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Does Starfield Have Companions and Romances?

Does Starfield Have Companions and Romances?

There hasn’t been a lot of information from developer Bethesda Studios about companions and romance in Starfield, other than to confirm that they are present in the game. However, after the recently Starfield Direct livestream on June 11th, we’ve been given a bit more information on specific companions and crew. In addition to a some insight on Romance in the game.

Starfield, which releases on Xbox Series and PC on September 6, 2023, is the first new IP from Bethesda studios in 25 years!

Starfield Companion Vasco
Starfield Companion Vasco

Companions and Crew

One of the things shared in the Starfield Direct show was that companions could and would often serve as crewmates. They can come with you on your starship or be stationed on one of your outposts. Companions can be recruited in a variety of different ways – through story quests, side quests, or some may simply be available for hire at the local spaceport.

In addition, all companions and crew will have their own abilities and skills which can make them more valuable to take along on certain quests, missions, flights or to have stationed on outposts.

It’s currently unknown if there is any kind of cap on the number of companions and crewmates you can have at one time in Starfield. Given that you are able to capture and crew enemy ships, and build outposts on multiple planets it’s likely that if there is a cap it will not be a small number.

The following names were revealed in the Starfield Direct Livestream as officially confirmed companions, along with a list of the abilities we know about:

  • Barrett
    • Starship Engineering, Particle Beam Weapon Systems, Robotics, and Gastronomy
  • Heller
    • Geology and Outpost Engineering
  • Marika Boros
    • Shotgun Certification, Ballistics, and Particle Beam Weapon Systems
  • Sam Coe
    • Piloting Rifle Certification, Payloads, and Geology
  • Sarah Morgan
    • Astrodynamics, Lasers, Leadership, Botany
  • Vasco
  • Adoring Fan


In previous interviews, the ability to romance certain characters in Starfield has been confirmed by Game Director Todd Howard. He stressed that the romance system for this game will be more nuanced than in previous Bethesda titles. Relationships found in Starfield are “more complex, in terms of whether they like you or don’t like you.” Beyond this, however, we did not really have any information about who would be potential romance partners in the game.

The more recent Starfield Direct Livestream revealed that some specific companions will have unique questlines and over time you can eventually unlock the chance to romance them. We don’t know who exactly all of these romanceable characters will be, or what kind of sexual orientations will be in the game. Clips shown in the livestream seem to suggest that at least Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe will be available as romance options.

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