Enshrouded: Best Random Drop Armor and Where to Farm It

Learn Enshrouded’s all and best random drop armor with our guide, showcasing bonuses, stats, and optimal farming locations.

Enshrouded Best Random Drop Armor and Where to Farm It

We share the comprehensive guide to acquiring the best and all random drop armor in Enshrouded, including detailed insights on each set’s bonuses and defensive stats, in the end, we included the secrets of optimal farming locations. In the ever-evolving landscapes of Enshrouded, discovering the perfect armor set can be a game-changer. Whether you seek resilience, healing, damage bonuses, or a balance of each. This guide is your key to obtaining and farming the finest random drop armor in Enshrouded.

All Random Drop Armors in Enshrouded

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In Enshrouded, players explore diverse regions, each with mysteries, distinctive biomes, fauna, flora, and challenges. Progression is a journey through landscapes, driven by strengthening the Flame and upgrading the Flame Altar. As you access higher-level areas, you will also find armor sets with corresponding power, bonuses, and levels.

The best armor you can farm in the highest-level areas, known as Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. Those regions dominate deserts and savannas, where you can find and unlock the most potent and sought-after sets, providing protection and magical enhancements.

Sneak Attack in Enshrouded Game

Enshrouded has 13 unique armor sets across various levels: 8, 13, 18, 23, and 25. Among them, the Guard of the North at level 8 is a distinctive set, that can reward you with achievement. Three distinct sets are available per levels 13, 18, 23, and 25. As a result, we can split them to match each of the skill trees. Red for warriors and tanks. Blue is for mages and healers, and green is for assassins and survivors.

Guard of the North (Level 8)

You can find Guard of the North armor set in chests at Pikesmead Reach northeast of Revelwood Ancient Spire and southeast of the ancient bridge. Look for these abandoned ruins at the far north end of the map. Guard of the North is a level 8 armor set. Additionally, if you find all the pieces, you will receive the Pieces of the Past Achievement. It’s a decent set that notably extends your time in the shroud.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head1818-45 sec Max Time in the Shroud. +13% Crit Strike Chance
Chest4444-45 sec Max Time in the Shroud. +160 Health
Legs2727-30 sec Max Time in the Shroud. +8 Stamina
Hands1212-30 sec Max time in the Shroud. +4% Magic, Ranged, and Melee Dmg
Feet1010-1 min Max time in the Shroud. +1Health and +2 Stamina Regen

Warrior Armor Set (Level 13)

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2315+13% Opportunity Damage
Chest6130+24 Stamina
Legs3815+2 Stamina Regen
Hands157+6% One-Handed Melee Dmg
Feet157+2 Stamina Regen

Wizard Armor Set (Level 13)

Wizard Set Chest - Enshrouded - Random Drop Armor
Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head1523+19% Critical Strike Damage
Legs15382% Increased Dmg Reduction Limit from Magical Armor
Hands715+6% Wand Melee Dmg
Feet715+2 Health Regen

Archer Armor Set (Level 13)

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head1818+13% Backstab Damage
Chest4444+24 Stamina
Legs2727+9 Stamina
Hands1212+6% Dmg Multiplier
Feet1212+2 Stamina Regen

Mystic Armor Set (Level 18)

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2030+22% Critical Strike Dmg. +7% Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest4182+4% Weand Dmg
Legs20513% Increased Dmg Reduction  +33 Health
Hands1020+7% Dmg Against Magical Foes  +6% Wand Dmg
Feet1020+3 Mana Regen  -600 Health Timeout Reduction

Fowler Armor Set (Level 18)

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2424+18% Backstab Dmg +10% Opportunity Dmg
Chest5959+36 Stamina +18 Mana
Legs3737+13 Mana
Hands1616+9% Dmg Multiplier for Throwing +3% Backstab Dmg
Feet1616+3 Stamina Regen +2 Mana Regen

Knight Armor Set (Level 18)

Armor PiecePhysicalMagic
Head3020+19% Opportunity Dmg. +8% Backstab Dmg
Chest8241+36 Stamina  +90 Health
Legs5120+7 Stamina +3 Stamina Regen
Hands1020+9% One-Handed Dmg  +2% Dmg Against Melee Foes
Feet1020+3 Stamina Regen  -90 Stamina Timeout Reduction

Gloom Monarch Armor Set (Level 23)

Gloom Monarch Armor Set - Enshrouded - Random Drop Armor

This set mixes extra mana, unarmed damage, and survivability. The Gloom Monarch Armor, heavy armor with great magic and physical protection, will be a choice if you want to focus on unarmed attacks or make the most of all resource pools, stamina, mana, and health.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head3926+15% Melee Critical Strike Chance  +15% Unarmed Melee Dmg
Chest10452+240 Health  +48 Mana
Legs6526+18 Stamina  +2 Health Regen
Hands2613+12% Unarmed Melee Dmg  +3% Dmg vs. Melee Foes
Feet2613+4 Mana Regen  +4 Stamina Regen

Hawk Armor Set (Level 23)

Athlete Build Guide in Enshrouded Game

Hawk Armor Set at level 23 is the perfect choice for an Athlete build. It offers fantastic stamina bonuses to max statistics and regeneration. It’s also great for survival and exploration, allowing you to climb, jump and glide longer.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head3131+15% Ranged Critical Strike Chance +10% Backstab Dmg
Chest7575+5.0s Rested -31% Stamina Depletion Gliding
Legs4646-20% Stamina Depletion Sprinting +9 Stamina
Hands2020-20% Stamina Depletion Climbing +3% Ranged Dmg
Feet2020-700 Stamina Timeout Reduction +2 Stamina Regen

