Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter Solo Build


This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter PvE Solo Build, intended for all levels of solo content!

Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter Revenant
Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter Revenant

Why Should You Play PvE Stasis Solo Hunter?

PvE Stasis Hunter can be incredibly strong in the right hands, the ability to slow and freeze enemies cannot be understated in difficult content. From our grenades, to melees, to super the enemies will be extremely hard pressed to even get a chance to fire their weapons.

Fantastic add controlLow amounts of overall damage
Solid survivabilitySubclass specific exotics are weak
Restrict enemies movementLengthy process to unlock the whole subclass

Stasis Hunter Solo PvE Playstyle

The playstyle of Stasis Hunter in PvE is one of dishing out slows and freezes keeping the enemies pinned in place until you are ready to take them out. No longer do you have to move in and out of fighting, you have control over if the enemies get to deal any damage.


Some abilities, aspects and fragments need to be unlocked before use. In order to do that, Destiny 2 players need to visit Ikora in the Tower and do the related quest or purchase them from her. Lastly, if you bought new aspects and fragments don’t forget to “meditate”. Simply click the “meditate” option on the table next to Ikora.

Silence and Squall

Triple Jump

Duskfield Grenade

Withering Blade

Silence and Squall – Casting this super will give you two kamas to throw, wherever the second kamas hits a stasis tornado will form that will slow, freeze, and shatter enemies while tracking them across the battlefield

– Activating this dodge while in close proximity to enemies will give you your melee ability back

Triple Jump – The most common jump for a PVE hunter due to its easy of use and strong control. It also allows hunters to generally go higher and further with their jumps

Duskfield Grenade – This grenade will spawn a dome of slowing stasis energy trapping any enemies caught inside and freezing them

Withering Blade – We have two of these melees which bounce around slowing any enemies hit, hitting the same enemies with two in a short duration will freeze those enemies


Grim Harvest

Touch of Winter

Grim Harvest – Defeating a slowed or frozen target created a stasis shard

Touch of Winter – This puts a stasis shard in the middle of our grenade


Whisper of Shards

Whisper of Conduction

Whisper of Chains

Whisper of Rime

Whisper of Impetus

Whisper of Shards : When you destroy a stasis crystal we boost our grenade recharge rate. Our aspect gives us one with every grenade and certain weapon perks will generate a stasis crystal for us as well

Whisper of Conduction : Any shards we create will now track to our location

Whisper of Chains : While nearby frozen targets or stasis crystal we gain some damage reduction

Whisper of Rime : Any stasis shards we collect will give us an overshield

Whisper of Impetus : Any powered melee damage will reload all our weapons

Weapons Optimal

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2




Dead Messenger

The Fundamentals

Trinary Vision

Recurrent Impact

Field Prep


Krait – One of the best stasis primaries available. Obtainable as a world drop, from Xur, or from Banshee

Dead Messenger – Exotic wave frame grenade launcher capable of changing energy type. Obtainable from the Vox Obscura exotic mission

Recurrent Impact – Fast firing stasis machine gun with strong damage and add clear. Obtainable from Xur or Banshee

Weapons Secondary

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

Prolonged Engagement

Grave Robber



Harbinger’s Pulse

Unplanned Reprieve

Fire and Forget

Field Prep

Chill Clip

Prolonged Engagement – Stasis SMG with a strong selection of perks. Obtainable in Vanguard Ops or purchasable from Zavala

Telesto – Fantastic fusion with great AOE damage. Obtainable as a world drop exotic or from Xur

Fire and Forget – Great Linear Fusion Rifle with strong perks. Obtainable from Banshee or Xur

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor Mod

Assassin's Cowl – After killing with a powered melee or finisher, we gain a boost of healing and invisibility. This gives us a massive boost in survivability

Armor Stats








Stats Goal







Armor Mods


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