Destiny 2 Patch Fixes Broken Armor Mods (Patch

Destiny 2’s latest patch ( just went live and fixed a bunch of issues, not the least of which were several broken armor mods.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Statue
The Solstice of Heroes Event is still live!

Several Armor Mods Fixed

Due to a bug that basically allowed near infinite super energy by creating an endless ability loop, several mods were disabled in game on July 18th, 2023. These mods included ones that were typically very important to build crafting:

  • Bolstering Detonation
  • Focusing Strike
  • Impact Induction
  • Momentum Transfer

With the patch, the super bug should be fixed and the mods reactivated. This will allow them to again be applied to Guardian’s mod slots. Get in there and fix your builds!

Solstice Fixes

Bungie has added some QoL fixes and changes to the currently active Solstice of Heroes event happening in Destiny 2. Players have noticed that playing the European Aerial Zone was a lot slower as Bungie had disabled Sparrows in the Bonfire Bash activity. In addition, players also noted that several activities on Neomuna were not counting to complete the “In the Hot Seat” challenge for the event.

As of the patch today, Bungie has enabled Sparrow usage in the Bonfire Bash activity and made more Neomuna activities count for the “In the Hot Seat” challenge. Although, what activities have been added and how much percentage they give is not currently known. You will have to get in there and experiment. Bungie also fixed an issue that prevented “A Guardian in Shining Armor” quest from being able to be completed in certain situations. So if a clogged quest log bothers you, you no longer need to worry.

Other Fixes

Additionally, several other minor UI and Gameplay fixes went live in the patch as well, including a fix the the “Child of the Old Gods” Void Warlock Aspect. For a full list of all the fixes, go check out Bungie’s Patch notes for Patch here.

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