Destiny 2 Xur Guide

Destiny 2 Xur Guide

Welcome Guardians to Destiny 2 Xur Guide! In every game, there is a special vendor who sells rare, sometimes strange and always powerful items. In Destiny 2 this NPC merchant is Xur, he sells extremely robust exotic weapons and exotic armor. However, this mysterious vendor appears in a specific “Xur Location” picked randomly each week. We show all locations later in the guide. Additionally, he is only available for a limited amount of time each week.

In the Destiny 2 Xur Guide, we’ll explain where to find him, what items he sells, as well as what Destiny 2 currency he accepts.

Where is Xur in Destiny 2 today?

If you are only interested in the answer to that question and what is he selling this week, click HERE! If you would like to know more read below, we have some interesting and useful information for you!


Who is Xur?

Xur is an Agent of The Nine, a shadowy and mysterious figure that sells exotics, very strong weapons and gear. We know little about him. However, his main purpose in the game is to offer Exotic items and make them more accessible to the players, which normally would be obtainable through extremely rare drop form raids, strikes and other game activities.

We can meet Xur in-game outside of his special time when he sells the Exotic gear, but he won’t have any of those powerful items for us. For example, he is always standing in the Xur’s Treasure Room where you can buy fabulous prizes using Treasure Keys, which you earn from the Dares of Eternity. Dares of Eternity is a six-person activity where also, we can see Xur and his Starhorse at the end standing next to the loot chest.


What does Xur sell?

The armor and weapons that Xur sells, add a huge bonus to your character statistics and have unique perks. As a result, those Exotic(gold) items will always make your builds stronger. There are hundreds of Exotic items in Destiny 2, however, Xur will sell only 6 of them and his stock changes each week. What items he will be selling is completely random.

Every time Xur offers an Exotic Engram, three Exotic weapons, and three Exotic armor pieces, one for each class. Xur exclusively accepts two currencies, a Legendary Shards and an Exotic Cipher (to buy Exotic Engrams).

Destiny 2 What Does Xur Sell

Exotic Engram

An Exotic Engram will provide you with one random Exotic item, weapon or armor. You can buy two Exotic Engrams each week. For the first one you need to give Xur one Exotic Cipher, for the second he will want 97 Legendary Shards.

Exotic Cipher

In Destiny 2 you can have at the same time only one Exotic Cipher in your inventory. Firstly, you can earn them by accepting the Xenology quest from Xur, once a week. After completion, you’ll be rewarded with a new Exotic Cipher. Additionally, ciphers can be sometimes part of seasonal rewards or triumphs.

  • Very important to know that if you cancel the Xenology quest. Xur will not allow you to take it up again until the next reset or when Xur arrives again.
Legendary Shards

The Legendary Shards are easy to get. Each time you dismantle an unneeded Legendary(purple) weapon or armor piece you earn the shards.

Exotic Weapon

Each week Xur will offer a choice of Exotic weapons. They usually cost from 20 to 50 Legendary Shards.

You can use Exotic weapons with any of your characters regardless of class and store those powerful items in the vault to transfer them between your guardians.

Exotic Armor

Lastly, Xur will sell three armor pieces one for each Destiny 2 class: Warlock, Titan and Hunter. Armor can be used only by specific classes, however, can be stored in the vault. They usually cost from 20 to 50 Legendary Shards.


What time does Xur come and leave in Destiny 2?

Xur is only available from Friday to Tuesday. Below are the timelines for three timezones:

  • BST – Friday at 6 PM BST to Tuesday at 6 PM BST
  • PT – Friday at 10 AM PT to Tuesday at 10 AM PT
  • ET – Friday at 1 PM ET to Tuesday at 1 PM ET.

It’s worth noting, that he disappears at the exact same time as the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset. Players each week hunt him to find out what rare item is he selling this week!

Every time after he arrives players need to search for him in 3 locations that Xur picks randomly each week. However, once he appears on Friday he will stay in the same location for three days until his departure on Tuesday. In the following week, he most likely will pick a new location.


Where is Xur? Xur locations

As we mentioned before Xur appears at a random location each week. Below we marked all possible Xur locations.

The Tower: Hangar

The first and probably the most common location that Xur can be. Pick the Tower from the Destinations menu. After you arrive at the courtyard, open a map with the default key “M” for PC and below we marked the Xur location.

From the Tower courtyard, head to the left and take the stairs down. Follow the passageways straight to the Hangar. Turn left again and go straight until you notice the flight of stairs, Xur will be standing on the top.

Xur in Tower


EDZ: Winding Cove

Pick the EDZ (European Dead Zone) from the Destinations menu and the Winding Cove landing zone. After you arrive, open a map with the default key “M” for PC and in the picture below we marked the Xur location.

From the shore(spawn point) turn right and drive straight ahead to reach a cliff, look for a bright blue light on the top of it. Defeat any groups of Fallen, Get closer to the light and on the dirt road find the cave entrance on the cliffside. Run through the cave to reach an old abandoned, Fallen Skiff. Xur will be standing next to it. The cave entrance:

EDZ Xur Location

Nessus: Watcher’s Grave

Pick the Nessus from the Destinations menu and the Watcher’s Grave landing zone. After you arrive, open a map with the default key “M” for PC and in the picture below we marked the Xur location.

From the spawn point follow go straight and the path north until you reach a massive red tree. Climb on the tree and Xur will be standing on the branch that is facing south.

Nessus Xur Location


Xur is not showing or you can’t find Xur?

Over years there wasn’t a single week that Xur hasn’t decided to show up. So if Xur is not in your game at the time he should be, here are suggestions on what to do:

Firstly check if you are looking for him in the correct location, Xur picks randomly one of them each week.

Secondly, there is a very rare bug where he is invisible to some players. To solve the issue simply go to the orbit and then come back to Xur location, or restart the game. It happens if you were at the Xur location when the weekly reset happened.



Almost, all the items that Xur sells are worth their price and you should always remember to check his stock every week. Xur is an excellent way for newer players to fill out their Exotic collection. In Destiny 2, the end-game meta shifts each season, so always buy items you may be one day interested in.

We hope that our Destiny 2 Xur Guide was helpful and that maybe you found the most mysterious figure in the game intriguing. Enjoy the game and your new powerful Exotic gear!

Thanks for reading!


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