Best Enshrouded Athlete Build

Discover how to create the best Enshrouded Athlete Build, with a guide on the best weapons, skills, consumables, armor, and more!

Athlete Build in Enshrouded Game

This build was created during Early Access of Enshrouded, updated for Patch 1 with the max level of 25, and will be updated upon full release.

Athlete Build Guide

The Athlete build in Enshrouded emphasizes mobility while exploring, combat, and general gameplay. What makes the Athlete skill line and build unique is the jump attack combined with the double jump and other mobility skills. You will have increased mobility while dodging, sprinting, climbing, and gliding. You will have a variety of weapon combinations both in melee and at range and have passive healing while doing critical melee damage. This build is ideal for players looking to focus on mobility and high-flying action.

Before progressing with our Best Enshrouded Athlete Build, your character creation will not impact gameplay. There are no racial passives, ability scores, or attributes to consider. Thus, we advise you to select a character whose appearance resonates with you.

Athlete Build Features & Mechanics

Athlete Build Guide in Enshrouded Game

The following list presents all the features and mechanics for Enshrouded Athlete Build:

  • Primary Attribute: Dexterity
  • Secondary Attribute: Strength
  • Primary Weapon: Bow with Exploding Arrow
  • Secondary Weapon: One-Hand and Shield
  • Best Armor: Hawk Set
  • Best Skills: Jump Attack, Evasion Attack, Blink, Shell Shocked
  • Best Consumable:

Weapon Choices

Rotblood Mace in Enshrouded Game

The Athlete build in Enshrouded incorporates both melee weapons and a ranged bow for combat effectiveness. This approach allows players to utilize backstab bonuses from both close quarters and afar, maximizing damage output. Additionally, melee weapons offer the advantage of Battle Heal, providing a substantial burst heal upon landing critical strikes. As such, players can adapt their tactics based on the situation or personal preference.

To begin, employing a Double Jump attack with a mace and shield is recommended. Maces are particularly advantageous in late-game scenarios due to their enhanced critical hit damage. When selecting a bow, prioritize attributes such as increased critical strike chance and critical hit damage.

Arrow Choices

Exploding Arrows Enshrouded Game

The Hunter Craftsperson Enshrouded gains access to crafting regular arrows and specialized variants. Initially, Wooden Arrows crafted from Twigs via the manual crafting menu served as the primary option. As players progress and discover additional metals and materials, the Hunter unlocks superior arrow types, often boasting increased damage or incorporating minor poison effects.

Exploding Arrows become available at a later stage in the game and prove to be the most potent in terms of damage output and potential for multi-kills. These arrows are associated with the Assassin skill line. Therefore, it’s advisable to invest in these skills at level 20 or beyond, once most crafting materials and production furniture have been unlocked.

Below is a list of our favorite arrows in Enshrouded:

  • Wooden Arrows – Beginner craftable arrow using the manual crafting section. These are considered basic and do piercing damage.
  • Iron Poison Arrow – Iron arrows laced with poison add damage over time element to the arrow.  Materials needed to craft are the copper arrow and poison sack.
  • Stun Arrow – Deals no damage, but stuns targets depending on size.  Materials needed to craft Twigs, Goo, Alchemical Base, and Bug Dust.
  • Exploding Arrows – 41 damage that explodes on impact with fire.  Materials needed to craft Flint Arrow, Feather, and Black Powder.


Best Movement Skills in Enshrouded Game

The two best skills for combat mobility are Evasion Attack and Blink. Emergency Blink allows you to use Blink (dodge) while stunned and is helpful to avoid damage. Additionally, the Hawk Set gives you a reduction in stamina depletion while in combat or exploring. Your primary goal is to gain the flank or backside for Backstab damage. You can also use Begone unarmed attack and then flank for extra damage. Use Evasion Attack to close the distance in melee and Blink to avoid damage or move to the back.

