Destiny 2 Volta Bracket Sniper Rifle

Destiny 2 Volta Bracket God Roll

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Volta Bracket God Roll Guide. This strand aggressive frame sniper rifle is incredibly strong with a good selection of PVE and PVP perks letting it rival any of our other currently available snipers. Snipers are great special damage weapons for large precision-based targets and desired in PVP for their one-shot potential from any range.

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How to Get Volta Bracket

Neomuna Weapons Vendor Destiny 2 Lightfall
Neomuna Weapons and Armor Vendor

Obtaining Volta Bracket drops is quite straightforward. Simply participating in public events, opening chests, completing activities on Neomuna have a chance to drop you more rolls on the Volta Bracket. You can also obtain them as random drops from the Neomuna Location Vendor, Nimbus or the Terminal Overload activity.

PvE – Volta Bracket God Roll

BarrelArrowhead Brake
MagazineAppended Mag
Perk 1Triple Tap
Perk 2Firing Line
Origin TraitNanotech Tracer Rockets
ModBackup Mag

Barrel: For the barrel, we are going with Arrowhead Brake. This will give you better recoil direction giving you a better opportunity to precisely land all your shots to proc our other perks. It also gives a small boost in weapon handling allowing you to swap to this weapon faster for dps phase.

Magazine: Appended Mag is what we choosing for our mag perk. This paired with our weapon mod will give us 5 bullets in our mag letting us proc out reload perk twice per reload.

Volta Bracket PVE God Roll
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Column 3 Perk: Triple tap is the only choice in this column as with three rapid precision shots you get one bullet returned to the mag. With our other perks this can proc twice giving us two free bullets and allowing us to shoot 7 total shots each reload instead of five as long as all of our shots are precisions.

Column 4 Perk: Lastly, we have Firing Line. This perk gives us a sizable damage boost while simply standing near at least two allies making it very strong in all group content.

Masterwork: We are going with a stability masterwork, this will decrease our recoil and flinch giving us the best chance to land our precision shots making sure to take advantage of our perks.

Mod: Backup mag is our mod of choice. This paired with our mag perk will give us five in the base mag instead of three allowing us to proc our reload perk twice giving us the most damage before reloading.

Conclusion: Snipers have always had a place as a special damage weapon for bosses and this weapon is no exception. With one of the best damage perk combo  available this sniper is sure to pump out a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

PvP – Volta Bracket God Roll

BarrelFluted Barrel
MagazineSteady Rounds
Perk 1Keep Away
Perk 2Opening Shot
Origin TraitNanotech Tracer Rockets
ModQuick Access Sling

Barrel: For the barrel perk, we are going with Fluted Barrel. This gives a sizable boost to our handling and stability, allowing us to draw and aim down sights after and reduce our flinch from incoming fire.

Magazine: Steady Rounds are the choice for the mag. This does reduce our range slightly, but the boost in stability and airborne effectiveness far outweighs the negative. Stability will decrease our flinch from taking damage, and the airborne effectiveness makes up land shots easier if shooting in the air.

Volta Bracket PVP God Roll
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Column 3 Perk: We are going with a new perk called Keep Away. This gives a boost in reload, range, and accuracy when no enemies are nearby. This is great to increase our stats as we remain far from enemies as we should with a sniper.

Column 4 Perk: Opening shot is a must have perk here. A tried and true favorite for PVP weapons for its increased range, accuracy, and aim assist on your first shot of an engagement. With a one-shot headshot this means you should have the perk available for every engagement.

Masterwork: For the masterwork, we are going with Stability. This is important for reducing recoil and flinch while using the weapon. Since snipers get hit hard with flinch this is especially important to reduce it as much as we can to land our shots.

Mod: We are going with Quick Access Sling for the mod. This will increase our handling letting us swap and ready the weapon faster to help get any quick shots off.

Conclusion: Snipers are incredibly strong in PVP with their one shot potential from long range. This sniper has a great selection of consistency perks giving it a great opportunity to land our shots in the Crucible.

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Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Volta Bracket God Roll Guide. Keep in mind this weapon will work with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand) and any PvE (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids) and PvP Mode in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner).

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