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Destiny 2 Xur Location – 01/6/23

Where is Xur today?

Xûr is on Nessus at Watcher’s Grave

In every game, there is a special vendor who sells rare, sometimes strange and always powerful items. In Destiny 2 this NPC merchant is Xur, he sells extremely robust exotic weapons and exotic armor. However, this mysterious vendor appears in a specific “Xur Location” picked randomly each week.

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Xur is only available from Friday to Tuesday. Below are the timelines for three timezones:

BST – Friday at 6 PM BST to Tuesday at 6 PM BST
PT – Friday at 10 AM PT to Tuesday at 10 AM PT
ET – Friday at 1 PM ET to Tuesday at 1 PM ET

It’s worth noting, that he disappears at the exact same time as the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset. Players each week hunt him to find out what rare item is he selling this week!

What Xur is selling?


TWO-TAILED FOX / Exotic Rocket Launcher


THE DRAGON’S SHADOW / Exotic Chest Armor




URSA FURIOSA / Exotic Gauntlets


HAWKMOON / Surplus

Dead Man's Tale

DEAD MAN’S TALE / Moving Target

Where is Xur?

Nessus: Watcher’s Grave

Pick the Nessus from the Destinations menu and the Watcher’s Grave landing zone. After you arrive, open a map with the default key “M” for PC and in the picture below we marked the Xur location.

From the spawn point follow go straight and the path north until you reach a massive red tree. Climb on the tree and Xur will be standing on the branch that is facing south.

Nessus Xur Location



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