Best Athlete Attributes & Combat Stats

Athlete Attributes and Stats in Enshrouded Game

The Enshrouded Athlete build thrives on specific attributes and stats, primarily focusing on Dexterity, Strength, and Constitution. Dexterity directly impacts ranged bow damage, while Strength influences melee damage output. Furthermore, Constitution not only dictates health but also enhances the effectiveness of the Battle Heal skill, contributing to overall survivability. Maintaining a substantial health pool, ideally exceeding 800, is crucial for sustaining in battles.

Secondary priorities for the Athlete build include maximizing Backstab and Ambush damage. These abilities synergize to deliver formidable bursts of damage, making a balanced distribution of stats and attributes essential for optimizing both damage output and survivability. Additionally, advancing your Flame Altar level enhances attribute bonuses, representing a key factor in elevating the power level of your Enshrouded Athlete build.

Skill Selections

Athlete Skills in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you earn skill points from leveling and completing Elixir Wells. We have broken down the skill sections based on level range and listed the best skills to select at every level for this build. While your skill points totals may change depending on your overall level, and Elixir Well completions, save up skill points if you cannot afford one at your current level. Below is what our skill points were at various levels in Enshrouded:

  • Level 10 – 36 Skill Points
  • Level 20 – 72 Skill Points
  • Level 25 – 114 Skill Points

The maximum level in Enshrouded is 25, with some enemies in further regions being level 30. The general skill selections below are geared towards combat performance specifically, and we will list and explain the most critical of all the skills. Moreover, look to the utility skill section if you prefer more utility, crafting, and less combat emphasis. Lastly, you can always respec your skill points with Runes at the Flame Altar so feel free to experiment. However, the selections below are the best overall for combat power and enjoyment for the best Athlete build in Enshrouded.

Level 1-10 Skills

Jump Attack skill in Enshrouded Game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Athlete Build for Enshrouded from levels 1 to 10:

  • Strength (Athlete): Strength (Athlete): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Jump Attack (Athlete): When equipped with a melee weapon, you can perform a jump attack, which deals 50% more weapon damage in a small blast radius.
  • Double Jump (Survivor): Allows jumping a second time while airborne.
  • Jump Attack II (Survivor):
  • Runner (Survivor): Sprinting speed increased by 10%, and stamina consumption decreased by 10%.
  • Constitution (Tank): Increases Health by 50.
  • Shiny Plates (Tank): Physical Armor gains 10% more armor points.
  • Evasion Attack (Tank): When equipped with a melee weapon, you can perform an evade attack that dashes toward the enemy and deals more weapon damage (LMB).
  • Battle Heal (Tank): When dealing critical damage with a melee weapon, you will heal 5% of your maximum health.
  • Arcane Deflection (Battlemage): On a successful parry, gain 20 mana.
  • Blink (Healer): Replaces the Dodge Roll Ability With a Short Range teleport.
  • Emergency Blink (Healer): You can blink while being stunned. This will break the stunned state.
  • Constitution (Warrior): Increases Health by 50.
  • The Warrior’s Path (Warrior): When attacking with a melee weapon, the damage is increased by 10%.
  • Strength (Warrior): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Brute (Warrior): All melee blunt damage is increased by an additional 10%.

Level 11-20 Skills

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Athlete Build for Enshrouded from levels 11 to 20:

  • Hammer Time (Warrior): All melee blunt damage is increased by an additional 20%.
  • Veteran (Warrior): When attacking with a melee weapon, your critical hit chance is increased by 10%.
  • Strength (Warrior): Increases Melee damage by 5%.
  • Endurance (Survivor): Increases stamina by 10
  • Wanderlust (Survivor): Stamina consumption for sprinting on dirt roads is reduced from 90% to 80%. Stamina consumption for sprinting on stone roads is reduced from 75% to 50%.
  • Dexterity (Assassin): Increases ranged damage by 5%.
  • Airborne (Assassin): Gliders consume 30% less stamina.
  • Updraft (Assassin): Pressing the jump button while gliding will give you a small height boost. This skill can be used once per flight at the cost of 120 mana.
  • Counterstrike (Trickster): 20% chance to reflect 50% of the damage back to the attacker as fire damage.
  • Intelligence (Trickster): Increases Magic damage by 5.
  • Begone (Trickster): Use Begone to give you a stun and knockback to avoid melee aggressors. Leave a slot on your bar empty, swap it with a shield, and attack.
  • Silent Strider (Assassin): Increases your movement speed while sneaking.
  • Marksman (Ranger): All damage dealt with ranged weapons is increased by 10%.
  • Sharpshooter (Ranger): All ranged damage is increased by an additional 20%.

