Larian Studios Warns Early Access Players About Saves

Larian Studios has issued a public service announcement (PSA) that demands your attention regarding early access save files. If you are among the devoted players who have been exploring the game’s early access version, it’s time to act before the official launch on August 3.

In a recent tweet, Larian Studios emphasized the significance of tidying up your existing Early Access save files. The studio strongly advises players to head into the game before the official release and manually delete all existing save files. This crucial step aims to avoid any potential unintended conflicts that may arise during the highly anticipated full-game launch.

PSA: Full post tomorrow, but for Baldur’s Gate 3 players with existing Early Access saves, we ask that prior to August 3,  launch the game, and delete all save files to avoid unintended conflicts at launch. Also, remove any mods and ensure they do not automatically re-download.

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Moreover, the developer’s further caution players to remove any installed mods from their game before the big day. Ensuring that mods are not set to automatically re-download is of utmost importance. This proactive measure will help maintain a smooth and seamless transition into the final release, avoiding any potential incompatibilities or disruptions.

BG3 Delete Campaign
BG3 Delete Campaign

The above picture shows how to delete your campaign rather than individual save files. Moreover, finding your individual save location can be a pain.

Here’s step by step how to delete Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access Save files on your computer:

  • Open up windows explorer or hit window key and type %AppData%, and press enter
  • Now go to local and find the Larian Studios folder, you may have to hit up arrow once
  • Next, click Baldur’s Gate 3 folder
  • From here, you can either delete the entire folder and prepare for the full launch of the game
  • If not, go into PlayerProfiles and delete the save files from both public and user name
BG3 Delete Saves

For those that just want the smoothest transition for the full game release, wipe out the Baldur’s Gate 3 folder entirely after you uninstall from Steam. The developers at Larian Studios confirmed there will be NO pre-loading and the game opening globally at 11 AM EST on August 3rd, could create a problem. Above image credit to Reddit user Epsill.

As the launch date draws near, taking these precautions will undoubtedly prove invaluable in guaranteeing that you have a delightful Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure from the get-go. Let’s stand united as a community of enthusiastic adventurers, follow the guidance offered by the developers, and make the most of this epic journey into the realms of Baldur’s Gate 3! Stay tuned for more detailed instructions from Larian Studios to ensure you’re all set for the game’s highly anticipated launch on August 3!

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