Destiny 2 Heliocentric QSc God Roll and How to Get

This Destiny 2 guide explains the best god roll for the Heliocentric QSc sidearm for both PvE and PvP content!

Destiny 2 Heliocentric QSc Sidearm
Heliocentric QSc Sidearm

The Heliocentric QSc is a Lightweight Frame Solar Sidearm introduced in Season of the Witch that can be obtained randomly legendary engrams and the Gunsmith. Sidearms are an interesting weapons choice, being decent in PvE at close ranges. They also can be amazing PvP due to their high damage ceiling.

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Why You Should Get the Heliocentric QSc Sidearm?

You should get Heliocentric QSc because it has interesting trait combinations. It also has potential in PvP since Rangefinder getting nerfed hurt a lot of other sidearms. Here’s our list of why you should get the Heliocentric QSc sidearm:

  • Interesting trait combinations
  • Great PvP Potential

How to Obtain the Heliocentric QSc in Destiny 2

Heliocentric QSc can be obtained from any legendary engram drop or from Banshee-44. This includes legendary engrams and pinnacle engrams. Banshee-44 will sometimes sell specific rolls in his rotating inventory.

Destiny 2 Banshee location
Gunsmith Banshee-44 Vendor Location

Heliocentric QSc PvE God Roll

Our choices for the Heliocentric QSc PvE God Roll are:

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineFlared Magwell
Column 3 TraitEnlightened Action
Column 4 TraitSurrounded

Sidearms don’t really come into play too often in PvE. They can do great damage at close ranges but they just get outclassed in almost every other way. That doesn’t mean you can’t get an effective one though, and Heliocentric has some potential. Take whatever barrels and magazine perks that help the weapons range and reload speed. Range tends to be its best masterwork stat but honestly it doesn’t matter too much.

There are quite a few good interesting combinations in the perk pool for this weapon. Heal Clip paired with Kill Clip makes reloading both defensively and offensively useful. Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie are great for a grenade build. Enlightened Action and Surrounded just work for most general use cases. So many good combinations.

I can’t make myself recommend a sidearm for PvE, but this one has some potential for build crafting. If you see Banshee selling one of these combinations, its worth a pick up, but don’t waste too much time looking for a specific roll.

Other great sidearms to substitute for this weapon in PvE include:

  • Drang (Baroque), from the Presage Exotic Mission Rotator
  • Mykel’s Reverence, from the Root of Nightmares raid

Heliocentric QSc PvP God Roll

Our choices for the Heliocentric QSc PvP God Roll are:

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitPerpetual Motion
Column 4 TraitKill Clip

While I may have a hard time recommending sidearms in PvE, I do not have that same issue for PvP. Sidearms are great in PvP provided you can work around their range limitation. They hit hard and fast. Heliocentric is no exception to this. Take everything you can to get its range as high as it can go.

For its main perks, Perpetual Motion pairs well with this weapon as you should never be standing still. Kill Clip is always effective in PvP, especially considering this weapons smaller magazine size, so you will be reloading often after a kill. While this weapon may not be the best sidearm for PvP, its definitely a contender worth trying.

Other great sidearms to substitute for this weapon in PvP include:

  • Drang (Baroque), from the Presage Exotic Mission Rotator
  • Allied Demand, from the Iron Banner event

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