Dragon’s Dogma 2: Characters

These NPCs will all play a crucial role in your story as Arisen – find out everything you need to know about them in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Characters.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Characters

Certain NPCs (or Non-playable characters) in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will play a major role in the story of your Arisen, each with their own agenda that can help or hinder you in your quest to slay the dragon. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, these characters will not become party companions who journey with you. Instead, you will create and recruit Pawns to aid you in battle.

Additionally, in the previous game certain important NPCs had an invisible affinity meter, based on how they felt about the Arisen. Your actions or dialogue choices could raise or lower this meter, and effect how they interacted with you. Using this same meter the original game would also allow you to nurture a romance with your chosen Beloved. Whether this same system will be present in Dragon’s Dogma 2 remains to be seen.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Story

The story of Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes place in a parallel word to that of the original game, so there will be no returning characters or familiar faces. You, as the protagonist, will play the character of the Arisen, whose heart a dragon has stolen. To complete your quest to slay it, you will need the help and support of allies in the world around you. The two major geo-political factions in the game are the human kingdom of Vermund and the beastren kingdom of Battahl.

Moreover, there is a third elven kingdom. However, they sequester themselves in the Sacred Arbor, and generally do not interact much with the outside world.

Kingdom of Vermund Characters

In the human kingdom of Vermund, the Arisen should rule as king. However, the current Regent, who opposes your very existence, will complicate your ascent to the throne. Wife of the former King, she seeks to place a false Arisen into power, so that her son might ultimately take the throne. Let’s take a closer look at some of these important Vermund individuals in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Characters.

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Rescues the Arisen after their heart is stolen by the dragon and nurses them back to health. As the leader of the Melve settlement, she has a strong sense of duty.

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Acting Queen of Vermund after her husband’s death, her singular goal is to see her son Sven take his father’s place on the throne. But in Vermund an Arisen is suppose to rule…

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Son of the Queen Regent and former King, his mother schemes to set him up as king by first establishing a false Arisen. However, Sven has always been more personable than his haughty mother. Nor does he wish to participate in her conspiracies. But would he ally himself with the true Arisen and set himself against her?

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A just and true servant of Vermund, Brant has long served as the captain of the palace guard. He knows that the Arisen is meant to rule the kingdom, and has set himself in opposition to the Queen Regent. Consequently, she has demoted him, but his endorsement will still carry great weight.

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In Vermund’s capital city she manages the Rose Chateau establishment. It’s clientele includes many members of the kingdom’s nobility, and political maneuvers and back-channel deals are part of the trade. The intelligent and savvy Wilhelmina knows well how to navigate these treacherous waters, and would be a valuable ally in your quest for the throne.

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Kingdom of Battahl Characters

The beastren kingdom of Battahl does not venerate the Arisen like Vermund. Moreover, they see Pawns as the source of misfortune and not beings who should be relied upon. They do recognize the dragon as a threat, however. They instead worship the Lambent Flame, which they believe has the power to ward off calamity. Let’s take a closer look at some of these important Battal individuals in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Characters.

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Empress and High Priestess both of the Kingdom of Battahl. Educated and trained for such a role early on, she became the ruler of her nation at a young age. She is known for her kindness and diplomacy, and works hard to bring peace and prosperity to her people. How will she respond when the Arisen brings possible conflict?

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The stalwart leader of the Lambent Flame guards, she is personally responsible for protecting the Empress and her acolytes. Like many of her people, she has come to love the kindness and acceptance shown by their High Priestess to all. She seeks to emulate Nadinia, and strives to be more open minded towards other races.

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Elves of Sacred Arbor

The secluded settlement of Sacred Arbor is a beautiful testament to the elves desire to live in harmony with nature. The majority of elves want to little to nothing to do with the conflict and chaos of the outside world. Furthermore, few elves venture beyond its boarders, believing that the world of men and beasts has nothing to offer their superior culture. Let’s take a closer look at some of these important individuals in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Characters.

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A young elf who has chosen to leave the shadowed woods of the Sacred Arbor in order to visit the human kingdom. He has become quite fluent in the language and is fascinated by the tools humans have created. However, these separate studies and time away have meant he is not as skilled at archery as an elven guard should be.

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A younger sister to Glyndwr, she has an elves’ natural sense of grace and refinement. Additionally, thanks to her bother’s influence she is more open minded than most elves the Arisen may meet. She can speak a bit of the human language and is kind to to those from other races.

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