Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Artifact Revealed

Destiny 2 revealed the newest Artifact, the Queensfoil Censer, that will be available during Season of the Wish.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Artifact Revealed

Season of the Wish Artifact Revealed

In their latest This Week In Destiny blog post, the Destiny 2 development team revealed the newest artifact that will be available to players in Season of the Wish. The Artifacts are special seasonal items that grant both bonus power and special bonuses to certain weapons and playstyles over the course of a single season. For Season of the Wish, the artifact is called the Queensfoil Censer. The special bonuses are focused on three elements: Solar, Strand, and Stasis. Rocket Launchers are also getting some interesting bonuses. Players can select up to 12 of these bonuses at any one time.

Artifact Perks for Season of the Wish

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
Anti-Barrier SidearmFlame, Fiber, and Freeze
Combines the Solar/Strand and Solar/Stasis Siphon mods into one. 
Flint Striker
Rapid Solar weapons precision hits and rapid Solar weapon final blows grant Radiant.
Unravelling Orbs
Picking up an Orb of Power grants Strand weapons Unraveling Rounds. 
Horde Shuttle
Damaging unraveled targets with a weapon occasionally spawns a Threadling. 
Unstoppable Hand CannonKindling Trigger
Radiant causes Solar weapons to apply Scorch to unscorched combatants. 
While radiant, deal increased weapon damage to combatants affected by Strand and Stasis debuffs.
Pillar of Ice
Killing an encased combatant spawns Stasis crystals. 
Hail The Storm 
Shattering encased targets and Stasis crystals deals increased damage. Shattering a Stasis crystal releases shards of ice that damage and slow targets. 
Unstoppable BowBlast Radius 
Rapid final blows with Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers grant Armor Charge. 
Heart of the Flame 
Casting your Solar Super grants nearby allies Radiant and increases the damage of your Super for each nearby ally. 
Revitalizing Blast 
Causing damage with a Solar ability weakens Champions and bosses for a short duration. 
Rays of Precision
While radiant, Solar precision final blows cause combatants to ignite.

Overload Auto RiflesOrigin Perk Specialization I 
Improves the benefits provided by the Sundering, Nano-Munitions, and Nanotech Tracer Rocket Origin Traits. Additionally, weapons with these traits are always overcharged. 
Origin Perk Specialization II 
Improves the benefits provided by the Noble Deeds, Unsated Hunger, Head Rush, and Dragon’s Vengeance Origin Traits. Additionally, weapons with these traits are always overcharged. 
Overload Rocket Launchers Solo Operative 
While you are the only member of your fireteam, you deal increased damage to all combatants.
Overload Pulse RiflesFrom Whence You Came 
Increases ability damage to Taken and Scorn combatants. 
Wished Into Being 
While your Super is nearly fully charged, ability final blows spawn Orbs of Power. Wearing Season of the Wish armor decreases Super amount threshold.
Dragon’s Bite 
Breaking a combatant’s shield with a Strand or Stasis weapon has a chance to suspend or freeze that combatant. Wearing Season of the Wish armor increases this chance. 
 Argent Ordinance 
Firing a Rocket Launcher consumes one stack of Armor Charge, granting increased damage and reload speed until you reload or stow your Rocket Launcher.

Artifact Changes

As you can see, some of the combinations of the artifact perks look really powerful. The Solar combinations look especially powerful. Additionally, Stasis is getting some ability reworks next season as well and will likely see some play. The artifact always changes up the meta each season, and Season of the Wish looks to be a season of fire and ice. Make sure you check out our latest builds for Solar and Stasis classes.

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