Destiny 2 Solar Warlock PvP Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Solar Warlock PvP Build.

Destiny 2 Solar Warlock PvP

We are currently updating this build for Season of the Wish.  Check back soon with more details about the changes made to this build.

Why Should You Play Solar Warlock?

Solar Warlock has one of the highest skill caps in this game. This subclass offers High mobility and allows for easier aerial combat. This subclass is known for being very mobile while being able to buff yourself consistently.

Very mobileLong Cooldown Super
High SurvivabilityHard to master
Aerial Combat

Solar Warlock PvP Playstyle

The way Solar Warlock works is that you need to take advantage of your air abilities. Solar Warlock Outclasses every class when it comes to air accuracy or airborne effectiveness. This takes practice to get really good with it but trust me it rewards you very well. Consume your solar grenade To activate Heat rises and take to the skies. While Heat rises is active, try to surprise your enemies from angles that they would not expect. Learn the lanes of the maps and the angles that other classes cannot get to so that you can use that to your advantage. If you are under fire Use Icarus Dash to get out of enemy fire.


Some abilities, aspects and fragments need to be unlocked before use. In order to do that, Destiny 2 players need to visit Ikora in the Tower and do the related quest or purchase them from her. Lastly, if you bought new aspects and fragments don’t forget to “meditate”. Simply click the “meditate” option on the table next to Ikora.


Phoenix Dive

Burst Glide

Healing Grenade

Celestial Fire

Daybreak – Use this super if you want to get more kills.

Phoenix Dive – This will replace your rift and give you a burst of healing when you land.

Burst Glide – This movement ability will provide you with the most foward momentum.

Healing Grenade – This grenade will heal you when you throw it.

Celestial Fire – Long range melee that has decent traking.


Icarus Dash

Heat Rises

Icarus Dash – Dodge quickly while airborne. While Heat Rises is active, you have an additional dodge. While airborne, rapidly defeating targets with your Super or weapon grants Cure to you.

Heat Rises – You can fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. [Grenade] : Hold to activate Heat Rises, consuming your grenade. Final blows while airborne increase the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy.


Ember of Solace

Ember of Torches

Ember of Ashes

Ember of Eruption

Ember of Solace : Radiant and restoration effects applied to you have increased duration.

Ember of Torches : Powered melee attacks against combatants make you and nearby allies radiant.

Ember of Ashes : You apply more scorch stacks to targets.

Ember of Eruption : Your Solar ignitions have increased area of effect.


Loadout Option 1

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

No Time to Explain

Feeding Frenzy

Rewind Again

Found Verdict


Opening Shot

The Other Half

Eager Edge

Vorpal Weapon

No Time to Explain – Very strong pulse rifle that comes from beating the beyond light campaign.

Found Verdict – Very strong shot gun that drops from the raid Vault of Glass.

The Other Half – Strong sword that is able to close distance with its lunge.

Loadout Option 2

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

The Immortal


Target Lock

Found Verdict


Opening Shot


Wolfpack Rounds

Pack Hunter

The Immortal – Super strong smg that drops from Trials of Osiris.

Found Verdict – Very strong shot gun that drops from the raid Vault of Glass.

Gjallarhorn – Very strong rocket incase you do not want to run a primary exotic weapon.

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor Mod

Transversive Steps – Option 1 If you want to move quickly use these exotic boots they will brovide you with faster strafe speed and reload your weapons while you sprint.

Rain of Fire – Option 2 These boots will reload all your weapons when you activate icarus dash.

Ophidian Aspect – Option 3 This exotic revovles around buffing your main stats with the weapon like reloading and handling. This exotic will help you with that.

Armor Stats








Stats Goal







Armor Mods


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