Destiny 2: Top 10 Things To Do Before the Final Shape

Start preparing now by discovering the 10 top most important things to do before Destiny 2, the Final Shape expansion launches on June 4th.

Destiny 2 Top 10 things to do before The Final Shape

The Final Shape is the newest Expansion in Destiny 2, which will be released on June 4th, 2024. The Final Shape will end the 10-year-long Light and Dark Saga that has been the main narrative for Destiny 2. Also, there will be many balancing changes to abilities, armor, weapons, and even a new subclass called Prismatic. This guide will provide you with knowledge of the top 10 priorities while preparing for the Final Shape in Destiny 2.

10 things to do before the Final Shape Expansion – Destiny 2

The most important thing is to collect your seasonal weapon patterns because each season has a selection of powerful weapons available and craftable. Secondly, you should complete the exotic missions and craft the exotics available as they will be harder to unlock when they enter a weekly rotator in the next patch. Lastly, you should complete your seasonal weekly challenges as they provide additional materials and gear.

Here are the 10 most important things to do before Destiny 2, the Final Shape Expansion:

  1. Seasonal Weapon Patterns – Seasonal weapons are craftable and powerful
  2. Exotic Missions – Unlocking the latest craftable exotics
  3. Seasonal Weekly Challenges – Free materials used in the store for cosmetics
  4. Collect Bounties – Bounties provide XP when collected and give a boost to the new season
  5. Clean Vault – Allows for additional storage slots for the vast amounts of new weapons
  6. Collect Exotic Engrams – You will need exotic engrams to level Master Rahool and unlock the newest exotic armor
  7. Complete Season Pass – The season pass contains many materials and cosmetics
  8. Complete Titles -Titles reset each season, so if you don’t complete the challenges, you will lose progress
  9. Unlock Seasonal Weapon and Ornaments – You should obtain the newest seasonal weapon and its ornaments by completing playlist activities
  10. Unlock Super Black Shader – Cosmetic shader that will not be obtainable when the Final Shape releases


Destiny 2 Builds

10 Unlock Super Black Shader

Destiny 2 Unlock Super Black Shader

To unlock the Super Black Shader in Destiny 2, you must play the Onslaught activity found in the Into the Light area of your Director map. Completing these activities will award some reputation with Shaxx in the Hall of Champions. After gaining maximum reputation, Shaxx will give you one-half of the key to unlock the Super Black Shader. You can obtain the other half of the key by completing all the Brave Arsenal weapon quests from Arcite 99-40, found next to Shaxx in the Hall of Champions. You will lose access to obtaining the shader with the launch of the Final Shape, as we lose the Hall of Champions as a location.

In Destiny 2, the Super Black Shader will be unavailable with the launch of the Final Shape, so it will be an exclusive flex for players to showcase their time spent in the game. Also, the cosmetic armor pieces found within the Hall of Champions will be unavailable to obtain later. You can collect multiple exclusive cosmetics and weapons to obtain the Super Black Shader before the Final Shape.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Map Location Pro-Final Shape

You can access the Hall of Champions and begin Onslaught missions through the Into the Light Director map location. Once you launch the game for the first time after downloading the update, follow the steps to talk to Shaxx and unlock the Hall of Champions location. Onslaught activities are wave-based horde defense modes that stop enemies from damaging the objective. Completing ten waves awards weapons and Trophies of Bravery for additional rolls of weapons or armor ornaments.

9 Unlock Seasonal Weapon and Ornaments

Each season in Destiny 2, there is a new playlist, seasonal weapon, and three ornaments to obtain. The weapon is often a great starter weapon for newer players. However, some are great additions to your arsenal, even as a seasoned veteran. Chivaric Fire is a void caster frame sword that is the weapon available this season. You can obtain Chivaric Fire by completing playlist activities, Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible, which award reputation to the playlist vendor. Once you complete enough activities to unlock the weapon, you must max your reputation and reset it to work on obtaining the weapon ornament.

Since this weapon is only available for the season it releases, you cannot obtain it by completing those activities once the Final Shape launches. However, if you don’t collect the weapon or every ornament, you can purchase them from the Monuments to Lost Lights in the Tower. However, purchasing it and the ornaments will cost materials, which may be hard to come by.

