Destiny 2 Arc Titan PvE Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Arc Titan PvE Build, intended for end-game PvE players!

Destiny 2 Arc Titan PvE Build

Updated June 19, 2024Destiny 2The Final Shape and Update has many crucial changes. The new expansion brings a new subclass, Salvation’s Edge raid, with new weapons and gear, a power level increase, new exotic gear, and – never seen before – exotic class items. Also, the new base game update includes many class and weapon balance changes that influenced the Destiny 2 builds and meta.

Why Should You Play Arc Titan in PvE?

This Destiny 2 Arc Titan PvE Build is for those players who are looking to put out some crazy damage numbers. Do you enjoy spamming abilities? Do you want to make Shaxx proud and throw as many grenades as titanly possible? Then look no further than this build. Your damage output will be so high that your teammates may tell you to slow down so they can make sure to get those finishers on champions. This has a very aggressive playstyle that just is the ultimate Titan power fantasy. Find out all the details on how to craft, create, and optimize our Arc Titan PvE Build.

Destiny 2 Arc Titan PvE Build

The following list presents all the essential Stasis Titan PvE Mechanics and Features in Destiny 2:

  • Subclass: Striker
  • Primary Stat: Discipline
  • Super: Thundercrash
  • Class Ability: Thruster
  • Jump: Catapult Lift
  • Grenade: Pulse Grenade
  • Melee: Thunderclap
  • Aspects: Touch of Thunder, Knockout
  • Fragments: Spark of Amplitude, Spark of Shock, Spark of Magnitude, Spark of Ions


The best abilities for the Heart of Inmost Light Arc Titan PvE Build are Thruster, Pulse Grenade, and Thunderclap. The Thundercrash Super is an excellent choice for this build. It adds to our already great burst damage potential. Swap to the Cuirass of the Falling Star exotic if possible to deal even more damage. Thruster is great for this build because of its short cooldown timer. This build is all about feeding your abilities into each other with the Heart of Inmost Light exotic, so shorter cooldowns are a godsend. Thunderclap and Pulse Grenades are just great damage-dealing options, with Pulse Grenades also jolting our targets.


Catapult Lift

Pulse Grenade


Thundercrash – Hurtle through the air like a missile and crash into targets to inflict meteoric damage.

– While grounded, quickly evade in a lateral direction.

Catapult Lift – Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with a strong initial burst of momentum.

Pulse Grenade – A grenade that periodically damages targets within its explosion radius.

Thunderclap – Hold melee while grounded to plant your feet and begin charging your fist with Arc energy. Release to unleash a devastating blast in front of you, dealing damage that increases with longer charge time.

All of the abilities used in this build are important because they feed into each other. Keeping up a consistent rhythm of ability usage will not only significantly lower their cooldowns, but improve their damage-dealing potential as well. You can flex out the Thunderclap for another melee if you prefer.


The best aspects to use with our Arc Titan build are Touch of Thunder and Knockout. These aspects don’t necessarily make this build, but improved it drastically.

Touch of Thunder


Touch of Thunder – Pulse Grenade: Creates Ionic Traces periodically as it damages targets and increases in damage over time.

Knockout – Critically wounding a target or breaking their shield infuses your melee attacks with Arc energy and increases your melee range and damage for a short time. Defeating targets with melee attacks starts health regeneration and makes you amplified. An orb of dancing plasma, you hold the power of raw lightning in your fist. One strike is all you need.

Touch of Thunder makes our Pulse Grenades make Ionic Traces, which help our already crazy ability uptime. Knockout makes our melee ability so much better both in utility and damage output. Both of these aspects improve our two primary means of dealing damage.


The best fragments for our Arc Titan PvE build are the Sparks of Amplitude, Shock, Magnitude, and Ions. These all directly improve ability uptime or damage output with said abilities.

Spark of Amplitude

Spark of Shock

Spark of Magnitude

Spark of Ions

Spark of Amplitude : Rapidly defeating targets while you are amplified creates an Orb of Power.

Spark of Shock : Arc Grenades apply Jolt upon dealing damage.

Spark of Magnitude : Your lingering Arc grenades (Lightning Grenade, Pulse Grenade, and Storm Grenade) have extended duration.

Spark of Ions : Defeating a jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.