Level 21-25 Skills

Shell Shock Skill in Enshrouded game

Below is a list, in order, of the skills for the Best Athlete Build for Enshrouded from levels 21 to 25:

  • Skill Shot (Ranger): All damage dealt to an enemy’s head is increased by 20%.
  • Multi-Shot (Ranger): Adds a 20% chance to spawn a flurry of arrows that spread slightly.
  • Ranger (Ranger): Adds +2 endurance, + 2 dexterity, +5 stamina recharge, and +5% critical damage.
  • Swiftshot Sustenance (Survivor): 30% chance to spawn a stamina orb when defeating an enemy with a bow.
  • Backstab Mastery (Survivor): All damage done from the back is increased by 30%.
  • Arachnoid (Survivor): Stamina consumption while climbing is reduced by 50%.
  • Dexterity (Survivor): Increases ranged damage by 5%
  • Dessert Stomach (Survivor): You gain one additional food slot.
  • Endurance (Assassin): Increases stamina by 10
  • Sniper (Assassin): When attacking with a ranged weapon your critical hit chance is increased by 10%.
  • Vitality Surge (Assassin): Dealing a critical strike with a ranged weapon restores 5 stamina.
  • Dexterity (Assassin): Increases ranged damage by 5%
  • Shell Shock (Assassin): Infused your ranged explosives with mana, they now stun enemies for 1 second.
  • Bounty Bonanza (Assassin): After defeating a fell enemy with a headshot your group gains an additional 5 exp points.
  • Ricochets (Assassin): For every target you hit with an exploding arrow, its damage is increased by 1%.

Best Athlete Skills Explained

healing on a critical strike with Barbarian in Enshrouded Game
Battle Heal
  • Double Jump & Jump Attack– This skill combination allows you to do high jumps with area damage using a melee weapon. The jump attack combination is a powerful way to damage multiple enemies at the start of the game.
  • Blink & Evasion Attack – The Blink skill is the best for mobility, allowing you to create large distances with a dodge. Additionally, Evasion Attack lets you charge into combat with extra damage.
  • Battle Heal – This skill triggers healing while critically striking with a melee weapon. This helps you survive while in melee and keeps you aggressive doing damage.
  • Marksman & Sharpshooter – These skill gives a flat increase to overall ranged damage and are a priority early in Enshrouded.
  • Dessert Stomach – This skill allows for one extra consumable slot, allowing you to have multiple high-stat bonuses and health regeneration.
  • Begone! – Use Begone to give you a stun and knockback to avoid melee aggressors. Leave a slot on your bar empty, swap it with a shield, and attack.
  • Shell Shock – For crowd control with arrows, Shell shock and explosive arrows can control an entire battlefield. This skill allows you to stop using stun arrows only, and do damage while stunning enemies.

Utility Skills

Below are recommended utility skills for this Athlete Build, if you wish to sacrifice some combat performance:

  • Mason (Core) – The pickaxe deals 30% more damage against stone objects including resource veins.
  • Miner (Core) – When you mine resources, you have a 10% chance to get additional resources.
  • Lumberjack (Core) – Felling axes do 30% more damage against wooden objects including trees.
  • Inner Fires (Survivor) – maximum Shroud time increased by 2 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.

