Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Solo Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Solo Build, intended for end-game PvE players!

Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Stormcaller
Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Stormcaller

Why Should You Play Arc Warlock?

Arc warlock is all bout moving fast and being able to multi-kill enemies. You will be able to make tons of Orbs of power which will give you free energy to all your abilities.

Fast MovementMelee Focused
Great Add ClearRequires Constant Buffing
Chain Damage

Arc Warlock Solo Playstyle

Your main priority when you get in combat is to become Amplified, use your grenade or melee to get an ionic trace and become Amplified. During this time focus on taking care of the red bar enemies; they are the easiest to kill and you can do it better than all the other classes due to your chain melee ability. Cast your rift to call upon an arc soul that allows you and your allies to have a personal mini turret. If you happen to get swarmed by adds use your super it has a great casting aoe attack to give you some breathing room. So long as you maintain your crown of tempest buff all of your abilities will be recharging quicker.


Some abilities, aspects and fragments need to be unlocked before use. In order to do that, Destiny 2 players need to visit Ikora in the Tower and do the related quest or purchase them from her. Lastly, if you bought new aspects and fragments don’t forget to “meditate”. Simply click the “meditate” option on the table next to Ikora.


Healing Rift

Burst Glide

Pulse Grenade

Chain Lightning

Stormtrance – Chain Arc Lightning from your hands to electrify targets with devastating streams of Arc Light that intensify over time. Casting Stormtrance creates a jolting shockwave underneath you. [Sprint] : Teleport forward, consuming a small amount of Super energy. Please be careful in high level content as enemies hit harder and will kill you if you are not careful. Flex CHAOS REACH Unleash a long-range channeled beam of concentrated Arc super again to deactivate your Super early, saving Super energy.

Healing Rift – Conjure a well of power that continuously heals those inside it.

Burst Glide – Our main movement ability. This is the faster option if you want more control with your flight flex to strafe glide.

Pulse Grenade – A grenade that periodically damages targets within its explosion radius. Flex: STORM GRENADE: A grenade that calls down a focused lightning storm.

Chain Lightning – An extended range melee that jolts your target and chains lightning to nearby targets. While amplified, it creates an additional set of chains. Flex: BALL LIGHTNING: Fire an Arc projectile forward that releases a perpendicular lightning strike after a short time. While Amplified, Ball Lightning releases additional lightning strikes before detonating.


Electrostatic Mind

Arc Soul

Electrostatic Mind – Defeating targets with Arc abilities or defeating jolted or blinded targets creates an Ionic Trace. Collecting an Ionic Trace makes you amplified.

Arc Soul – Cast your Rift to create an Arc Soul that fires at targets in front of you. Allies can pass through your Rift to get an Arc Soul. Your Rift charges faster when allies are near. While amplified, your Arc Souls are supercharged and gain increased fire rate.


Spark of Feedback

Spark of Amplitude

Spark of Recharge

Spark of Resistance

Spark of Feedback : Taking melee damage briefly increases your outgoing melee damage.

Spark of Amplitude : Rapidly defeating targets while you are amplified creates an Orb of Power. Goes on a cooldown after it is triggered however you can still make orbs of power from other sources.

Spark of Recharge : While critically wounded, your melee and grenade energy regenerates more quickly.

Spark of Resistance : While surrounded by combatants, you are more resistant to incoming damage.


Loadout Option 1

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2


Primeval’s Torment

Break the Bank


Feeding Frenzy



Rapid Hit

Vorpal Weapon

Witherhoard – There can only be one instance of witherhoard damaging the target at a time make sure with your teammates that someone else is not using it.

IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 – God tier SMG and it’s craftable! Obtained as world drop or banshee purchase.

Stormchaser – One of the Strongest Linear Fusion Rifle in the game that shoots in a 3 round burst fire. This comes from the Dungeon Duality.

Loadout Option 2

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

Pardon Our Dust

Auto-Loading Holster

Vorpal Weapon


Overcharge Capacitor

Regenerative Motion

Wendigo GL3

Auto-Loading Holster

Explosive Light

Pardon Our Dust – Strong Grenade Launcher that drops from dares of eternity. This weapon is craftable.

Centrifuse – Strong Auto Rifle from season of the Deep this weapon gains bonus stats so long as you keep moving.

Wendigo GL3 – Very good Heavy Grenade Launcher that drops from nightfalls or purchased directly from Zavala at the tower.

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor Mod

Crown of Tempests – Hands down the best Exotic helmet for Arc Warlock. This helmet is a base game exotic. Stacks to x3 which gives 525% Additional Base Grenade, Melee, and Super Regeneration Rate as well as 66% Slower Super Drain on Stormtrance.

Armor Stats








Stats Goal







Armor Mods


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