Destiny 2 Shaxx Seasonal Playlist Weapon

In Destiny 2, Shaxx, Drifter, and Zavala all have the seasonal playlist weapon in their reputation leveling. By completing Gambit, Crucible, or Strike matches, you will gain a good reputation with the respective vendor. Also, completing consecutive matches can give a stacking reputation after each completion. This can help you obtain your ranks faster if you don’t mind doing the same activity repeatedly.

8 Complete Titles

Destiny 2 Complete Titles before the Final Shape

Titles are cosmetic names displayed under your name to other characters. You often need to complete multiple challenges requiring various skill levels or luck to complete titles. Each season, location, and multiple activities have titles associated with them. Often, players will display titles that are difficult to obtain to showcase their understanding of the content and skill level. Certain titles can be gilded each season, displaying them with a distinct orange color to reveal that a player has completed additional steps to maintain their title. Titles and gilding challenges must be completed in that season, or any unfinished challenges will be reset.

Destiny 2 How to Complete Titles before the Final Shape

To complete a title, you must complete several associated challenges indicated by Title Progress. Once this has been completed and if the title can be gilded, some additional challenges will become available to gild the title. All this can be found by going to your Journey, selecting Titles, and checking the required challenges. Once a title has been completed, you can equip it so other players can see your achievements. So complete your desired titles before the Final Shape in Destiny 2.

7 Complete Season Pass

Completing a season pass can provide multiple endgame resources, an exotic weapon, various engrams, and a lot of cosmetics. While the free-to-play version of the season pass contains fewer items, you should still attempt to complete it using the resources alone. Unlocking levels on the season pass is quite easy; play the game. You can boost your XP by completing bounties and activities as they give XP upon completion. However, getting kills can also progress your level through the season pass.

Destiny 2 Complete Season Pass

By completing steps on the season pass, you will gain rewards and XP boosts to aid your leveling. Also, place an XP mod on your ghost to enable additional gains.

6 Collect Exotic Engrams

Destiny 2 Collect Exotic Engrams Master Rahool Pre-Final Shape

Exotic Engrams contain randomly rolled exotic armor that can be opened at Master Rahool in the tower. You can choose the exotic to be a random one you have collected or focus on a specific exotic you may want. Generally hoarding exotic engrams isn’t that important, however, Master Rahool is getting an update in the Final Shape. He is going to a reputation-based system like playlist activities where the more you focus on him, the more focus you unlock. Also, he will be the new source of exotic armor so it will be important to rank him up fast if you want to enjoy the new exotics as soon as possible.

Collecting and opening exotic engrams costs nothing for the random rolls, however, the specifically focused ones can be quite expensive on materials for newer players. You shouldn’t waste shards and materials focusing unless you can replace the ones you use easily. Often, with each new season in Destiny 2, there is access to additional shards from vendors and within the season pass to allow some focusing in the Final Shape.

Destiny 2 How to Use Exotic Engrams

While we don’t know exactly how Master Rahool’s new reputation system will work for cost or unlocking exotics, you can be assured you will need materials for it. You can only hold 10 engrams per character in Destiny 2, so try to hold as many as possible before the Final Shape.

5 Clean Vault

Destiny 2 Clean Vault before the Final Shape

Each expansion there are loads of new weapons and armor to collect, Generally, these include new zone weapons, new seasonal weapons, new raid weapons, and new world drop weapons. As such, in the first few days, you will often get new weapons while progressing through the new activities and campaigns. Most are thrown in the vault to spend less time worrying about weapons and more time spent completing content. Without extra vault space, you might accidentally dismantle a good roll on a weapon because you can’t store it or be unable to store new weapons regardless.

Also, clearing out your vault is a great way to understand what weapons you have and what rolls while letting you know what areas you may be lacking. Certain weapon archetypes or elemental energy that you don’t have weapons available for, but you might need to make sure there are no gaps in your arsenal. Lastly, don’t forget you can pull various weapons like exotics and previous seasonal playlist weapons from your collections at any point. So, if you aren’t currently using them, feel free to dismantle them, knowing you have access to them later if needed.

