Early 1.6 Builds

After testing for a week, I can begin to understand the changes coming in Elder Scrolls Online patch 1.6.  Please note, all of this information is subject to change as this is in test phase.  I will do my usual fully updated guides AFTER 1.6 goes live.  I do, however want to touch on a stamina and magicka build for each class.  So here’s what I’m seeing so far.

1.6 Builds Video

Keep in mind, these builds aren’t design for high end ultra PvE content.  Rather for PvP and or soloing. Also these will be completely overhauled and updated in much greater detail after 1.6 officially launches.  This is just some things that I’ve tested and have seem effective early on.

Dragonknight – The Butcher

Complete update ESO 2.0 build here.


Bar One – Two Handed Sword – Werewolf

Critical Rush | Forward Momentum | Green Dragon Blood | Brawler | Executioner | [Ultimate] Ferocious Leap


Bar Two – Master Bow

Unstoppable | Venom Arrow | Igneous Weapons | Lethal Arrow | Fossilize | [Ultimate] Corrosive Armor


Gear – Blood Spawn two piece, Vicious Ophidian, and Shadow Walker Jewelry.


The idea here is to charge in and use Brawler for defensive bubbles on a group.  Use leap at will for massive AoE damage.  Swap to bar two for range damage and 100% armor debuff with Corrosive Armor.

Templar – Bubble Trouble

Complete update ESO 2.0 build here

Bar One – Sword and Shield – Werewolf

Shield Assault | Repentance | Absorb Magic| Radiant Ward | Biting Jabs | [Ultimate] Empowering Sweep


Bar Two – Bow

Immovable Brute | Power of the Light | Breath of Life | Lethal Arrow | Radiant Glory | [Ultimate] Ice Comet


Gear – Nearly identical as The Butcher with the Engine Guardian set.  Use this with Repentance for health and stamina.


This build is a front line defender with DPS.  Use Crit Rush as an opener, keeping up Radiant Ward and Empowering Sweep.  Bar two is for single target pressure and range.

Sorcerer – Frag Out

Complete update ESO 2.0 build here

Bar One – Master Lighting Staff – Vampire

Streak | Destructive Touch | Structured Entropy | Crystal Fragments | Endless Fury  | [Ultimate] Devouring Swarm


Bar Two – Restoration Staff

Immovable Brute | Dampen Magic | Hardened Ward | Healing Ward |

Elusive Mist |[Ultimate]  Absorption Field


Gear – Blood Spawn two piece, Seducers five piece, Master Lighting Destruction with Masters Healing Staff.


Concept is to build ultimate up playing it safe until you have an Bat Swarms ready.  Get up your unccable, wards, and rambo in drop bats and single target enemies.  Use Structured Entropy to proc massive spell power bonus and BANG FRAG OUT!

Nightblade – Blade Runner

Complete update ESO 2.0 build here

Bar One – Dual Wield – Werewolf

Lotus Fan | Concealed Weapon | Sap Essence | Dark Cloak | Swallow Soul | [Ultimate] Soul Tether


Bar Two – Restoration Staff

Shadow Image | Immovable Brute | Mass Hysteria | Healing Ward | Dark Cloak | [Ultimate] Ice Comet


Gear – Way of Arena set five pieces, Malubeth the Scourger’s two piece and your choice of weapons.


Basic idea here is stealing health while not blocking.  Keep up your Immovable Brute and then burst with Soul Tether.

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