Starfield Physical and Digital Standard Edition Pre-Order

Where to Buy and Pre-order Starfield?

Where can you Buy and Pre-order Starfield?

Players can buy and/or pre-order the highly anticipated new Bethesda game Starfield from a variety of online retailers. This hugely open-world, open-universe game comes to Xbox Series, PC, and Game Pass on September 6, 2023. If you’re looking to purchase the game where you buy from will depend on the platform you use. In addition, if you’re on Xbox you’ll need to decide whether you want to purchase the digital or physical version.

For more information about the various game editions you can choose from, be sure to check out our page on the Collector’s Edition!

Starfield Physical and Digital Standard Edition Pre-Order
Starfield is now available for Pre-Order


The most obvious place to start for Starfield purchases is through developer and publisher Bethesda Studios itself. At the top of THIS PAGE you can choose from a drop-down box which edition you would like to purchase. The page will then jump down to that listed edition of the game. Then you can click on the “Pre-Order Starfield —– Edition” at the bottom left.

For all digital editions of the game, this will trigger a new page, asking which platform you wish to make your purchase for. Clicking on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Windows will all take you to the Microsoft Store. There you will have to have an account sign in. Whereas, clicking on the Steam version will then route you to the Starfield page on the Steam website in order to make your purchase.

Physical Editions do not appear to be available for purchase through the Bethesda site at this time.


For many who already have a Steam account in place, this platform will be a popular one to purchase the game through. You can purchase the game on Steam either through the the Store while on your PC which has the software already installed. Or, if you are at a different computer you could sign in via the Steam website and make a purchase there.

Physical Editions

If you’re looking to purchase any of the physical editions of the game, you’ll have to do so through a more traditional retailer.

Currently, it appears that you can only find the Constellation Edition and other physical editions for Xbox Series X/S at Gamestop

Looking for more about Starfield?

Thank you for reading our Where to Buy and Pre-order Starfield? article! We’ll do more deep dives into Starfield and provide guides and builds. Keep an eye out for more coverage as we anxiously wait for the game to release! Additionally, you can also watch Deltia streaming the game on Twitch.