Destiny 2: Prismatic Class Tier List

Choose the best Prismatic Class in the Destiny 2 Final Shape with our tier list ranking from best to worst class.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Class Tier List

The Prismatic Subclass is a new addition coming with the Final Shape in Destiny 2. Instead of introducing a host of new abilities, supers, and a new damage element, Prismatic is based on customizing existing classes. It blends all the available subclasses into one with a selection of abilities, aspects, and new fragments to pair with it. Also, it allows each class to fill every role in content by providing utility, survivability, support, and damage options for all.

Prismatic Class Tier List – Destiny 2

The Hunter is the best prismatic class in the Destiny 2 Final Shape because it has the best blend of available skills and potent exotic class item perks. Hunters gain access to a combination of fantastic supers and aspects that blend damage and survivability. Also, they have one of the strongest selections of perks on the prismatic exotic class item.

Here is the tier list for the Prismatic Subclasses in Destiny 2 ranked best to worst:

  • S Tier – Hunter
  • A Tier – Titan
  • B Tier – Warlock

Prismatic Warlock Class (B Tier)

Destiny 2 - Warlock Prismatic Subclass Skills and Abilities

Tier list ranking and features for Prismatic Warlock:

  • Tier Ranking: B Tier
  • Best in: Utility and Support
  • Super: Needlestorm
  • Class Ability: Pheonix Dive
  • Jump: Strafe
  • Grenade: Healing Grenade
  • Melee: Arcane Needle
  • Aspects: Feed the Void, Hellion
  • Fragments: Facet of Dawn, Facet of Purpose, Face of Dominance, Facet of Balance, Facet of Bravery.
  • Prismatic Class Item Perks: Spirit of Inmost Light and Spirit of the Star-Eater

Warlocks are known as a PVE mainstay due to one super that has been a requirement for most damage phases, Well of Radiance. Since it is unavailable in the Prismatic Warlock choices, it reduces the effectiveness and survivability of the class. Prismatic Warlocks will excel in combat with powerful grenades and the ability to support their teammates. However, their exotic class item, Solipsism, has a poor selection of perks and hinders the subclass as a whole.

In PVP, Warlocks are known for fantastic movement and their access to healing rifts to survive peaking challenging angles. However, without Icarus Dash for Warlocks, their movement can feel lackluster and slower than other classes. Without the benefit of Well of Radiance, their super choices for PVP are mostly roaming supers, which can often be shut down easily.

Overall, the Prismatic Warlock leaves a lot to be desired. While it won’t be useful for PVE or PVP, it won’t be a requirement either. Many guardians may choose to remain with their current builds, focusing on a single subclass rather than the customization of Prismatic.

Prismatic Titan Class (A Tier)

Destiny 2: All Titan Prismatic Subclass Abilities

Tier list ranking and features for Prismatic Titan:

  • Tier Ranking: A Tier
  • Best in: Melee Combat
  • Super: Bladefury
  • Class Ability: Thruster
  • Jump: Strafe
  • Grenade: Pulse
  • Melee: Frenzied Blade
  • Aspects: Knockout, Consecration
  • Fragments: Facet of Dawn, Facet of Purpose, Facet of Protection, Facet of Balance, Facet of Bravery
  • Prismatic Class Item Perks: Spirit of Inmost Light and Spirit of Contact

Titans in PVE are known for punching things until you can’t punch them anymore. Often known as the melee brute class, they have powerful melees that carry their gameplay. Prismatic Titans have a strong selection of melees, grenades, and complimentary aspects. Also, Titans have some of the best grenade choices for utility, damage, and crowd control. Their super selection isn’t the strongest. However, they have a few strong choices. Where the Titan Prismatic class falters slightly, its exotic class item, Stoicism, makes up for it. With great choices for melee-based builds or team support builds, there are multiple routes to choose from.

PVP Titans are powerful beasts specializing in aggressive playstyles with submachine guns or shotguns. Their barricades can be great for PVP playlists that require capture zones or getting a teammate resurrection. While the exotic class item has potent PVE offers, the PVP selection is overall weak. Because of these drawbacks, the PVP Titan falters in the PVP playlist.

In conclusion, the Prismatic Titan has great options for both PVE and PVP. However, their builds are stronger in melee range and can be dangerous in end-game content. With a few strong selections of perks to boost the subclass on their exotic class item, it allows them to rank an A on our Prismatic Class Tier List in Destiny 2.

Prismatic Hunter Class (S Tier)

Destiny 2: All Hunter Prismatic Subclass Abilities

Tier list ranking and features for Prismatic Hunter:

  • Tier Ranking: S Tier
  • Best in: Damage
  • Super: Golden Gun
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge
  • Jump: Triple
  • Grenade: Magnetic Grenade
  • Melee: Combination Blow
  • Aspects: Stylist Executioner, Gunpowder Gamble
  • Fragments: Facet of Dawn, Facet of Purpose, Facet of Protection, Facet of Balance, Facet of Hope
  • Prismatic Class Item Perks: Spirit of the Star-Eater and Spirit of Galanor

Hunters are known for their access to some of the highest-damage supers and builds in the game. Also, they are a great starter class due to their ease of use and utility. The Prismatic Hunter builds on the class’s strengths, offering a wider range of grenades, melees, and supers that pair well together. The exotic class item, Essentialism, provides the strongest selection of perks, with nearly every combination providing a new playstyle.

PVP Hunters provide high jumping, movement, and a class ability that can give a damage boost, reload weapons, or recharge melees. Airborne gameplay is strongest on Hunters, with their jumps providing great aerial control. With a powerful selection of skills and supers, Prismatic Hunter provides one of the best choices for PVP.

Overall, Prismatic Hunters have some of the strongest selection of abilities and aspects released with Prismatic. Also, their exotic class item boasts some of the best combinations to pair with various gameplay styles or content. This all blends the Hunter into the Best Prismatic Class in Destiny 2.

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