Destiny 2 Rose PvE & PvP God Roll and How to Get

Learn the Destiny 2 Rose hand cannon god roll for PvE and PvP content, the best perks, and how to get it!

Rose Hand Cannon Season 19 Crucible Weapon
Rose Hand Cannon

Rose is a Lightweight Frame Kinetic Hand Cannon introduced as a Competitive Crucible reward during Season of the Seraph. One of the better hand cannons to use in PvP, the Rose is high sought after. It does take a bit of work to acquire but is definitely worth it if you enjoy PvP.

This weapon doesn’t really have any bad perks on it. Any roll you get is going to be good in PvP, but it is not the best hand cannon for PvE. The Rose is a bit of a chore to get but because every roll is good, it’s worth chasing. It is the only Lightweight Hand Cannon in the game.

Rose PvE God Roll

Our best perks choices for the Rose PvE God Roll are:

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineAppended Mag
Column 3 TraitRapid Hit
Column 4 TraitExplosive Payload
GripSmooth Grip

Increasing this weapon’s Range or Stability for PvE is the goal. Hammer-Forged Rifling increases the range with no negative side effects, and Appended Mag gives the weapon two more rounds before needing a reload. The Rose also lacks an Origin trait but gets a stock option instead. Smooth Grip gives us Stability and Handling with no downsides.

Every trait on the Rose is great for PvP, but there are only a few good options for PvE. Column 3 only really gives us Rapid Hit. The other options are fine but don’t really do much for us. Column 4 has Vorpal Weapon or Explosive Payload, with the latter being the best option since primaries typically act as an add-clear weapon.

Rose isn’t a weapon designed for PvE and honestly, that’s okay. It is a PvP weapon designed for PvP players. That being said, if you get the PvE roll, it’s not the worst choice if you need a hand cannon.

Rose PvP God Roll

Our best perks choices for the Rose PvP God Roll are:

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitPerpetual Motion
Column 4 TraitRangefinder
GripSmooth Grip

For most PvP god rolls, Range is king. That is just as true for Rose as any other weapon. Hammer-Forged and Accurized are the best options for to get Range up with no negative effects. Smooth Grip gets us a boost to Stability and Handling, and make sure you get the Range masterwork.

There are so many great options for PvP in Columns 3 and 4. Honestly, it is next to impossible to get a bad roll on this thing. Perpetual Motion is a great option in Column 3 that grants some great passive benefits just for moving, something you should always be doing in PvP anyway. Rangefinder is a great passive option on any weapon, even with its recent nerf. If you are no longer a Rangefinder fan, you can opt for Opening Shot or Eye of the Storm.

One of the better hand cannons for PvP, the Rose is absolutely worth grabbing. It is expensive and takes some work, but totally worth it.

How to Get the Rose in Destiny 2

Rose is a legacy Competitive Playlist reward weapon. It can only be acquired from Lord Shaxx in the Legacy focusing tab for 3 Crucible Engrams and 25000 Glimmer. To purchase it, you must complete your competitive division placement series. The number that can be bought per week is dependent on your Seasonal Competitive Rank, from 1 at Copper to 7 at Ascendant.

Destiny 2 Lord Shaxx Vendor Location
Destiny 2 Lord Shaxx Vendor Location

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