Destiny 2 Mykel’s Reverence God Roll and How to Get

The Destiny 2 Mykel’s Reverence God Roll and How to Get guide explains the best roll for the new The Root of Nightmares Sidearm!


This guide has been updated for Episodes Echoes and the Final Shape Expansion.

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Mykel’s Reverence God Roll and How to Get the Guide. The Mykel’s Reverence is a Rapid-Fire Frame Sidearm that can be obtained as a drop from the Root of Nightmares raid, available with the Lightfall Expansion. Like most newer raid weapons, Mykel’s Reverence can be crafted once its Resonant Pattern is unlocked. Mykel’s Reverence is a Strand Sidearm, making it one of the few Strand legendary weapons in the game.

PvE Mykel’s Reverence God Roll

Mykel's Reverence PvE God Roll
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Sidearms, in general, are average at best for PvE. This one does have some potential for Strand or Melee-based builds, but that is its only saving grace.

MagazineAppended Mag
Perk 1Rewind Rounds
Perk 2Hatchling
Origin TraitHarmonic Resonance
ModMinor Spec

Barrel: Rapid-Fire Frame Sidearms get a little bit kicky (especially on the controller), but that’s nothing a little stability won’t fix. Smallbore gets that stability bump while simultaneously boosting Range, another stat that Sidearms generally lacks.

Magazine: More bullets downrange is always great in PvE, while Flared Magwell works great with most Rapid-Fire Frame, Mykel’s Reverence rolls with Rewind Rounds. This means less reloading and more shooting overall.

Column 3 Perk: Rewind Rounds is the obvious choice here. Being able to put more rounds towards combatants is always a great pick. Unrelenting is another great choice, but is slightly edged out by Rewind Rounds. If you are going for specific melee-focused builds, you could combine Pugilist from this column with Swashbuckler in Column 4.

Column 4 Perk: For the best synergy with Strand, Hatchling is by far the best choice. Frenzy is a great choice if Strand isn’t the play. Again the Pugilist/Swashbuckler combo has great potential for certain melee-focused builds.

Origin Trait: No choice here, but this particular origin trait makes this weapon stronger when you use more weapons with the same origin trait.

Masterwork: Range is the best choice here, but a Stability masterwork wouldn’t hurt either.

Mod: This will most likely be a combatant clearing weapon, so minor spec will work best.

PvP Mykel’s Reverence God Roll

Mykel's Reverence PvP God Roll
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Sidearms are not currently the best choice in PvP, but this one wouldn’t be a terrible choice. Its perks could allow for some fun plays, but submachine guns will blow it out of the water with their longer range and ease of use.

BarrelFull Bore
MagazineRicochet Rounds
Perk 1Perpetual Motion
Perk 2Offhand Strike
Origin TraitHarmonic Resonance
ModTargeting Adjuster

Barrel: Sidearms suffer from a very short range where their damage falloff starts, so Range is the most important stat to buff to mitigate this. Full Bore does this the best.

Magazine: If a weapon can roll with Ricochet Rounds, then 99 times out of 100 is the best choice. Mykel’s Reverence is no exception.

Column 3 Perk: Never stop moving in PvP. Since movement is key, Perpetual Motion becomes a permanent active buff.

Column 4 Perk: Offhand Stike allows for some silly plays in PvP, basically making weapons laser beams when shot from the hip. This is a must-have choice. Swashbuckler, Tap the Trigger, and Harmony are also decent options.

Origin Trait: No choice here, but this particular origin trait makes this weapon stronger when you use more weapons with the same origin trait.

Masterwork: Remember what was said about Range. Buff it as high as you can.

Mod: In PvP, Targeting Adjuster is never a bad choice. Some weapons do well with Icarus Grip as well if aerial gunplay is the goal.

Why You Should Get Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm?

You should get Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm because it is one of the few Strand Legendary weapons currently in game. It pairs well with Strand builds, especially those that are built around Threadlings. Of the Raid Weapons, it is probably the least desirable, but its still good to get. Sidearms do well in PvP content, but tend to be outperformed by Submachine Guns. Here’s our list of why you should get the Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm:

  • Can be used well with Strand Builds
  • Craftable

How to Obtain Mykel’s Reverence

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Loot Table - Full list

Mykel’s Reverence is obtained in the Root of Nightmares raid from the Lightfall Expansion. Specifically, it can drop from the 2nd Encounter, the 3rd Encounter, and the Final Encounter. Once acquired for the first time, it has a chance to drop from the two hidden chest as well. Every drop has a chance to drop with Deepsight Resonance, which can be extracted to unlock the pattern for crafting the weapon. After the final encounter, Nezerac’s Scythe can be interacted with to focus the weapon with Spoils of Conquest, provided the weapon has been obtained before and unlocked in collections. Once per week, the first weapon focused in this way will guarantee deep sight resonance.

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