Destiny 2 How to Dismantle Weapons and Armor

To clear out one’s vault, visit it in the Helm, Tower, or even from Orbit. Unlocking and dismantling weapons can always return various crafting materials to you if they were already masterwork. Take your time, make sure you are clearing out unneeded weapons, and make sure you are dismantling the right weapon. The worst feeling is clearing your vault only to find you accidentally got rid of your favorite gun.

4 Collect Bounties

Destiny 2 Collect Bounties before the Final Shape

As explained above, one of the best ways to complete your season pass is with bounties. Within Destiny 2, a part of the community participates in what’s known as Bounty Prepping. This is intentionally collecting and completing but not claiming bounties until the next season. The XP from bounties is only obtained when the bounties are finished and claimed. So, this means you can hold onto certain bounties until the next season or expansion. Then you can claim them and get a boost in early season pass levels and your artifact passives.

There are multiple levels of bounties; all give XP, but some give more. Focus on collecting weekly XP++ designated bounties and then any daily XP+ bounties to fill out your quest log. You can hold a maximum of 63 bounties and quests on each character.

Destiny 2 Bounty Prepping for Final Shape

Bounties are available from almost every vendor. However, the best to collect are zone bounties. These often have weekly bounties and dailies to complete for Bounty Prepping in Destiny 2. All bounties have objectives to complete, from killing certain enemies, dealing specific elemental damage, or finishing different activities.

3 Seasonal Weekly Challenges

Destiny 2 Complete Seasonal Weekly Challenges before the Final Shape

Weekly seasonal challenges are completable objectives that are available each week. They encourage players to participate in a variety of content in multiple locations. These include kills on certain planets, eliminations in crucible matches, or slaying out with a specific weapon type. You can complete these challenges at any point throughout the season with new objectives each week. They all offer XP at different levels, which can boost your season pass levels fast.

Completing most objectives within a season can provide multiple weapons, engrams, and bright dust. Bright Dust is a free currency that allows you to purchase various cosmetics from the store. So, you should complete this last objective before the Final Shape in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Weekly Challenges

Throughout the season, the challenges can be completed at any point. However, we recommend focusing on them upon release each week. Since the XP boosts your season pass rank faster, unlocking season pass rewards and seasonal artifact passives. Also, this reduces the time needed to complete the challenges when preparing for the next season. You can skip a few challenges and still get most of the rewards for the season.

2 Exotic Missions

Exotic Missions are activities to unlock a specific exotic weapon within the game. They are often timed three-player activities with usually a few smaller encounters and a boss fight at the end. Exotic weapons are potent weapons offering exclusive intrinsic perks that can complement builds and provide unique gameplay loops. You can locate Exotic Missions throughout various worlds on the Director Map. Most will have a quest associated with them that can help guide you to obtain the weapon.

Destiny 2 Exotic Mission Map Location

In Destiny 2, when a new expansion is released, like the Final Shape, all exotic missions from the previous expansion go into the rotator. The rotator already has multiple missions and will now have the additional ones from this year. So, it may be hard to time the exact week to unlock these exotics in the future. So, complete them now to reduce the headache of having to make sure you complete them later on their rotator week.

1 Seasonal Weapon Patterns

Destiny 2 Seasonal Weapon Patterns

Seasonal weapons are weapons obtainable by completing seasonal activities. Each season introduced a new vendor as well as multiple activities to complete. These award various weapons, most craftable, and armor of varying stats. Once you have collected enough of the Deepsight versions of the weapons, you will obtain the pattern. After you unlock a pattern, you can craft as many versions of the weapon as you want.

Destiny 2 Seasonal Vendor Weapon Focusing

There are multiple ways to collect the deepsight versions of the weapons, such as by either completing seasonal activities or focusing on the weapon at the seasonal vendor. Also, turning in seasonal engrams at the vendor can award armor and weapons. These can drop with a deepsight focus on them. Often, a few seasonal weapons each year are meta-defining and will be difficult to obtain later. So that is why it’s the most important thing to do before the Final Shape in Destiny 2.

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