Destiny 2 Strand Hunter PvE Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Strand Hunter PvE Build, intended for all levels of PvE players!

D2 Strand Hunter PvE Build

Updated June 19, 2024Destiny 2The Final Shape and Update has many crucial changes. The new expansion brings a new subclass, Salvation’s Edge raid, with new weapons and gear, a power level increase, new exotic gear, and – never seen before – exotic class items. Also, the new base game update includes many class and weapon balance changes that influenced the Destiny 2 builds and meta.

Why Should You Play Strand Hunter in PVE?

PVE Strand Hunter is the epitome of a trash enemy control and area denial. The object of the subclass is to get keep every enemy incapable of dealing damage or even moving. Since this is paired with subclass debuffs, it’s hard not to enjoy the Strand Hunter playstyle. Hunters have access to some of the highest damage supers with a lot of exotics that buff their damage even more. Find out all the details on how to craft, create, and optimize our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build.

Destiny 2 Strand Hunter PVE Build

The following list presents all the essential Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build Mechanics and Features in Destiny 2:

  • Subclass: Strand
  • Primary Stat: Resilience
  • Super: Silkstrike
  • Class Ability: Marksman’s Dodge
  • Jump: Triple Jump
  • Grenade: Shackle Grenade
  • Melee: Threaded Spike
  • Aspects: Whirling Maelstrom, Widow’s Silk
  • Fragments: Thread of Wisdom, Thread of Warding, Thread of Generation, Thread of Continuity


The best abilities for the Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build are Shackle Grenades, Threaded Spike, and Silkstrike. The Silkstrike super is incredibly powerful because allows you to move around the battlefield dealing high single-target damage or AOE damage. The Threaded Spike melee bouces around multiple enemies, debuffing and causing them to deal less damage to us. Lastly, our Shackle Grenade is great because it keeps the enemies from moving by suspending them.


Triple Jump

Shackle Grenade

Threaded Spike

Silkstrike – Casting this summons a knife on a rope that we can use to unleash mass amount of enemies over a large area or to a specific target, it also swaps our grenade to a grapple allowing us to move around the battlefield to engage targets or get out of trouble

– This ability will reload your equipped weapon and with our aspects allow you to go invisible. Easily preparing you for the next engagement

Triple Jump – The most common jump for a PVE hunter due to its easy of use and strong control. It also allows hunters to generally go higher and further with their jumps

Shackle Grenade – Casting these will suspend any enemies hit

Threaded Spike – This melee will bounce around targets, severing them, the returns to you. Collecting it when it returns will give back melee energy depending on how many enemies were hit before it returned

The most important ability we are using in this build is our Shackle Grenade. Since we are using Wishkeeper and have multiple benefits of suspending due to our aspects and fragments, our grenades give us the best opportunity to keep enemies from even being able to move. The Threaded Spike is designed to help clear trash enemies and debuff any enemy left standing.


The best aspects to use with our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build are Widow’s Silk and Whirling Maelstrom. Widow’s Silk provides us with an addition grenade charge. Also, Lethal Current provides us strong AOE damage for generating and destroying tangles.

Widow’s Silk

Whirling Maelstrom

Widow's Silk – Gives us an additional threadling grenade charge

Whirling Maelstrom – Destroying a tangle summons a swirling mass that tracks to enemies dealing massive AOE damage

Whirling Maelstrom is essential with this build since it provides large AOE damage to take our any enemies that are suspended. Lastly, Widow’s Silk provides us with an additional grenade to keep our suspending gameplay loop going.


The best fragments for our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build are the Thread of Wisdom, Thread of Warding, Thread of Generation, and Thread of Continuity. Since these provide us with damage resistance, ability energy, and generate orbs of power.

Thread of Wisdom

Thread of Warding

Thread of Generation

Thread of Continuity

Thread of Wisdom : Defeating suspended targets generates an orb of power

Thread of Warding : Gives damage reduction after picking up an orb of power

Thread of Generation : Grants grenade energy while we deal damage allowing us a little more skill spam

Thread of Continuity : Extends our strand based debuff timers.