Best Athlete Weapons & Armor

Hawk Helm in Enshrouded Game
Hawk Chest in Enshrouded Game
Hawk Gloves in Enshrouded

Below is a list of the best Athlete Build Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded:

Main Hand WeaponFell Commander BowStamina Leech
Melee WeaponTwin Soul Mace+10 crit chance
ShieldEthereal Plane10% Shroud Resistance
HeadHawk Helmet+15% Range Crit Chance
Upper BodyHawk Chest-31% Gliding Stamina
ArmsHawk Gloves+3% Range Damage
Lower BodyHawk Trousers -20% Sprinting Stamina
FeetHawk Boots+2 Stamina Regeneration
Ring 1Ring of the Ancients+1 all attributes
Ring 2Commander’s Ring+30 mana, +30 health
Best Athlete Armor and Weapons for Enshrouded
  • Twin Soul Mace – Found in the chest.
  • Flame Shield – Quest completion.
  • Fell Commander Bow – Found in the Northwest area of the map.
  • Hawk Set  – Found in the level 25 area, far northeast of the map in the Vukah area.
  • Ring of the Ancients – Gives +1 attributes which increases damage and is rare for rings. Found in a random chest.
  • Commander’s Ring – This ring is helpful for a higher mana pool used with special arrows and unarmed punches.
Alternative Gear Sets

Depending on your preferred playstyle, use the Blacksmith NPC for melee-focused gear, and the Hunter for Range bow builds. Here’s what we recommend based on your level:

  • Level 5 (Fur Armor Set) – Crafted by the Blacksmith and a starter gear set until you unlock the Hunter. Materials needed to craft are torn cloth, animal fur, string, and metal scraps.
  • Level 8 (Rising Fighter Set) – First set with melee damage bonuses. Materials needed to craft are Bonemeal, Torn Cloth, String, Metal Scraps, and Resin.
  • Level 8 (Scout Set) – First set with ranged damage bonuses. Materials needed to craft are String, Dried Fur, Bones, and Resin.
  • Level 13 (Adventurer Set) – High damage set emphasizing melee damage. Materials needed to craft Amber, Torn Cloth, Indigo Plant, Linen, and Dried Fur.
  • Level 13 (Ranger Set) – High damage set emphasizing ranged damage. Materials needed to craft Linen, Dried Fur, Bones, Copper Bar, Charcoal, and Amber.
  • Level 18 (Mercenary Set) – Upgraded damage set. Materials needed to craft Line, Mint Mushroom Meat, Torn Cloth, Fossilized Bone, and Leather.
  • Level 18 (Hunter Set) – Upgraded range bow user damage set. Materials needed to craft Fossilized Bone Dust, Leather, Resin, Mint Mushroom Meat, Leather, Resin, Amber, and Linen.
  • Level 23 (Rogue Set) – Both sets are balanced for range damage. Materials needed to craft Padding, Yellow Fabric, Scales, Lapislazuli, and Leather.
  • Level 25 (Eagle Eye Set): Unique set found in end-game areas with chest more for range builds.

Best Athlete Consumables

Athlete Consumables and Food in Enshrouded Build

The Athlete build will be able to consume four consumable foods rather than three due to Dessert Stomach skill. This allows you to increase Dexterity (bow), Strength (melee), Constitution (health), and recovery. Below are the best consumables for the Athlete build in Enshrouded game:

  • Stir-Fried Vegetables (Crafted) – +5 to Dexterity. Materials needed to craft are Corncob, Forest Beet, Tomato, Bell Pepper, and Spice.
  • Meat Wrap (Crafted) – +5 Constitution, and +1 Intelligence.  Materials needed to craft are Water, Red Mushroom, Raw Sand Digger Meat, and Flour.
  • Open Sandwich (Crafted) – +4 Strength and +2 Constitution. Materials needed to craft are Saffron, Grilled Wolf Meat, and Flat Bread.
  • Fruit Bowl (Crafted) – +6 Health regeneration, and +3 Stamina regeneration. Materials needed to craft are Honey, Strawberry, Purple Berries, and Yucca Fruit.
  • Elixir (Looted) – +30% Damage Multiplier, -1 minute in the shroud.


How to Heal in Enshrouded

In addition, make sure to carry berries (blueberries or strawberries) for health regeneration, water for stamina regeneration, and bandages for healing. As you advance, you can unlock the Alchemist and craft healing potions. This will help you early with survival, then start optimizing for damage with consumables.

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