Spellbinder Armor Set (Level 23)

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2639+25% Opportunity Dmg +9 Parry Power
Chest52104+104 Health
Legs26655% Increased Dmg Reduction Limit from Magical Armor +2 Mana Regen
Hands1326+12% One-Handed Melee Dmg +2 Block
Feet1326+3 Stamina Regen +4 Health Regen

Radiant Paladin Armor Set (Level 25)

Radiant Paladin Armor Set - Enshrouded

Radiant Paladin Armor Set is one of the best sets in Enshrouded. It is perfect for any melee character or players who struggle with survivability. This armor offers bonuses to health, stamina, and health regeneration, making it useful in almost any situation.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head4228+15% Melee Critical Strike Chance
Chest11356+240 Health  +24 Stamina
Legs7028+2 Health Regen  +90 Health
Hands2814+2% Dmg vs. Melee Foes
Feet2814+4 Health Regen  -120 Health Timeout Reduction

Elder Eye Armor Set (Level 25)

Elder Armor Set - Enshrouded - Random Drop Armor

You can find it throughout Kindlewaste end-game areas in the south by looting random chests. Set bonuses are similar to Archmage but much more robust. Perfect for Wizard characters at the end of the game.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2842+15% Magical Critical Strike Chance  +12% Critical Strike Dmg
Chest56113+120 Health  +96 Mana
Legs2870+36 Mana  +2 Mana Regen
Hands1428+9% Dmg vs Magical Foes  +12% Magic Dmg Multiplier
Feet1428+4 Mana Regen  -120 Mana Timeout Reduction 

Eagle Eye Armor Set (Level 25)

Eagle Eye Helmet - Enshrouded - Random Drop Armor

The last set on our list is dedicated to players who want to build a ranged character with a bow and focus on green skill trees as their primary source of damage.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head3333+15% Ranged Critical Strike Chance +13% Critical Strike Dmg
Chest8282+48 Stamina +24 Health
Legs5050+18 Stamina +1 Sprint Speed
Hands2222+12% Ranged Dmg
Feet2222+4 Stamina Regen -350 Stamina Timeout Reduction

Where to Farm High-Level Random Drop Armor in Enshrouded

The best area to farm high-level random drop armors in Enshrouded is the southeast side of the map in scavenger camps and sun temples in Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes.

Where to Farm High-Level Random Drop Armor in Enshrouded

The best locations to farm high-level armor and weapons, where you have a high chance of obtaining level 23 or 25 armor in Enshrouded:

  • West Nomad Highlands Sun Temple (one gold and one silver chest).
  • Deepcut Scavenger Camp (one gold chest, few silver and bronze chests in the area)
  • Two camps south of Ridgeback Mine (one silver chest and one brown)
  • Elixir Well with Scythe boss (one gold and two silver chests)

Place flame altars in two or three strategic locations close to those farming points for effective and quick access. The easiest way to get to the Elixir Well is to glide from Kindlewastes Ancient Spire to the north.

West Nomad Highlands Sun Temple – Farm Location 1

The first location from the west is a sun temple in a pit. The temple is surrounded and built into the natural walls of sandstone. You must solve the puzzle to open the middle building chamber and get access to the golden chest inside. Puzzles are straightforward to do. Find and shoot with arrows or staff all corresponding golden glowing runes in the entire temple building to solve it.

Deepcut Scavenger Camp – Farm Location 2

Deepcut Scavenger Camp - Farm Location 2 - Enshrouded

The second fantastic location to earn sole levels and farm new high-level armor and weapons is Deepcut Scavenger camp. To the left of the main gate is a hill with a boss that spits acid area attacks at you and can deal significant damage with melee smash. Avoid his acit attacks, and you can lure him down and try to perform range attacks from the top, this powerful enemy won’t be able to come back to the hill, so you should be safe there.

Once you defeat him, look for a small cave entrance with a golden chest inside. Scan and search for more brown and silver chests scattered around the camp.

Two camps south of Ridgeback Mine – Farm Location 3

There are two camps in the third area. It is small and surrounded by a wooden fence where you will find only one chest—and big ruins of abandoned settlements taken by scavengers. In the second, larger area, look for a golden chest in a house on the other side of the chasm, accessible through the stone bridge. Watch out for scavengers, especially those who shoot at you from the top of the buildings. Also, enemies with two daggers can quickly close the gap between you two and attack, dealing significant damage.

The small camp to the north has one silver and one brown chest. Abandoned ruins have one golden and three silver chests. Especially golden Chest has a chance of giving you legendary weapons or high-level armor.

Elixir Well with Scythe boss – Farm Location 4

Elixir Well with Scythe boss - Farm Location 4 - Enshrouded

The last location further to the east is the Elixir Well. Glide from the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire and land on top of the tower, where you will find the beacon and a scythe boss. This enemy will throw explosive magic damage bombs at you, so avoid blue circles, as those can kill you instantly. Hide behind the tower’s pillars well to mitigate some of the incoming damage. The Scythe boss is a difficult enemy, so if you are not prepared, don’t have active food, or are low-level, this may be too challenging. Also, ensure you strengthen your flame to at least level 6.

Next, Drop down to the elixir well and head to the red elixir root. In the area, you will find two silver chests. Just next to the root after you destroy it and all enemies protecting it. Lastly, look for a small wooden platform to the right with the lava underneath and a stony shell on the other side with a golden chest on it.

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