Destiny 2 Strand Warlock PvE Build

The Destiny 2 Strand Warlock PvE Build gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods intended for all levels of PvE players!

Destiny 2 Strand Warlock PvE Build

This build has been updated for Season 23, Season of the Wish.

Why Should You Play Strand Warlock in PVE?

PVE Strand Warlock is focused on keeping your enemies from not even being able to move. The object of the subclass is to suspend and eliminate any threats before they even have a chance to fire their weapons. Since this subclass has access to damage resistance and strand debuffs, it’s hard not to enjoy the Strand Warlock playstyle. Find out all the details on how to craft, create, and optimize our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build.

Strand Warlock Playstyle

The following list presents all the essential Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Mechanics and Features in Destiny 2:

  • Subclass: Strand
  • Primary Stat: Resilience
  • Super: Needlestorm
  • Class Ability: Healing Rift
  • Jump: Burst Glide
  • Grenade: Shackle Grenade
  • Melee: Arcane Needle
  • Aspects: Mindspun Invocation, Weavewalk
  • Fragments: Thread of Continuity, Thread of Generation, Thread of Warding


The best abilities for the Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build are Shackle Grenade, Arcane Needle, and Needlestorm. The Needlestorm super is an incredibly powerful single-target burst damage super. The Shackle Grenade suspends targets keeping them from moving. Lastly, the Arcane Needle can be great for single-target damage and has three charges.


Healing Rift

Burst Glide

Shackle Grenade

Arcane Needle

Needlestorm – After casting this super, you will send out homing needles that spawn threadlings dealing massive single-target damage.

Healing Rift – This is our class ability that will keep us and our teamates alive. While standing inside you get an overshield if you have full health.

Burst Glide – The faster glide allowing you to boost forward extremely fast

Shackle Grenade – Enemies hit with this grenade are suspended in the air

Arcane Needle – This melee comes with 3 charges and will track your enemy

Our Shackle Grenade is the most important ability we use in this build. This grenade with our aspects and Necrotic Grip allows our suspensation to spread even further and longer than normal. Lastly, Arcane Needle is a great melee, however, we are using it for our aspect giving us near invincibility.


The best aspects to use with our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build are Weavewalk and Mindspuin Invocation. Weavewalk provides us with insane survivability while draining our melee charges. Also, Mindspun Invocation gives us our Strand grenades enhanced functionality.


Mindspun Invocation

Weavewalk – Activating our class ability while airborne, you enter a Strand state that gives us massive damage resistance.

Mindspun Invocation – Consuming our shackle grenade will give us Weaver’s Trance which will cause suspending detonations after final blows.

Weavewalk gives us amazing survivability by providing us with damage resistance while it is active. Also, Mindspun Invocation buffs our grenades allowing our Exotic weapon and armor to synergize and spread suspending detonations and poison across entire rooms.


The best fragments for our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build are the Thread of Continuity, Thread of Generation, and Thread of Warding. Since these provide us with radiance, buff our scorch stacks, and give us melee energy.

Thread of Generation

Thread of Warding

Thread of Continuity

Thread of Generation : Generates grenade energy when dealing damage

Thread of Warding : Collecting an orb of power gives us woven mail

Thread of Continuity : Extends our Strand based verb timers

Thread of Continuity is one of the most important fragments for our build. Since Necrotic Grip will help spread our suspending bursts, this keeps enemies suspended for longer. Also, Thread of Generation allows us to get our grenade back faster keeping up our Weaver’s Trance buff. Lastly, Thread of Warding provides some utility by giving us damage resistance on picking up orbs of power.


The best weapons for our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build are Thorn, Indebted Kindness, and The Hothead. Thorn is the star of the show allowing us to clear hordes of enemies and deal poison damage over time. Also, Indebted Kindness provides an amazing source of single-target ranged damage to finish off any high-health suspended targets. Lastly, The Hothead is a burst damage rocket launcher to help deal with majors and bosses.

Here’s a list of the best weapon loadout for our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build:

  • Kinetic: Thorn, Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • Energy: Indebted Kindess, Rocket-Assisted Frame Arc Sidearm
  • Heavy: The Hothead, Adaptive Frame Arc Rocket Launcher

Alternatively, you can run any Weapon of Sorrow in the kinetic slot. However, Thorn and Osteo Striga work best for this build. The Indebted Kindness can be replaced with any special ammo weapon though it is best to focus on burst damage options. Lastly, The Hothead can be swapped with other burst-damage heavy weapons.

    Exotic Armor

    D2 Necrotic Grips Exotic Armor

    The best exotic armor for the Strand Warlock PVE build is Necrotic Grip. Overall, these exotic gloves provide two massive benefits. Firstly, the main benefit is that it allows us to poison enemies. Secondly, it spreads the poison to nearby enemies, and with our aspects, it will spread suspending bursts with the poison. This causes entire hordes of enemies to chain poison each other and spread suspension at the same time.

    Armor Stats

    The best stats to focus on in our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build are Resilience, Recovery, and Discipline. Since these provide us with survivability, reduce our class ability cooldown, and reduce our grenade cooldown.

    • Mobility: 10
    • Resilience: 100
    • Recovery: 70
    • Disciple: 100
    • Intellect: 30
    • Strength: 30
    D2 Strand Warlock PVE Stats

    Armor Mods

    The best armor mods for our Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build are Kinetic Siphon, Font of Vigor, and Kinetic Weapon Surge. Since these build into our kinetic weapon damage, give us melee regeneration, and generate orbs of power.


    Gameplay Tips

    This Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build is about applying poison and suspending everything. Consuming our grenade and shooting everything with Thorn will allow us to suspend and poison entire rooms of enemies. Our super can be used for massive single-target damage to take out anything big enough to survive our poison.

    Since we don’t have built-in subclass healing outside of our rifts, our survivability is based on damage resistance and making sure everything is suspended at all times. Should we ever face any danger, simply jump in the air and activate our class ability to Weavewalk and get ourselves to safety.

    Build Summary

    Below is a complete summary of stats, weapons, mods, abilities, and fragments for the Necrotic Grip Strand Warlock PvE Build for Destiny 2:


    • Healing Rift
    • Shackle Grenade
    • Arcane Needle
    • Needlestorm


    • Heat Rises
    • Touch of Flame


    • Ember of Empyrean
    • Ember of Searing
    • Ember of Ashes
    • Ember of Torches


    • Riptide
    • BXR-55 Battler
    • Dragon’s Breath

    Head Mods

    • Kinetic Siphon
    • Font of Wisdom
    • Powerful Friends

    Arm Mods

    • 3x Font of Vigor

    Chest Mods

    • Solar Resistance
    • Void Resistance
    • Arc Resistance

    Leg Mods

    • Recuperation
    • Innervation
    • Kinetic Weapon Surge

    Class Mods

    • Bomber
    • Font of Restoration
    • Time Dilation

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