Destiny 2 - Koraxis’s Distress (Adept)

Destiny 2 Koraxis’s Distress God Roll and How to Get

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Koraxis’s Distress God Roll and How to Get guide. It is a Rapid-Fire Frame Grenade Launcher that can be obtained as a drop from the Root of Nightmares raid available with the Lightfall Expansion. Like most newer raid weapons, Koraxis’s Distress can be crafted once its Resonant Pattern is unlocked. Grenade Launchers are decent combatant clearing and boss damaging weapons that do well at both rolls but do neither the best.

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Why You Should Get Koraxis’s Distress Grenade Launcher?

You should get Koraxis’s Distress Grenade Launcher because it is strong heavy weapon with excellent perks. It is one of the few Strand Heavy Weapons currently in the game, making it sought after for Strand builds. It has several unique and interesting perks in its pool allowing for some very powerful combinations. Grenade Launchers work well as a decent jack of all trades weapon. The Root of Nightmares origin perk, Harmonic Resonance, allows for the weapons from the Raid to work well together.

  • Powerful, unique perk combinations
  • Easy to use while being effective in PvE
  • Is one of the few Strand Heavy Weapons.
  • Craftable

How to Obtain Koraxis’s Distress

Koraxis’s Distress is obtained in the Root of Nightmares raid from the Lightfall Expansion. Specifically it has a chance to drop from the 1st Encounter, the 2nd Encounter, and the Final Encounter. Once acquired for the first time, it has a chance to drop from the two hidden chest as well. Every drop has a chance to drop with Deepsight Resonance, which can be extracted to unlock the pattern for crafting the weapon. After the final encounter, Nezerac’s Scythe can be interacted with to focus the weapon with Spoils of Conquest provided the weapon has been obtained before and unlocked in collections. Once per week, the first weapon focused this way will have guaranteed Deepsight Resonance.

PvE Koraxis’s Distress God Roll

The following list presents Destiny 2 Koraxis’s Distress God Roll for PvE

Launcher BarrelQuick Launch, Hard Launch
MagazineSpike Grenades
Perk 1Reconstructing
Perk 2Paracausal Affinity
Origin TraitHarmonic Resonance
ModBoss Spec

Barrel: For our barrel perk, we want to mitigate adding to our Blast Radius while increasing our velocity. Hard Launch does this best, but comes at a cost to our stability. Quick Launch increases our velocity and handling with no cost. Smart Drift Control is also a decent option. Note that of all the perks that matter on the god roll, this is the least important. If everything else is what it needs to be but this is not, do not feel the need to keep grinding this weapon out.

Magazine: Spike Grenades are the king of DPS on grenade launchers. Because of how they work, we want higher velocity and lower blast radius to get the most damage out of them. This perk is the most important perk to get when trying to get a god roll.

Koraxis's Distress PvE God Roll
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Column 3 Perk: Being able to double the magazine size of a Grenade Launcher is going to improve its burst damage by a huge amount. Reconstruction is the best choice here by far, but there are quite a few other decent options here as well. Field Prep, Envious Assassin, and Demolitionist are all great picks.

Column 4 Perk: The Paracausal Affinity trait is one of the best perks you can get on any of the Raid Weapons, but on this Grenade Launcher is the absolute best choice in almost all situations. There are other good perks here, such as Hatchling, Frenzy, or Full Court, but none of them (barring Hatchling for certain Strand builds) are going to be better than Paracausal Affinity.

Origin Trait: No choice here, but this particular origin trait makes this weapon stronger when you use more weapons with the same origin trait.

Masterwork: A Velocity masterwork also will directly increase your damage by a decent amount.

Mod: Boss Spec.  As a primarily boss damaging weapon, we are going to want to put on our boss spec mod to have us doing as much damage as possible.

Conclusion: Grenade Launchers do not feel as good as the community was hoping after the buff, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad choice by any means. This one, while it will most likely get surpassed eventually, is a good one to pick up for now until more Strand Weapons come along.

PvP Koraxis’s Distress God Roll

The following list presents Destiny 2 Koraxis’s Distress God Roll for PvP

Launcher BarrelVolatile Launch
MagazineHigh-Explosive Ordinance
Perk 1Chain Reaction
Perk 2Wellspring
Origin TraitHarmonic Resonance
MasterworkBlast Radius
ModQuick Access Sling

Barrel: For PvP, we are going the complete opposite route with this weapon. We want to hit our targets easily when they are moving, and that means more Blast Radius. You’re gonna see a trend with these perks, and for our first one we want Volatile Launch.

Magazine: There are few Magazine perks that could work here, but the best choice is High Explosive Ordinance. Blast Radius for days.

Koraxis's Distress PvP God Roll
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Column 3 Perk: The Koraxis’s Distress perk pool seems like it was designed for PvE in mind, so our best option is Chain Reaction. You won’t be getting enough ammo for the other options to really matter in PvP, although Impulse Amplifier and Danger Zone could also work in certain situations.

Column 4 Perk: Because getting damage buffs in PvP on heavy weapons doesn’t matter as much, the better option here is Wellspring. This will help us get our abilities back faster which is super important important for PvP.

Masterwork: Blast Radius is the only stat that matters. We want to be able to hit the ground near a target and do as much damage as possible.

Mod: For mods, we want to use Quick Access Sling for draw time on the base version of the weapon.

Conclusion: Heavy Grenade Launcher are actually decent as a Heavy Weapon for PvP, but the perks on them matter much less than most weapons. Simply hit your enemy or anywhere close to them and they will most likely get defeated.

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Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Koraxis’s Distress God Roll guide. Keep in mind, this weapon will work with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand) and any PvE (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids) and PvP Mode in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner).

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