Hung Jury SR4 Kinetic Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 Hung Jury SR4 God Roll and How to Get

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Hung Jury SR4 God Roll and How to Get guide. The Hung Jury SR4 is a Precision Frame Kinetic Scout Rifle that can be obtained as a weekly Nightfall playlist. This weapon has an Adept version that can be earned from completing the Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty. It is a highly sought-after Kinetic Scout Rifle that can drop with some great perks for PvE or PvP.

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Why You Should Get the Hung Jury SR4 Scout Rifle

You should get the Hung Jury SR4 Scout Rifle because is an excellent weapon to have for both PvE and PvP. It is one of the few weapons (as of Season 20) that can roll with Kinetic Tremors. Scout Rifles are great choices in higher end content as they allow for the safety of range. It has some great TTK potential in PvP when it rolls with Box Breathing. If the player is skillful enough, they can also acquire the Adept version of the weapon, allowing the use of powerful Adept Mods. Here is our list of why you should get the Hung Jury SR4 Scout Rifle:

  • Can roll with Kinetic Tremors Trait
  • Useful in end game content
  • Can become very forgiving with TTK with Box Breathing
  • Adept version can utilize Adept mods

How to Obtain the Hung Jury SR4

To get Hung Jury SR4 in Destiny 2, players will need to do Nightfalls in the Vanguard Playlist. Nightfalls, especially at the higher difficulties, have a chance to drop specific weapons based on the week that you do them. When Grandmasters open up toward the end of the season, the Adept version of these weapons can be acquired. Adept versions of these weapons get +3 to all of their stats when Masterworked and gain the ability to use Adept mods, which are typically much better than their normal counterparts.

How to Access Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
How to Access Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

PvE Hung Jury SR4 God Roll

BarrelHammer-forged Rifling
MagazineFlared Magwell
Column 3 TraitRapid Hit
Column 4 TraitKinetic Tremors
Origin TraitOmolon Fluid Dynamics
ModMinor Spec

Barrel: The Hung Jury SR4 has pretty decent stats across the board. This is great because it means any barrel perk will work. The best options are the ones improving Range and Hammer-Forged Rifling does this with no penalties. Controller players may prefer boosting stability but either option works. Arrowhead Brake is also a decent option, but it may be unnecessary as Precision Frame Scouts have better recoil by default.

Magazine: Due to the limit on how many rounds the magazine can hold total on the Hung Jury SR4, it simply isn’t optimal to run magazine size increasing traits in this slot. Instead increase reload speed with Flared Magwell. Allow Magazine and Tactical Mag are also decent choices.

Hung Jury SR4 PvE God Roll
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Column 3 Trait: There are a few choices here that work for PvE, with the best among them being Rapid Hit and Subsistence. Because scout rifles tend to be more precision friendly weapons, Rapid Hit is just ever so slightly better than Subsistence. For certain scenarios, Shoot to Loot is also a great choice for getting Special and Heavy ammo from a distance.

Column 4 Trait: This is a tougher choice as there are a few options that work here. Kinetic Tremors is a new trait that can do a lot of work in higher end content that doesn’t require kills to proc. Firefly is also great, but requires a kill to activate. Frenzy is decent but its activation can be finicky.

Origin Trait: All of the origin traits on this weapon are actually useful depending on the situation. The one with the most general usage is Omolon Fluid Dynamics. In content that has champions, Stunning Recovery can be useful as well.

Masterwork: Because of Hung Jury’s decent across the board stats, any masterwork will be effective, range being the most so. Stability is also a decent choice for controller players.

Mods: Minor spec is probably the most useful perk for what this weapons use case will most likely be. Adept Big Ones Spec or Major Spec will be useful for when this weapon is being used against champions.

Conclusion: The Hung Jury SR4 is a very solid PvE Scout Rifle and can roll with some decent perks. Its solid across the board stats make it useful in most situations. While Precision Frame scout rifles are outclassed in most situations by the other scout rifle types, Hung Jury is an outlier that is very effective.

PvP Hung Jury SR4 God Roll

BarrelFull Bore
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitSurplus
Column 4 TraitBox Breathing
Origin TraitOmolon Fluid Dynamics
ModAdept Range/Targeting Adjuster

Barrel: In PvP, Range is king. This is true for all weapon types even Scout Rifles. Getting the damage falloff and accuracy cone distance to be as far out as possible is always the way to go. Full Bore is the most range boosting Barrel perk and is therefore best choice. Extended Barrel and Hammer-Forged Rifling are also decent options.

Magazine: Because its all about the range stat, Accurized Rounds is best choice here. Tactical Mag and Flared Magwell will work in a pinch but they are not nearly as good options.

Hung Jury SR4 PvP God Roll
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Column 3 Trait: Stat boost on weapons are always a great choice in PvP. Surplus does this in spades. Other great options include Rapid Hit and No Distractions.

Column 4 Trait: Box Breathing when active allows for very forgiving 3 shot kills on most opponents in PvP. It does require a decent amount of time for activation so it can be a dangerous choice, but an effective one. Gutshot Straight is also decent if precision shots are harder to come by.

Origin Trait: The only useful origin perk for PvP is Omolon Fluid Dynamics. The others won’t do much in PvP. Stunning Recovery won’t do anything at all.

Masterwork: Getting the Range stat up as high as it will go is still absolutely the choice here.

Mods: On the normal version of this weapon, Targeting Adjuster is a great choice. For the Adept verison, Adept Range will put this weapon almost to its maximum.

Conclusion: The Hung Jury SR4 is a has potential for some decent plays in PvP. Scout Rifles do require a more passive playstyle in PvP. Using lanes and keeping opponents at a range is an absolute must, but Hung Jury does this well with its forgiving time to kill and decent aim assistance stat.

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Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Hung Jury SR4 God Roll guide. Keep in mind, this weapon will work with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand) and any PvE (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids) and PvP Mode in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner).

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