Spark of Amplitude gives us more orbs of power just for killing enemies. Collecting those orbs will improve our ability uptime. Spark of Shock is what makes our Pulse Grenades into absolute damage-dealing machines by having them jolt targets. To further improve our grenades, Spark of Magnitude improves the duration of the grenades, allowing them to deal more damage and possibly jolt more targets. Improving that even further, Spark of Ions makes jolted targets spawn Ionic Traces, which means more grenades are thrown. That means more jolted targets, which means more ionic traces.


The best weapons for our Arc Titan PvE build are Monte Carlo, Undercurrent, and The Hothead. Monte Carlo is the king of the primary slot when melee uptime is required. Undercurrent seems like it was made for this build when rolled with Demolitionist and Voltshot. The Hothead is a staple Arc Rocket Launcher that works in almost all situations.

Here’s a list of the best weapon loadout for our Arc Titan PvE build:

  • Kinetic: Monte Carlo, Exotic Kinetic Auto Rifle
  • Energy: Undercurrent, Wave Frame Arc Grenade Launcher
  • Heavy: The Hothead, Adaptive Frame Arc Rocket Launcher

Alternatively, you could switch over to an Arc primary to make sure you are constantly dealing Arc damage. Replace the Undercurrent with either the Centrifuse exotic auto rifle or the IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3. Our Kinetic weapon should be used for utility, so the Riptide fusion rifle is a great option. The Song of Ir Yut is a great option for our heavy weapon in this case. If you aren’t using Centrifuse, opt for the Thunderlord instead.

Exotic Armor

Destiny 2 Heart of Inmost Light Exotic

The Heart of Inmost Light is quite frankly one of the single best Titan exotics in the game. It works with every subclass, but shines with Arc builds and their crazy ability uptime. Using this exotic makes it so that we rarely don’t have a grenade to throw or punch to deliver. Every time we cast one ability, it lowers the cooldown and improves the damage of the other two. This paired with Arc ability uptime generation is single-handedly one of the most powerful builds in the game.

Armor Stats

The best stats to focus on for our Arc Titan PvE build are Resilience, Discipline, and Strength. These provide us with both the offense and defense needed to survive end-game content and also all directly feed into our ability uptime.

  • Mobility: 10
  • Resilience: 100
  • Recovery: 40
  • Discipline: 100
  • Intellect: 40
  • Strength: 80
Destiny 2 Arc Titan Mods & Stats

Armor Mods

The best armor mods for the Heart of Inmost Light Arc Titan build are Elemental Charge, Grenade Kickstart, Bomber, and Firepower. Our grenade ability is our most powerful, so keeping it up at all times is a must.


Your chest mods will change depending on the damage types you are facing based on the content you are doing. Remember that using the same mod more than once has diminishing returns. Utilize any stat-boosting mods as you see fit to max out any of your priority stats.

Gameplay Tips

The Arc Titan build is all about ability spam. You should always be throwing your grenade or casting a melee into a group of enemies. Make them stronger beforehand by casting Thruster which will improve their damage. The preferred order to cast your abilities is Thruster, then Thunderclap, and finally Pulse Grenade. By the time you have thrown your grenade, you should have gotten your class ability back, allowing you to begin the cycle again. You should be generating enough orbs of power and Ionic Traces to keep your abilities up almost constantly.

The Thundercrash Super isn’t only a great damage option but a powerful movement tool as well. Many a Grandmaster run has been saved by an Arc Titan Thundercrashing to a friend ghost to get a quick resurrection. If you are using it for damage, make sure that you swap to the Cuirass of the Falling Star Exotic before you cast it to make it deal much more damage. This only applies in content where equipment isn’t locked.

Build Summary

Below is a complete summary of stats, weapons, mods, abilities, and fragments for the Arc Titan PvE build for Destiny 2:


  • Thruster
  • Pulse Grenade
  • Thunderclap
  • Thundercrash


  • Touch of Thunder
  • Knockout


  • Spark of Amplitude
  • Spark of Shock
  • Spark of Magnitude
  • Spark of Ions


  • Monte Carlo
  • Undercurrent
  • The Hothead

Head Mods

  • Ashes to Assets
  • Kinetic Siphon
  • Harmonic Siphon

Arm Mods

  • Firepower
  • Grenade Kickstart
  • Impact Induction

Chest Mods

  • Concussive Dampener
  • Harmonic Resistance
  • Void Resistance

Leg Mods

  • Recuperation
  • Elemental Charge
  • Arc Weapon Surge

Class Mods

  • Bomber
  • Reaper
  • Distribution

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