Dune: Awakening – Character Backgrounds

In Dune: Awakening, character backgrounds play a vital role in dialogues. You must choose the homeworld and Caste.

Dune Awakening - Character Creation - Apperance

Dune: Awakening is an open-world survival MMO and a new game by Norwegian game developer Funcom. This guide gives a little background on what each of those choices can mean for your character in Dune: Awakening.

Character Backgrounds in Dune: Awakening

After you create your character and edit the appearance, you will meet the Reverend Mother. She will ask you questions about your background, such as what planet you are from or your family’s establishment. This choice affects how you get to interact with the people of Arrakus. It determines dialogue options and who you are.

Dune Awakening - Reverend Mother

For your character background in Dune: Awakening, you can choose between the following options:

  • Homeworld:
    • Giedi Prime
    • Chusuk
    • Caladan
    • Kaitain
    • Ix
  • Caste:
    • Bondsmen
    • Na-Familia
    • Pyon

Homeworld in Dune: Awakening

In Dune: Awakening, to determine your character background, the first question the Reverend Mother will ask you will be about your Homeworld: Where were you born? Nextly, you must choose between five available home planets:

Dune Awakening - Homeworld - Character Background

Giedi Prime

  • Dialogue Trait: Deception
  • Unique Emote: Harkonnen Curse
  • Giedi Prime Description: A heavily industrialized, volcanic world, the Baronial Seat of House Harkonnen is Controlled by a network of dense urban enclaves.

Giedi Prime is a significant planet in the Dune universe. Here’s a concise description based on the books that can influence your character background in Dune:

Home of House Harkonnen: Giedi Prime is the home planet of House Harkonnen, one of the major antagonistic houses in the Dune series. The Harkonnens are known for their cruelty, ambition, and ruthlessness.

Industrial and Harsh Environment: The planet has a heavily industrialized and polluted environment. Consequently, it starkly contrasts the lush and natural beauty of planets like Caladan. The landscape is dominated by factories, mining operations, and refineries.

Exploitation and Oppression: The Harkonnens are infamous for their oppressive rule over the inhabitants of Giedi Prime. The planet’s society is highly stratified, with the elite living in luxury while the majority endure harsh conditions and exploitation.

Military Focus: Giedi Prime serves as a military stronghold for the Harkonnens. It produces and trains soldiers and maintains strategic importance in Harkonnen military operations.

Brutal Culture: The culture of Giedi Prime reflects the Harkonnens’ values of power and fear. People commonly experience brutality and violence, with loyalty often enforced through terror and intimidation.

Economic Activities: The planet’s economy is driven by its heavy industries, particularly in the production of machinery and weaponry. The wealth generated from these industries supports the Harkonnens’ luxurious and decadent lifestyle.


Dune Awakening - Group up and exploring questing together in Co-op
  • Dialogue Trait: Honorable
  • Unique Emote: Atreides Salute
  • Chusuk Description: A rich and verdant agri-world of rolling hills and river-fed valleys, the “music planet” is the center of culture and civility in the Imperium.

Chusuk is mentioned in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series. Here is a brief description based on the books:

Known as the “Music Planet”: Chusuk is renowned for its instruments and musicians. It has a reputation throughout the universe for producing some of the most skilled musicians and exquisite musical instruments.

Economy: Chusuk’s economy depends on its music industry. The planet exports musical instruments and offers performances that attract off-world visitors.

Navachristianity: The inhabitants of Chusuk practice Navachristianity, a religion mentioned in the Dune series. This belief system, along with the planet’s renowned music culture, plays a significant role in shaping the social and cultural life on Chusuk.


  • Dialogue Trait: Honorable
  • Unique Emote: Atreides Salute
  • Caladan Description: A temperate but storm-wrecked oceanic world, the ancestral home of House Atreides is known for its relaxed agrarian lifestyle and famous vineyards.

Here’s a brief overview of the planet Caladan from the series that will most likely mean the same for your character’s backgrounds in Dune: Awakening:

Home of House Atreides: Caladan is the ancestral home of House Atreides. It is the planet where Paul Atreides, the protagonist of the Dune series, was born and raised before moving to Arrakis.

