How to Get Free 1810 Power Level Armor in Destiny 2

Prepare for the Final Shape in Destiny 2 by obtaining a free set of 1810 power-level armor as we show you how to get it step-by-step.

How to Get Free 1810 Power Level Armor in Destiny 2

The Final Shape is the newest Expansion in Destiny 2 releasing June 4th, 2024. The Final Shape will end the 10-year-long Light and Dark Saga that has been the main narrative for Destiny 2. Also, there will be a host of balancing changes to abilities, armor, and weapons, and even a new subclass called Prismatic. Preparing for the Final Shape can be quite daunting but one of the first things you can do is claim this free set of armor to get all your character to max available level before the new expansion.

How to Get Free 1810 Power Level Armor in Destiny 2

To get a free set of armor, you need to travel to the Hall of Champions and loot the chest next to Shaxx. This armor and weapons are great for returning players looking at an easy way to reach max level before the Final Shape.

Here are the steps to obtaining a free 1810 Power Level Armor set in Destiny 2:

  • Download Into the Light Update
  • Watch Cutscene
  • Talk to Shaxx at the door to the Hall of Champions
  • Collect Items in Chest

Obtaining your 1810 Power Level Armor in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Hall of Champions Shaxx Vendor

Make sure you have updated Destiny 2 to the Into the Light update. After launching the game for the first time there will be a short cutscene after that you will spawn in a new area of the Tower that looks like a storage closet. Proceed until you see Shaxx and talk to him to unlock the Hall of Champions. Afterward, you can travel to and collect the free 1810 power-level armor from the chest next to Shaxx.

Hall of Champions

Destiny 2 Hall of Champions Map Location

Head to the Hall of Champions, either by finishing the cut scene to traveling there by selecting the location on your Director Map under Into the Light. You will spawn at the far side of a large social room. Head to the opposite end where you will see Shaxx standing at the top of the stairs. Look to your left and you will see two chests, one that looks like the other chests in the room and one that looks old and has a soft glow. Approach the old one and open it to collect your free 1810 power-level armor, additional exotics, and various weapons to assist you. You can collect this chest on all three characters to ensure all are max level.

Destiny 2 Gift of the Thunder Gods Season 23

Once you have collected free 1810 power-level armor, you can infuse them into builds or use them yourself. Now you are ready to complete any of the available content as you prepare for the Final Shape.

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