Content coming to Destiny 2:

  • Wishes: New weekly mission
  • Moments of Triumph: Releasing with unique rewards
  • Into the Light: Content upgrade to prep for Lightfall
  • PvP Maps: Three new maps

To keep players engaged while waiting for the delayed Final Shape expansion, Bungie announces an additional content release in early 2024. This bonus content will begin in February with the release of new weekly progression-based missions called Wishes. While we don’t know what these missions will be, they structurally sound similar to our weekly seasonal missions and will likely follow the same format. Also, Moments of Triumph launches with unique rewards which often include sparrows, emblems, and a title. In April, players will see a two-month content update called Destiny 2: Into the Light. With this, Bungie intends to prepare players for their journey into the Traveler during The Final Shape. Lastly, PVP players are receiving a map pack containing three new maps which will drop in May.

Destiny 2 Game Director Update

Through all of this, Bungie is being openly communicative with the community, by releasing an update article themselves. Also, Destiny 2 Game Director, Joe Blackburn, released a short interview reassuring players and talking about the additional content.

Despite delays and reduced content, comprehensive Destiny 2 coverage remains our priority. So be sure to check back often for any additional updates or check out our other Destiny 2 content below.

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