Climate and Geography: Caladan is a lush, water-rich world with vast oceans, rivers, and fertile land, contrasting sharply with the desert planet of Arrakis. Its mild climate supports a variety of agricultural activities.

Economy: Caladan’s economy is primarily based on agriculture and fishing, with the planet producing a wide array of crops and seafood. It has plentiful natural resources and self-sufficiency.

Cultural Significance: The planet’s serene environment and natural beauty have deeply influenced the culture and values of House Atreides, fostering a sense of nobility, honor, and respect for life.

Symbol of Legacy: Caladan represents the legacy and honor of House Atreides, making it a symbol of their heritage and values. The transition from Caladan to Arrakis marks a significant turning point in the story, highlighting the challenges and transformations faced by the Atreides family.


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  • Dialogue Trait: Political
  • Unique Emote: Elegant Bow
  • Kaitain Description: A green and pleasant world with satellite-controlled weather. The fates of many are decided within the ornate halls of the Imperial planet.

Kaitain, the green world of lush gardens, in the book, serves as a backdrop for various political maneuvers. Also, in Dune: Awakening, it plays a key role in the overarching narrative of the struggle for power in the universe:

Imperial Seat: Kaitain serves as the capital of the Known Universe and the seat of the Padishah Emperor. It is a symbol of the Emperor’s power and authority over the Landsraad and CHOAM.

Opulent and Majestic: People know this planet for its grandeur and opulence, featuring grand palaces, lush gardens, and elaborate architecture designed to reflect the wealth and power of the Imperial House Corrino.

Political Hub: Kaitain is a central hub for political activity and intrigue, where the Emperor and the ruling class conduct their affairs. It is also a location where major political events and decisions take place.

Cultural Significance: As the center of the Imperial Court, Kaitain is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions from across the universe, showcasing the diversity and complexity of the Dune universe.

Contrast with Arrakis: The lush and luxurious environment of Kaitain stands in stark contrast to the harsh, desert world of Arrakis, highlighting the differences in lifestyle and challenges faced by the characters.


  • Dialogue Trait: Unknown
  • Unique Emote: Unknown
  • Kaitain Description: Unknown

Sadly, we haven’t seen the features of planet Ix yet. Ix is a planet well-known for its advanced technology and machinery. Here are the key points about Ix from the books:

Technological Hub: Ix is famous for its high-tech industry and manufacturing, producing some of the most advanced machinery in the Imperium. The planet specializes in complex machinery and artificial intelligence, which is rare and highly regulated in the universe due to the Butlerian Jihad’s legacy.

Ruling House: House Vernius rules Ix. They are famous for their wealth and technical expertise. The Vernius family plays a significant role in the political and economic landscape of the Dune universe.

Political Intrigue: Ix often finds itself embroiled in political intrigue and conflict. The planet’s technological prowess makes it a target for other factions seeking to control or exploit its resources and knowledge.

Secretive Nature: Due to the sensitive nature of their work, the Ixians are secretive and protective of their technological innovations. They maintain a tight grip on their advancements to prevent misuse by other factions.

Cultural Aspects: The society on Ix values innovation and intellect, often placing a high status on engineers and scientists. The planet’s culture is closely connected to its technological progress.

Alliance with Atreides: In the series, Ix often allies with House Atreides, sharing mutual interests against common enemies like House Harkonnen.

Cast in Dune: Awakening

Dune Awakening - Caste - Character Background

Secondly, the Reverend Mother will say: “The order of the Imperium is rooted in the Faufreluches. A place for every man and every man in his place. Where is your place?” The player must choose between three cast choices:


  • Dialogue Trait: Bondsmen
  • Description: The educated caste that serves the great Houses and administers Imperial bureaucracy. Bondsmen are known casually as the ‘citizen class’.


  • Dialogue Trait: Nobility
  • Description: A caste reserved for essential members of a noble household or retinue. Na-Familia are afforded certain privileges and protections by their status.


  • Dialogue Trait: Pyon
  • Description: The vast peasant labor force that drives the Imperial engine. Pyons are bound to the fief in which they live and are considered the property of their Lord.
Dune Awakening - Starting Classes and Skills

Once you make background choices, you will have only one more step before you are ready to play Dune: Awakening, the starting class, which you can read more about in our class guide.

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