Destiny 2 - Hnter Strand

Destiny 2 Strand: Silkstrike Ability

Destiny 2 - Hunter Strand Ability
Hunter Strand

Silkstrike Super – Strand Ability


Weave a vicious rope dart and tear through your targets.

[Light Attack] : Swing the rope dart in front of you to deal damage. The tip of the dart deals bonus damage, and defeating targets with the tip causes them to explode.

[Heavy Attack]: Swing the rope dart in a circular motion to deal heavy damage all around you.

[Grenade]: Use the grapple to move forward quickly.

The Silkstrike Ability is Hunter’s skill from the Strand subclass. Strand hunters are Masters of lethal grace, the city becomes their playground as they use the Weave to dance unscathed among their foes. 


Strand Subclass

In Destiny 2, Guardians use the Solar, Void and Arc elements by wielding the power of Light granted by the Traveler. Stasis is the first darkness subclass, introduced in Beyond Light Expansion. Strand is the second manifestation of the darkness in elemental form.
Strand flows through you. As it flows through everything
Stasis was the first subclass that came out with Stasis 3.0 – the system that includes the aspects and fragments to make classes more customisable and powerful. Soon after, over months, other subclasses received 3.0 reworks. With the release of Lightfall expansion, guardians can use Strand Subclass 3.0, adding more playstyles, builds, powerful weapons, and unique abilities to the game.

How to unlock Strand Subclass

Players must own Ligthfall expansion and complete the main campaign in order to get access to all abilities and unlock the Strand subclass. Additionally, to unlock aspects and fragments, players must buy them from the special Vendor. The full Guide on How to unlock Strand Subclass.

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