Thread of Continuity is one of the most important fragments for our build since it extends our strand debuffs like suspension. Secondly, since we dont have any subclass healing built in, Thread of Warding gives us some survivability by giving us damage reduction. Also, Thread of Generation allows our grenades to regenerate by simply dealing damage. Lastly, Thread of Wisdom generates an orb of power to give us armor charges and woven mail/


The best weapons for our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build are Wish-Keeper, Indebted Kindness, and Circular Logic. Wish-Keeper is the star of the show allowing us to keep up constant suspension on enemies. Also, Indebted Kindness is incredibly powerful with this build providing massive single target damage. Lastly, Circular Logic is great for clearing our enemies since our other weapons are not great at trash enemy clearing.

Here’s a list of the best weapon loadout for our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build:

  • Kinetic: Wish-Keeper, Exotic Strand Bow
  • Energy: Indebted Kindness, Rocket-Assisted Frame Arc Sidearm
  • Heavy: Circular Logic, Adaptive Frame Strand Machine Gun

Alternatively, you can run any legendary special weapon in the energy slot or any strand based heavy weapon to take advantage of our surge mods.

Exotic Armor

D2 Oathkeeper Exotic Armor

The best exotic armor for the Strand Hunter PVE build is the Oathkeeper. Overall, it provides some massive benefits to our bow. It allows us to hold our bow charge indefinitely, gives us a damage buff for hold our bow charge longer, and some extra stat benefits to our bows. Moreover, this means any bow we use with this build will be buffed even if its not Wish-Keeper.

Armor Stats

The best stats to focus on in our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build are Mobility, Resilience, and Discipline. Since these provide us with survivability, reduce our class ability cooldown, and reduce our grenade cooldown.

  • Mobility: 50
  • Resilience: 100
  • Recovery: 50
  • Disciple: 70
  • Intellect: 30
  • Strength: 30
D2 Strand Hunter PVE Stats

Armor Mods

The best armor mods for our Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build are Strand Surge Mods, Time Dilation, and Recuperation. Since these build into healing, strand based weapon damage, and increasing our numerous armor charge buffs.


Gameplay Tips

This Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build is about using our bow to deal massive damage. Our entire kit is based around buffing our bow damage and allowing it to be our main survivability tool. While this build doesn’t have a massive amount of healing, our ability to constantly suspend enemies keeps us from even taking damage. Moreover, should you choose to run this build, make sure you focus on its strengths keeping enemies locked down to limit their ability to move or do damage.

Our grenades aren’t the only powerful weapon we have in the kit. Also, our melee is quite powerful by debuffing enemies and helping us generate tangles.. Also, our super is not only one of the best single-target damage tools but allows us to move around the field and get to safety extremely quickly. This makes our super incredibly powerful ince this can be used as a survivability tool, single-target damage, and AOE damage.

Build Summary

Below is a complete summary of stats, weapons, mods, abilities, and fragments for the Oathkeeper Strand Hunter PVE Build for Destiny 2:


  • Marksman’s Dodge
  • Shackle Grenade
  • Threaded Spike
  • Silkstrike


  • Whirling Maelstrom
  • Widow’s Silk


  • Thread of Wisdom
  • Thread of Warding
  • Thread of Generation
  • Thread of Continuity


  • Wish-Keeper
  • Indebted Kindness
  • Circular Logic

Head Mods

  • Heavy Ammo Finder
  • Font of Wisdom
  • Harmonic Siphon

Arm Mods

  • Bolstering Detonation
  • Momentum Transfer
  • Font of Focus

Chest Mods

  • Void Damage Resistance
  • Arc Damage Resistance
  • Solar Damage Resistance

Leg Mods

  • Recuperation
  • 2x Strand Weapon Surge

Class Mods

  • Bomber
  • Time Dilation
  • Font of Restoration

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