Destiny 2 The Eremite God Roll and How to Get

This Destiny 2 guide explains the best god roll for The Eremite fusion rifle for both PvE and PvP content!

Destiny 2 The Eremite Fusion Rifle
The Eremite Fusion Rifle

The Eremite is a High-Impact Frame Solar Fusion Rifle introduced in Season of the Witch that can be obtained from Season 22 activities. While the weapon is a high-impact frame which can offput some people, it’s still incredibly strong and should not be slept on.

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Why You Should Get the The Eremite Fusion Rifle?

You should get the The Eremite because the weapon have a massive damage profile and is easily obtainable. Here’s our list of why you should get The Eremite fusion rifle:

  • High Damage Frame
  • Strong Perk Pool
  • Craftable

How to Obtain the The Eremite in Destiny 2

The Eremite can be obtained from either Season of the Witch seasonal activity. This includes end of activity rewards for Altars of Summoning or Savathun’s Spire, Season of the Witch Weekly Challenges, and turning in Witch’s Engrams. Once the weapon has been earned you can focus it at the Ritual Table in the H.E.L.M for Witch’s Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. These seasonal activities and vendors will only be available until the end of Season 23. The Eremite can also be crafted at the Enclave once its Deepsight Pattern has been completely unlocked.

Destiny 2 Ritual Table Seasonal Vendor Location
Destiny 2 Ritual Table Seasonal Vendor Location

The Eremite PvE God Roll

Our choices for the The Eremite PvE God Roll are:

BarrelArrowhead Brake
BatteryEnhanced Battery
Column 3 TraitEnvious Assassin
Column 4 TraitControlled Burst
MasterworkCharge Time

Fusion rifles are powerhouses of damage in PvE. Packing both high burst damage and high overall damage into one weapon has given the fusion a consistent role in damage phases. They do require being close to your target than you may like so they can be situational. However, even with these restrictions, fusions are some of the best special weapons for PvE.

With a strong selection of PvE perks, you will be hard pressed to find a combination of perks that doesn’t work well on the Eremite. However, one perk combination stands out among the rest which is Envious Assassin and Controlled Burst. With these two perks you will constant have a massive magazine and a nice damage perk capable of pumping out massive damage.

Overall, high impact frames can feel lackluster due to their longer charge time, they do pack a massive punch to offset its negative. Regardless, if you don’t have a good fusion rifle already this is a great option.

Other great fusion rifles to substitute for this weapon in PvE include:

The Eremite PvP God Roll

Our choices for the The Eremite PvP God Roll are:

BarrelArrowhead Brake
BatteryParticle Repeater
Column 3 TraitSlickdraw
Column 4 TraitCornered

Fusion rifles are a strong close range special weapon capable of one shotting enemies from twenty or more meters away. They do require some aim and accuracy, but they far exceed the range of shotgun one shot kills. Used often to deal with overly aggressive enemies or shotgun rushing Titans, fusion rifles are quite potent weapons in the right hands.

The Eremite doesn’t hold the strongest perk pool for PvP, but it does have one selection that stands out. Slickdraw and Cornered are a great combination with high stability to allow the weapon to be insanely accurate and deadly. With a long charge time it is recommended to pre-charge the weapon before the enemies push you. This allows you to get off your shots as soon as you see the enemies allowing you to succeed in most engagements.

Other great fusion rifles to substitute for this weapon in PvP include:

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