Destiny 2 Swordbreaker PvE & PvP God Roll and How to Get

Learn the Destiny 2 Swordbreaker shotgun god roll for PvE and PvP content, the best perks, and how to get it!

Destiny 2 Swordbreaker
Destiny 2 Swordbreaker Shotgun

Swordbreaker is a Lightweight Frame Kinetic Shotgun introduced in Season of the Witch that can be obtained from the Crota’s End raid. A powerful Strand shotgun, the Swordbreaker is a powerful option for both PvE and PvP.

The Swordbreaker is craftable in its base form. The Adept version of the weapon can be obtained in the Master version of Crota’s End. It is great on Strand Titan in PvE. As a lightweight frame, the Swordbreaker is a good option in PvP and has excellent perks to boot.

Swordbreaker PvE God Roll

Our best perks choices for the Swordbreaker PvE God Roll are:

MagazineAssault Mag
Column 3 TraitEnhanced Threat Detector
Column 4 TraitEnhanced One-Two Punch
Enhanced Intrinsic Frame Range

Shotgun barrel options in PvE are pretty much always the same, Smallbore and Corkscrew Rifling. Everything else has too much of a negative to be useful. Assualt Mag is another really great option because it increases rate of fire, which isn’t completely necessary for this particular shotgun, but it is always useful. Range and Handling are always great options to increase on any shotgun, PvE or PvP.

The Swordbreaker has a lot of decent options in both perk columns. While Threat Detector is the most useful for its passive benefits, Pugilist and Demolitionist are also great options depending on your build. Surrounded and Sword Logic both could be useful in certain scenarios or encounters, but One-Two Punch is always useful on a shotgun for its high damage potential.

This weapon is particularly effective with Strand Titan builds using the Banner of War aspect. It is not best-in-slot for other class options, but is still a great option.

Swordbreaker PvP God Roll

Our best perks choices for the Swordbreaker PvP God Roll are:

MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitEnhanced Slideshot
Column 4 TraitEnhanced Opening Shot
Enhanced Intrinsic FrameRange

Lightweight Frame shotguns are always great options in PvP. Take perks that increase range or handling stats. Lightweight frames already have decent handling so range is preferred.

The Swordbreaker gets one of the best trait combinations for shotgun PvP: Slideshot and Opening Shot. You could also opt for Threat Detector in Column 3. Barrel Constrictor could be useful in certain situations but I tend to avoid perks that require specific scenarios to be useful. Slideshot and Opening Shot are always useful.

If you enjoy shotguns in PvP, the Swordbreaker is a great option to have in the Kinetic slot. It is a nice well-rounded option that is craftable.

How to Get the Swordbreaker in Destiny 2

Swordbreaker is obtained from the 2nd and last encounters in the Crota’s End Raid. Once acquired it can be bought from the end-of-raid chest for Spoils of Conquest. The first weapon bought this way each week will have a guaranteed Deepsight Pattern. You get the Adept version by completing challenges on rotation in the Master version of the Crota’s End Raid.

Destiny 2 Crota's End Raid Location
Destiny 2 Crota’s End Raid Location

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